Is It Necessary to Stretch Your Face Skin When You Shave?

Shaving is a daily grooming task that most men complete without even thinking about; most could shave while thinking about something else entirely. But there really is an art of shaving and shaving properly. The correct tools and techniques can help this mundane act of shaving truly become an art of shaving.

Most men shave in order to look clean and presentable and men who shave with manual razors will often stretch their skin while shaving in order to get the closest shave possible. But is this necessary? And is it necessary if you’re shaving with an electric shaver?

So is it necessary to stretch your face skin when you shave?

So Is It Necessary to Stretch Your Face Skin When You Shave

Yes, it is helpful to stretch your face skin when you shave. Keeping the skin taut while shaving can help you hold your razor at the correct angle to get the closest shave possible. Even turning your face toward the mirror to get the right angle for your razor can help to tighten the skin as you shave that area.

What are the benefits of stretching face skin while shaving?

What are the benefits of stretching face skin while shaving

Stretching the skin on your face while shaving forces the hairs on your face to stand upright so that your razor can get a closer shave. Getting a closer shave can help your clean shave last longer so you are not having to shave quite as often, plus your newly shaved face will look cleaner and better than if you were shaving without stretching the skin.

Another benefit to stretching your skin while shaving is that it can help prevent nicks and cuts to your skin while shaving as having an even shaving surface will give the razor fewer chances to snag against your skin. If you are someone who has hairs that grow in several different directions, stretching the skin can help to flatten the hairs so that you are able to shave them with fewer cuts. If you are older and have some wrinkles, stretching the skin taut can help to flatten out wrinkles while shaving and get a closer shave even on wrinkled skin.

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Who will be benefitted from stretching their skin while shaving?

Who will be benefitted from stretching their skin while shaving
  • Manual razor users and electric shaver users can both benefit from this shaving technique. It’s an old technique from long ago when most men shaved with shaving cream and a straight razor blade. This art of shaving technique is actually making a comeback and many young men today are trading their electric shavers for straight razor blades, but even if you haven’t converted your shaving routine to the old-fashioned straight razor, you can still benefit from this technique.
  • Manual razor users tend to stretch their skin while shaving to achieve that closer shave, but electric shaver users can employ the same technique. And for those who may not know how to use this technique, it’s actually quite simple to learn.
  • With the hand that is not holding your razor, pull the skin on your face taut by pulling up, just enough to feel the skin tighten up. Keep the razor about 1-2 inches away from the hand stretching your skin. When it’s time to shave your neck, use the same technique, but this time pull the skin down.
  • The stretching skin technique might require a little patience and some time practicing, but once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll never want to go back to your old routine. It will result in a much smoother, closer shave.
  • If you find that your stretching hand is slipping on your wet skin while trying this, try keeping a towel nearby to wipe your hand quickly so that you don’t end up slipping and accidentally nicking yourself while trying to stretch your skin.

Why should some men not stretch their skin?

Why should some men not stretch their skin

There is such a thing as overstretching the skin, and it’s important to avoid this for the health of the skin on your face. Pay attention to your skin as you are stretching it, and be sure you are only stretching it just enough for it to go taut. Overstretching can cause the skin to lose its elasticity and make it even more difficult to shave.

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If you are prone to razor burn or have frequent ingrown hairs, then stretching the skin may not be for you. Overstretching can lead to razor burn and even more so on sensitive skin. Sometimes stretching the skin can irritate skin that is very sensitive, which can lead to more bumps and razor burn. If you have  sensitive skin, then you may not want to try stretching your skin. Or you may want to try it on just one area of your face and see how your skin responds.

Stretching the skin while shaving is a lost art for many, but it is a technique that can be easily learned and applied to your daily routine. Learning how to stretch the skin properly while shaving will result in a closer, cleaner shave whether you shave with a manual razor or electric shaver. Just be sure you are carefully following these tips so as not to cause any damage to your skin while shaving.

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