Advantages and Disadvantages of Shaving Head

Have you been pondering the idea of shaving your head, but have not yet decided to pull the trigger on it? Just like anything else in life, head shaving has its pros and cons.

If you have been thinking about it, perhaps you should consider the advantages and disadvantages before arriving at a decision. You will notice that there are more cons than there are pros on the list. 

If you are already considering it, the pros probably outweigh the cons as the disadvantages of shaving your head happen less frequently. So let’s take an in depth look at whether or not you should shave your head.

Questions to ask yourself before shaving your head

Questions to ask yourself before shaving your head
  • Does my hair loss bother me enough?

There are many facets to why your hair loss may bother you.  Most of these come back to issues with self-esteem.  To some this may be more about how you see yourself.  To others it may be about how others see you. 

If you see yourself in a negative light because of thinning hair, then a change may be for you.  If you feel others look at you in a lesser light and this bothers you, then a new hair style may be for you, or you may want to have a look at this article. Image and self-image are very important components of your self-esteem.

  • How do I know if shaving my head is right for me?

Most men (and women) do not come to the conclusion to shave their heads lightly.  The style became more popular in the 90’s and is even more popular in the new millennium.  Many people make the choice out of necessity because of hair loss as we get older.  Another factor is head shape. 

Since shaving your head is very personal and appearance oriented, the shape of your head plays a role in many people’s decision to do so.  Cantaloupe shaped heads fair the best in appearance since the entire skull is revealed once all hair is removed.  Husky men will also have extra girth and wrinkles visible at the base of their skull once all hair is removed.  If these factors do not worry you, it makes it an easier choice to shave your head.

  • Is a new look good for me?
Is a new look good for me?

Women often change hair styles many times in their lives.  Men have a tendency to stay with a style for longer periods of time making style changes begrudgingly.  Because of this tendency, you may find yourself researching whether or not to go for a new look.  If you are already looking into it, head shaving may be for you.

  • What if the look of my newly shaved head doesn’t please me?

Usually growing your hair back is not a big deal unless you have used some surgical method of hair removal such as electrolysis.  Be aware that growing your hair back in will take a few months once you shave it all off.

  • How do I pair my shaved head with my facial hair?

All different types of facial hair styles pair well with a shaved head.  Whether you prefer the look of a goatee, Fu Manchu, full beard, mustache, soul patch or Van Dyke, all look equally as good with or without cranium follicles.

  • What will others think?

This really comes down to whom you are looking to impress.  If you are out to impress your current significant other or friend circle just ask them.  As far as attracting another mate, there is a certain segment of the population that will appreciate the new look. 

Another group that will be turned off by it.  And yet another segment that will be indifferent about it.  As far as attracting another mate, your odds do not go up or down significantly either way. 

If you are not losing your hair and are just looking for a change, then you probably need to look into the advantages and disadvantages before you head into a new look.  But if you are in a state of hair loss that makes you feel you have become less desirable or less confident because of it, then it is recommended that you should skin it.  Remember, in the end it is your confidence that will let your personality shine through.

  • If I decided to shave, how do I go about it?
If I decided to shave, how do I go about it

There are several ways to shave your head.  The first is using a conventional straight razor and cream.  This is recommended only for those who are skilled with this type of razor and are using it to shave their beard currently.  You have the greatest chance of bloodletting with this method.  Then most common is using a safety razor and cream.  This way will prevent most nicks and cuts that can occur easily with a straight razor. 

If you have any moles or other skin imperfections on your scalp the electric razor may be for you.  An electric foil razor takes away almost all chances of cutting your skin while shaving.  Remember, when you do shave your head you will be cutting areas that are hard to see even with a mirror or two.  The electric razor method prevents almost all nicks and cuts but does not get as close a shave as a blade regardless of what the people at Remington may say in their advertising.

  • What about hair loss treatment instead of shaving my head?

There are a variety of ways to treat hair loss beyond shaving your head. Many of these options you may have seen already on infomercials and some ad nauseam.  Oral medication such as Propecia is used to regrow hair for men with male pattern baldness.  Topical salves or medicinal oils such as Rogaine are also used for hair regrowth.  This is where you put the ointment where you desire the hair growth once or twice a day.  The infamous Hair Club For Men also runs advertisements on late night television constantly with clients often choosing a surgical option for hair implantation.  There are a variety of options in each category but these are the most famous or infamous of those available in each category.

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What are the advantages of head shaving?

