How to Deal With Dry Skin Under Your Beard: Know and Fight

How to Deal With Dry Skin Under Your Beard: Know and Fight
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You see a handsome actor with a beautiful beard and you like to imagine yourself in a beard like that. But your dream of growing a beard is shadowed by the fact that your skin under the beard has always been dry. All your previous attempts to grow a beard have failed due to the same reason. Dry skin beard is an irritating and annoying issue for the men with beards. And when this problem of dry skin comes up in your mind, you forget the dream of looking like that handsome actor. No worries! I am going to discuss the reason behind dry skin under the beard and how you can solve this problem. Read on!

Why do I have dry skin under my beard?

Why do I have dry skin under my beard?In order to treat dry skin beard, you should first know the reason behind this problem. The main reason behind dry skin is shaving. Yes, you heard it right, SHAVING! When you shave, the hair edges become sharp and as they start to grow again, you feel dryness on your skin. This is the reason behind why you feel this discomfort and as a result, you cut off your beautiful beard.
There may be a number of other reasons behind dry skin under the beard. Change of weather can cause flaky and dry skin. The dead skin cells can sometimes get caught around the shafts of the hair which can cause dryness and in-growth of facial hair. Using grooming products and soaps can also lead to dry skin under the beard. Another lesser known fact is that, lack of sleep and excessive stress can cause flaky and dry skin.

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What Can I do?

Here are some simple and easy tips that you should keep in mind in order to avoid dryness and flaky skin under your beard.

1. Say No to Hot Showers

1. Say No to Hot ShowersHot water robs your skin’s natural oils and makes it dry and itchy. This can lead to redness and flakes. You can simply wash your face with cold water even if you want to take a hot water bath. This simple remedy can help you reduce dryness and the problem will be completely solved in a few days.

2. Say No to Soaps

2. Say No to SoapsA number of men use bathing soaps on their face without realizing that soaps can cause excessive dryness on their skin. You never use body soap for your hair, so why for your beard? Buy a mild shampoo that contains moisturizer and use that for your lovely beard. This will not only keep your beard soft but will also reduce dryness and treat flaky skin.

3. The Right Shampoo

3. The Right ShampooSelecting the right shampoo for dry and flaky skin is an essential as well as a difficult decision to make. You should always wash your face with a mild cleanser in order to remove excess oil before using a medicated shampoo. DO NOT rub too hard. Give a gentle rub and rinse the hair properly. Apply moisturizer or oil immediately after washing your beard.

4. Maintain a Healthy Diet

4. Maintain a Healthy DietThis may seem like an unnecessary tip to a lot of people but maintaining a healthy diet is as essential as any other remedy. This can help you control and prevent dry skin under your beard. Apart from eating vegetable and fruits rich in antioxidants, you should take a good sleep and adopt healthy ways of living.

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The above mentioned tips are an excellent way of dealing with and controlling dry skin under the beard. You should always remember that the skin under your beard suffers from a number of changes during the hair growth. Hence, you should take care of your skin and keep it hydrated and moisturized. In case none of these tips work for you, you should consult a specialist right away.

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