The Surprising Differences Between Foil & Rotary Shavers

So, what are the differences between Foil and Rotary Shavers?

Undoubtedly, shaving is one of the most indispensable parts of man’s life, that is unless they love growing beard. Therefore, choosing the right shaver can be a paramount choice to make, and with the multitude of good razors out there, your decision may get a little hairy. There are two basic types of electric shavers

The basic types of electric shavers

The two most popular options men tend to opt for are either traditional razors or electric shavers. While your standard razor is the conventional way of getting rid of the unwanted facial hair, but the use and popularity of electric shavers are growing at an exponential rate. One may blame this on the convenience of the electric shaver or perhaps the available variety of different models. Whether you would like to shave your face with either razors or electric shavers depends entirely on personal preference

1. A little bit about Electric Foil Shaver

  • What are electric foil shavers?

Electric foil shavers are automatic electric razors that can be turned on with the click of a button. They are used to get a quick and efficient shave.

  • How exactly do foil shavers work?

Foil shavers, at their heads, have blades which are covered by a thin layer of foil. These blades move back and forth when the shaver is powered on. The movements required for a proper shave are horizontal and vertical. Meaning, once the shaver is turned on, bring it into contact with your skin, and move it up and down, or tilt it, and move it left or right. The oscillating blades hidden beneath the layer of foil catch hair, lifting it from your face, and trimming them.

  • What are the advantages of electric foil shavers?

The biggest advantages of electric foil shavers are that they are easy to use, and are great in removing sideburns, and heavy flocks of developed hair. Perfect for a quick morning shave or pre-date grooming. Another great advantage of the electric foil shaver is that it is very delicate on the skin, meaning that there is a reduced chance of any skin irritation developing after a shave.

  • How about the disadvantages of electric foil shavers?

The biggest disadvantage of the electric foil shaver is that it can only be used in horizontal and vertical movements, meaning it will not be functional if you intend to shave with it by using circular movements. It is also difficult to shave hard to reach and delicate areas using the electric foil shaver due to its size and lack of flexibility.

2. A little bit about electric rotary shavers

Electric rotary shavers are very different from electric foil shavers, down to the design, and the mechanisms which are involved in a man’s shaving process.

  • What are electric rotary shavers?

Electric rotary shavers usually consist of three to four circular blades in a triangular formation, with each circular blade covered by a thin layer of foil, resembling that of a net. Just like foil shavers.

  • How exactly does a rotary shaver work?

A rotary shaver is utilized in circular motions while turned on. Essentially, you would move the shaver over the lineaments of your face, and your hair would be sucked in between the rotating, foil covered blades, lifted from your face, and trimmed.

  • What are the advantages of electric rotary shavers?

Rotary shavers are ideal for those gentlemen who do not have a regular shaving routine. They are perfect for trimming thick bristles of hair that are growing in different directions. Perfect for thick long hair and beards.

  • The disadvantages of electric rotary shaver

Occasionally, rotary shavers may not perfectly fit the contours of your face, which can result in a less than ideal trim if you do not know how to utilize the electric rotary shaver properly. For those with sensitive skin, rotary shavers may cause skin irritation. Generally, they also require more maintenance than foil shavers.

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Comparison of other factors to consider before picking from the different types of Electric shaver

Comparison of other factors to consider before picking from the different types of Electric shaver

Aesthetically and effectively, rotary and foil shavers are vastly different styles of shavers. Let’s go through some of the differences between the two shavers and see how they work.

Closeness of the shave

Though, between the two, foil shavers are more frequently touted as than rotaries regarding the closeness of the shave, there are some models of rotary shavers that a far superior than foil models when it comes to closeness. But assuredly, those shavers tend steep pretty high in price range. So, if it’s a close shave you want for less, the foil shaver is your best bet, but, if you’re willing to spend more, there are higher qualities models of rotary shavers that will do the job more effectively.

Differences in shaving patterns

One needs only to look upon the shape of the electric razor in question, and it’ll be fairly self-explanatory what the recommended pattern to use is. The circular blades of the rotary shaver are most effective when used in a light circular motion; whereas foil shavers are best when used in a straight-line pattern.