What are the advantages of head shaving?
  • When you shave your head, you won’t have to worry about combing or primping your hair to go out. It will always be perfect even if you chose to ride in a convertible or with the sunroof open. If you do not shave your head and have a hair thinning issue, it is very difficult to get a haircut that you will be satisfied with.
  • One of the most obvious benefits of having a shaved head is that you will simply not have to worry about going to the barber shop as most bald men take care of their own grooming. It saves money on the trips to the barber but may cost more on your own personal shaving equipment
  • Bald heads inherently compliment all different facial hair styles.
  • In the spiritual world, Buddhist monks shave their heads, religiously. Literally religiously! When they shave their heads, they do it knowing that it is a conscious act of stripping away material clutter that negatively affects the conscious mind.  When one shaveshis head, one lets go of any negative thoughts and anxiety that might consume one when viewing oneself in the mirror or having to primp during the day.
  • A shaved head makes you really stand out from the crowd. It looks interesting and is a great conversation starter. If you want be remembered, try this hairstyle.  It is hard to be a wallflower with a shaved head as people will approach you.
  • You’ll have the freedom to wear anything you want as there is no hair to clashwith outfits or headgear.
  • A shaved head feels comfortable and nice when running your hand over the smooth scalp. Some partners really enjoy doing this, often at interesting times.
  • Washing a shaved head is pretty much easier and enjoyable than with hair. No extra expensive toiletries are needed unlike washing hair.
  • Head shaving can make you look years younger. Many people with male pattern baldness look prematurely aged with their prominent thinness.  Shaving does take away any aging associated with this type of hair loss.  This of course is as long as you don’t go for the Captain Steubing look with a ring of hair around the base of your skull. So forget the fountain of youth…. shave your head!!!

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What are the disadvantages of shaving your head?

What are the disadvantages of shaving your head
  • One thing to consider is the actual shape of your head hidden under all that hair. After shaving, most people get used to the look of their head shapes.  It can be a little disconcerting at first to see a part of your body that has been hidden behind hair for years, especially if you have an odd shaped head. The glare of light off of your head can distract people who in turn may make jokes about the glare off your head or using a 1940’s slang term “chrome dome.”
  • When you first don your new style, your friends and even family may be worried that you have cancer because of the hair loss associated with radiation therapy. Questions may come up about the fact that there may be something that you have not been telling them. Or, is everything alright?  This will not be an issue after you have made the rounds.
  • Your scalp is simply skin, hence it is possible to get a sunburn on it just like any other body part. When you are outside on a sunny day for a long time, you must have something to shield yourself from the sun.  Sunblock is a useful aid but hats are a good long term necessity.
  • Some people may find your new look with a bald head intimidating. Just like with any other cosmetic changes in your appearance, it is very likely that you will notice a change in the way strangers act toward you. When you notice people acting standoffish toward you, just smiling and being friendly will diffuse this fast enough. Your personality with come out and you may find yourself being more outgoing. You can comfort yourself with the fact that you now look like a bad a–!  Maybe this one should be in the advantages column.
  • If you want a smooth scalp, you must build a regular routine of head shaving. Although this can be an extension of your facial shaving routine it will still take more time. The amount of time you schedule for shaving will most likely depend on how tight a look you want to achieve.  Most men get stubbly after a couple of days and shave every two or three days.  Some never shave their facial hair without shaving their head.  Others shave their heads while letting their facial hair grow longer.  Yet others shave their facial hair while letting their heads grow out more.  It comes down to personal choice and how much maintenance you are up for.
  • Dry scalp can be an issue for some. If you have this problem you will need to take care of it. Occasional use of aloe and vitamin E is recommended to keep your scalp safe from drying. A change to an aftershave with aloe in it may be all that you need to do. You may also choose to use petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline Intensive Care, as it does good job in keeping the scalp hydrated. If you already have an issue with your scalp before you start shaving, don’t expect it to go away after you start to shave your head.
  • Another skin issue is acne. Some people break out with pimples when shaving regularly.  A good rule of thumb is to treat it like an extension of your face.  If you breakout when shaving your facial hair, use the same treatment on your head as you do your face after a shave, such as an aftershave. Besides, choosing a good electric head shaver can help in this situation.

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  • There is definitely a higher risk of tearing the skin on your scalp when involved in an accident where your head was hit by something. And remember, it will bleed like a head wound! If you fall on your knee with pants on, you are usually okay but your pants get scuffed.  If you are wearing shorts and fall down you will skin your knee.  Your skull is no different. The hair is a barrier and a shock absorber for your scalp.  You will lose this advantage when you shave your head.  If you do happen to have a wound on your head, it is much easier to doctor it.  You can dress and keep it clean easier than with a head of hair.
  • Inclement weather can be an issue at times. People lose quite a bit of body heat out of their head since there is an appreciable amount of blood flow travelling through it.  When the weather turns colder do not forget to wear your hat or you may be sorry.  You are more prone to catch a cold than if you had worn the proper head gear.  Also, when it rains, there is nothing to absorb the water so it just runs right down into your face.  Try to remember your umbrella after you shave your head if this bothers you.
  • Lastly, shaved heads are not for everyone. Some who shave are not pleased with their new look after shaving. Some do not appreciate it because that once you shave your head, bumps, moles, an odd shaped head or any other irregularity that they are hyper critical of can make them unhappy with the new look. However, if you can get past these imperfections and revel in your new look, a source of confidence can be gained.  Remember, you (and your significant other) are the only one(s) who need(s) to like how you look.

Some final words on head shaving…

Hopefully this article has helped clear up any questions that you may have on whether or not you will give the nod to a new hair style.  Some points made here you have probably thought of before.  Some points probably were not considered.  Either way, a deeper insight into your new look was revealed.  If Madonna can have a new look every time she comes out with a new album, you can make a change once or twice in your life.  Good luck!

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