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Hello I am Denis. Denis Lubojanski. Owner of the website.

Every person is entitled to have their own opinion about everything in life. The clash of opinion among us with regards to the best electric shavers is the reason that is responsible for the creation of this ‘Instant Grooming’ website.

To back our opinions, we often used to do intense research about the shavers of our choice. Over time, each of us had an abundance of information about electric shavers which allowed us to choose the best from the myriad of options available in the market.

The thing started like this. My friend John Kelby wanted to buy an electric shaver for himself. In an afternoon chat among friends he told that thing. But we had no idea that which one is good and which one is bad. The research began. After 12-15 days of research we two friends became a master on shaving and electric razors. So Kelby told me that why don’t we just utilize our knowledge to earn some bucks. Here is the idea of “Instant Grooming” came. So we started the website by us two. The Co-Founder and Chief Editor Denis Lubojanski and Co-Founder and Web Developer John Kelby.

Our noble idea of sharing all the information about shaving and grooming that we have with others and internet was undoubtedly the one of the best decisions we have ever taken. We were very much sure that the information that we have collected over the months is sure to help others in choosing an electric shaver that is perfect for their needs. We do understand the frustration when you are stuck with an electric shaver which is not correct for your needs, hair type or skin. And not to forget the money that goes down the sink when you make a wrong decision.

However, we are very much sure that with the help of personal reviews and the latest of information about the various technologies that are used in shavers an information about new launches will allow you to know more about electric shavers and will help you in making a better decision. Our experience which we have gained over the months allows us to understand the functionality of modern shavers in detail, which in turn allows us to separate the grain from the chaff.

Apart from choosing the perfect electric shaver, we will also provide you with an abundance of information about how to get a perfect shave with an electric shaver as well as how to ensure optimal functionality of the shaver for a long period of time. Right from the shaving performance, features, cleaning, battery performance to replacement parts, we will guide you at every step to make sure that you have a pleasant shaving experience with your electric shaver.

Let us have a look at some of the things that you can expect from our websites:

  • We are not related to any particular brand and all the reviews and information are solely based on personal experience and trusted sources. Thus, you can completely rely on every single word written on this website without any second thoughts.
  • Our only goal is to help people all over the world by letting them know about the most important of aspects they should look into while buying an electric shaver.
  • Our passion for electric shavers is fueled with new launches and information and we will pass on the same to our readers by updating our website on a regular basis.

We have a dream of making this website a one stop destination for all your electric shaver needs and we will never able to achieve it without your constant support. We are sure that together we will be able to completely transform the shaving experience of people throughout the world!

Instant Grooming
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