How to Reduce Skin Irritation When Using Rotary Shaver: 6 Tips

Using a rotary shaver is a great way to get clean, smooth skin. Rotary shavers use a repetitive circular motion and follow the contours of your face to give a clean, close shave. Rotary shavers give the best results when used properly. Follow these 6 tips to know how to reduce skin irritation after shaving and leave your skin looking and feeling its best.

What Causes Skin Irritation While Shaving?

Shaving is necessary in order to keep a clean, smooth appearance, but it can also irritate skin if not done correctly.  Irritation can occur from using a blade that is too dull or not clean enough. Shaving against the direction that hair grows or using products that skin is overly sensitive to can also lead to irritation. Sometimes the skin is too dry or needs exfoliation to get rid of dead skin buildup.

6 Tips to Decrease Skin Irritation

1. Choose the Right Shaver for Your Skin

In order to choose the best shaver for you, you must determine what type of skin you have and the function you need your shaver to fulfill. Are you looking for a quick, daily trim or a more intensive shave?  And is your beard hair thick or sparse? Does it grow all in one direction or many directions? Talking to your barber may help you determine which shaver will be the best one for you.

  • Identify the Sensitive Areas

Identify areas of your face that are especially sensitive and take extra care when shaving these areas. Also, be sure you are cleansing your face gently before shaving and adhering to a regular skin care regimen to help skin stay in the healthiest condition possible. Healthy skin will be less likely to become irritated while shaving. Use products that work with your skin type and aren’t overly harsh. A gentle cleanser and moisturizer used daily will greatly benefit your skin and make shaving easier.

  • Use a High-Quality Electric Shaver

Purchase a quality electric shaver that will meet your needs. Following all of these tips will not make up for using a low-quality shaver.  To ensure a good shave as well as good skincare, you need a quality shaver. Some shavers offer different settings for various lengths of hair growth, while others come with unique cleaning systems to make cleanup even easier.

  • Replace Dull Blades

To prevent skin irritation, it is necessary to replace dull blades frequently. Shaving with dull blades will result in more nicks and scratches as you will find yourself pressing harder into your skin to achieve the same close shave as when sharp blades are used. Keep fresh blades on hand so you can quickly change out dull blades as needed.

  • Thoroughly Clean Your Razor After Every Use

Cleaning your razor after every single use will extend the life of your shaver and reduce the chance of buildup on your razor, which can cause skin irritation or breakouts.  Some shavers only require a quick rinse in running water to cleanse blades while others require a cleaning brush or lubricant. Be sure to read the instructions that came with your razor and follow cleaning steps so that your razor is clean and ready to go for every shave.

  • Be Sure Razor Batteries Are Fully Charged

Nothing is more frustrating than having your razor die halfway through a shave! Whether you shave daily or once a week, your razor must be ready when you are. Store your razor somewhere it will be easy to keep plugged into the charger long enough to fully charge the batteries. You can also follow some useful tricks to boost the battery life of your razor.

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2. Avoid Dry Shaving

Another way to prevent skin irritation is to avoid dry shaves. Though a dry shave may leave your skin looking freshly shaved, it can wreak havoc on your skin.  Make a practice of always doing a wet shave to prevent rashes and bumps and itchy, irritated skin.

3. Use Shaving Gel or Cream

To get a good wet shave, use a quality shaving gel or cream. Choose one that will meet your skin’s needs, whether you need oil-free or moisturizing or one for sensitive skin.  Shaving cream or gel not only helps to prevent irritation from a dry shave, but it also helps to prepare your skin for the shave. Many shaving creams and gels contain ingredients like Vitamin E which help to protect and moisturize skin.

4. Shave Gently

Give yourself enough time for your shave so that you aren’t rushing. Take your time and shave gently, not pressing the shaver too hard into your skin.

5. Follow the Proper Shaving Technique

  • Don’t Press Too HardShave gently. Apply adequate pressure with your shaver to get a close shave, but do not press too hard as this can cause irritation as well.
  • Start off with the Most Sensitive Areas

Begin your shave with the most sensitive areas of your face. This is usually your upper lip and around your mouth. Use a light touch here and shave slowly. Also be careful around the areas of your face that are prone to irritation or breakouts.

  • Avoid Circular Movements

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to use circular movements to get a good shave. It is better for your skin if you shave gently with a light touch.

  • Shave Against the Grain

Shaving against the direction that your hair grows can result in a much closer, smoother shave and leave skin looking cleaner than when shaving with the grain. Because shaving against the grain can cause skin irritation if not done correctly, be sure you are using a light touch and plenty of shaving product.

  • Allow Skin to Heal Between Shaving Sessions

If you are experiencing any razor burn or irritation, you must give your skin time to heal. Take a day or two off between shaving sessions to give skin time to recuperate.

6. Post-Shave Treatment

  • Wash Your Face with Cold Water

Shaving should be done with warm water, but after shaving, wash your face with cold water to close the pores and remove any shaving product.

  • Pat Your Face Dry with a Clean, Soft Towel

Gently pat your face rather than scrubbing it. Remember your entire routine should be gentle on your skin, including the post-shave steps. Use a soft towel that is clean, especially clean of any products. You don’t want to transfer oil or soap from your towel to your clean skin and cause breakouts that way.

  • Apply a Soothing, Hydrating Aftershave Cream

To soothe your skin after your shave, apply a hydrating aftershave cream. Be careful with scented creams if you have sensitive skin.

  • Avoid Tight Collars or Anything That Rubs Against Your Skin

After taking careful steps to ensure your shave does not irritate your skin, don’t make the mistake of letting your clothing irritate your skin. Tight collars and turtlenecks can rub against freshly shaved skin, causing irritation. Avoid this by wearing well-fitting or loose clothing around your neck, especially right after a shave.

By following all of these steps, you will know how to reduce skin irritation after shaving with a rotary shaver while maintaining healthy skin and a great, smooth shave.

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