6 Essential Parts of an Electric Shaver Explained (Updated Nov 2022)

Essential Electric Razor Parts

In the past, we used standard non-mechanical razors and blades. Our grooming process to a very long time, and most men had to do it daily. However, thanks to technological developments, and the overall laziness of mankind, Fully electric shavers have been created to help quell our grooming needs. However, while it’s easy to simply go and buy a proper foil or rotary shaver, men often find themselves confused as to all of the different moving parts that compose their daily grooming utensil. We’ll be here to help you understand the 6 essential electric razor parts.

Parts of a Foil Shaver

Foil savers, come with a thin layer of foil that covers sharp blades, which oscillate or rotate back and forth upon contact with the skin, and when the shaver is powered on. These shavers are perfect for getting a close, clean shave, and they also do a great job of not irritating the skin, due to the minimal skin contact needed to actually utilize these during your morning shave. Let’s take a look at the six essential parts of a foil shaver.

1. The Foil Head

The foil head is what separates the blades of the foil shaver from coming into direct contact with your skin. Located at the top of the razor, and similar in appearance of a small net. Usually a foil shavers head is split into two separate parts, with each part covering blades.  The foil head acts as a smoothened surface to prevent irritation and provides protection from injury. This is the most important electric razor part of your foil shaver.

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2. Foil Screen and Cutters

In any foil shaver, there is always a cutter hidden under the screen. These cutters are what actually shaves your hair upon contact with the skin. Most razors usually require the screen and cutter to be replaced after a few months in order to prevent rusting, breakage, and to just draw maximum efficiency from your shaver. After all, replacing the screen and cutters is way more convenient than buying a whole new razor!

3. Battery and Charger

Foil shavers can come in two varieties, battery powered, or with a charger. Some, upon battery depletion require you to replace it, which is a very simple process in and of itself. However, other foil shavers can get recharged by being connected to the charging plug that came with them, and plugged into a power source like a wall outlet.

4. Power Cord

As stated previously, generally, all foil shavers come with a power cord, which can be used to recharge the device from any conventional outlet. Make sure you don’t lose your power cord and find yourself stuck with a dead razor! Though, you can always buy a new power cord for your foil shaver online!

5. Optional Docking Station

Most modern razors come with a docking station. The docking station is a little appliance that can be used to recharge your razor, while keeping it safe and stationary in the spot of your choosing. If your utensil came with a docking station, then you never have to worry about it losing power mid shave. Since you can easily just dock it and leave it charging after each use!

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6. Optional Trimmer

When you open the package of your foil shaver, you may or may not discover some trimmer parts there too. Usually these trimmer parts are interchangeable with your foil head, and are meant to help you get rid of leftover hair that your foil shaver can’t reach or can’t remove. Really convenient, not at all needed to get a proper shave with your electric razor.

Parts of a Rotary Shaver

Most rotary shavers come with three or four rotating heads based on the electric razor model you bought. Perfect for men who have tick hair growing in many directions. Movements in a circular motion on your face are required for this razor to do its job.

1. The Rotary Head

Its more common to see a rotary shaver come with three heads rather than four. There is a pair of blades hidden under each head of the shaver, which are then covered by a thin layer of net like foil to protect the skin. The head is set up in a triangle form, which helps lift away hair from the face and trim it with the rotating heads.

2. Cutters

There is always a cutter hidden beneath the rotary head and foil. The cutters are the parts that actually trip your hair upon contact. The cutter is probably the most important electric razor part, because without it, no shaving would be possibly. We advise you to consider getting replacement cutters every once in a while.

3. Battery and Charger

All Rotary shavers come powered by battery, or with a charger provided to you by the manufacturer upon purchase. Keep replacement batteries on hand just in case if yours run out. Though, it is preferable to acquire a razor with a charger part.

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4. Optional Charging Stand

Some shavers come prepackaged with charging stands, you have probably seen them before in display in stores or online. These electric razor parts are optional, however, they do provide more convenience and aesthetic benefits for their users.

5. Optional Docking Station

Sometimes provided with your razor by the manufacturer, and seen in more expensive models. You can use these docks to store your shaver and recharge it after every use.

6. Optional Trimmer

Optional trimmers are generally included with all modern-day foil and rotary shavers as part of the package of electric razor parts, the purpose of them is to clean up or get to places where you couldn’t with your foil shaver. However, these are included purely for convenience, and are completely optional to use with your electric razor.


We hope we helped you understand the different parts of an electric razor while at the same time we pointed at the differences between a foil and rotary shaver. You can find a lot of information on grooming by checking out the content of our page, as well as online. Remember to be safe when shaving!

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