Frankly, foil shavers tend to have an upper hand when it comes to pattern. In a foil shaver, different lengths of hair can be efficiently pulled up.

What’s best for trimming?

It should come as no surprise that foil shavers are better equipped for beard trimming. The straight line of the foil shaver is more efficient in making a straight edge of the beard and sideburns than a rotary shaver. Using a rotary shaver for fine trimming is like using a broom for a paint brush; good luck getting any details right.

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Ease of maintenance

Though irrelevant to shaving, maintenance is still pretty important. Usually, cleaning hair from a foil shaver tends to be easier than compared to cleaning the miniature discs of most rotary shavers. Obviously, the make and model play a determining aspect in maintenance but overall foil shavers have a tendency to be easier. There are other variables such as shape, weight and noise and so on, but none so drastically different that it should sway your opinion.

Thickness of one’s hair

Rotary shavers are ideal for those men who do not undergo a daily grooming. They are excellent for shaving thick hair that grows in different directions. While foil shavers are ideal for a quick daily trim to keep your hair from getting too thick and long.

Which type of razor is the best for you?

In picking which type of razor is best for you, there are quite a few differences between rotary and foil razors. However, it comes down to personal preference.

1. Pick a Rotary Razor If:

Here’s some help in figuring out if the rotary razor is best for you.

  • You have thick or coarse hair

Perfect for men sporting thick and coarse hair that grows, an essential tool for those who don’t stick to a specific shaving regime.

  • If you don’t like the loud buzzing noises foil razors make

Generally, much quieter than foil razors, if noise is important to you, then you will be pleased with how quiet rotary razors are.

  • Have facial hair which grows in lots of directions

Due to the triangular technology used in Rotary shavers, they are ideal for handling facial hair that has grown out into different directions. The circular movement required for use will work wonders for you. This is a crucial criterion in picking between the different types of electric shaver.

  • Your skin isn’t particularly sensitive

Sometimes rotary razors require you to really press the razor up against your skin. For users with sensitive skin, this can cause skin irritation. However, if you aren’t of the sensitive type, then have no worries! Please check our tips on how to reduce skin irritation when using a rotary shaver.

  • If you experience difficulties shaving the neck area

If you are afraid of shaving your neck area or experience difficulties for whatever reason. The more carefree approach of the rotary razor will be perfect for you.

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2. Pick a Foil Razor if

Now that we’ve covered rotary razors, it’s time to give some advice concerning foil razors.

  • You carry really fine facial hair

The type of hair someone has, plays a big part in the efficiency they can gain from different types of shavers. Foil razors are perfect for gentlemen carrying fine hair that doesn’t grow too thick or excessively.

  • You prefer to shave on a daily basis

Due to the speed at which foil razors can be used, they are perfect for daily use before work or a date.

  • Require a really close shave

Ideal for those who require a really close, neat shave. The accuracy and neatness of a foil razor simply can’t be beat.

  • Don’t mind cleaning your electric razor often

Foil shavers are easier to clean in comparison to rotary shavers. You don’t have to remove any rotating disks. Simply blow the hair away using a small brush, and get a little warm water on it, that is, if it’s compatible with water.

  • Experience very straight facial hair growth

Just because foil shavers are ideal for every day grooming, doesn’t mean that they can’t be used to handle long, straight facial hair. A foil shaver is perfect for this, as it will easily whisk away your straight hair.

  • You favor precision shaving

Generally, foil shavers offer more precision than rotary shavers. Many even come with adjustable heads so that you are always able to trim your hair to the length you want without having to worry.

Conclusion on the surprising differences between the types of Electric Shavers

In the end, obviously, it all comes down to you, the type of beard you grow and how you want it shaved. If you want to shave your beard of fine hair closer to the sensitive skin of your face in an easy straight up pattern and better precision, than the foil is right for you.

If it’s a more carefree, haphazard approach to shave off your coarsely haired beard that you don’t shave often than go with the rotary. No matter which one you end up buying, make sure you consider all of the aforementioned traits and abilities beforehand. And remember to check on our website for your grooming needs! And don’t throw out the owner’s manual! Electric Shavers can be quite complicated at times! We hope we helped you to better understand the differences between the types of electric shavers you can buy.

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