How to Prepare Your Own Hairstyle at Home?

Keeping your haircut freshly trimmed and styled

A neatly trimmed hairstyle will make you look more polished and professional, and looking better will make you feel better too.

Keeping up with haircuts can be time-consuming and expensive. And it’s not always easy to make time in your schedule and in your barber’s schedule to be sure you are getting haircuts as soon as you need them.

If you prepare your own hair style at home, not only can you save money on appointments, but you can also save time. You can be sure you are trimming your hair when it needs it and not having to wait on an appointment.

Even if you’ve never cut your own hair before, you can follow these simple steps to learn how to easily cut your own hair at home.

Before you prepare your own hair style

How to Prepare Your Own Hairstyle at Home1

When choosing a new hairstyle, there are many factors to consider.  Choosing a style that complements your face shape and hair type will make it much more likely that your hairstyle will keep its shape well past your hair cut and that your haircut will be flattering to you.

1. Determine your face shape

Not every hairstyle works with every face shape, so you must choose a style that will complement your face shape. Determine if you have a round, square, oval, long, triangular or diamond shaped face.  Use a mirror or a friend to help you or even ask your barber on your next visit before you try cutting your hair at home.

  • A round face has a round jawline and the face is almost as wide as tall, plus it has round cheekbones.
  • A square face has a square jawline, a face that is almost as wide as it is long, straight sides, and the jaw and cheekbones are the same width.
  • An oval face has a slightly rounded jaw, no unusual or asymmetrical characteristics, and the overall face shape resembles that of an egg.
  • A long face is longer than it is wide and often has a rounded jawline; the cheekbones and jaw are also the same width.
  • A triangular face has wide cheekbones and forehead but a pointed chin.
  • A diamond shaped face has cheekbones as the widest points of the face plus a long, pointed jawline.

If your face doesn’t fit one of these shapes exactly, choose the one or two that are closest to your face shape. Also try to avoid some obvious mistakes  that people frequently make when it comes to styling hair.

2. Choose a style that complements your facial shape

Choosing a style that complements your face shape will help you choose a hairstyle that will be most flattering to you in figuring out how to prepare your own hair style at home.

  • Those with round faces should stay away from hairstyles that are very round or full as they will only add to the roundness. Instead, choose an off-center part or a more square hairstyle for a round face.
  • For a square face shape, choose a hairstyle with sides that are leaner and short while keeping the top longer and styled higher. Choose a style that is more square to mirror the shape of the face. Keep hair clean around the ears as well.
  • Oval shaped faces are considered the most versatile and almost any hairstyle will be flattering to an oval shaped face. Just pay attention to unique features like placement of ears and eyes to be sure the hairstyle you have chosen will look attractive with these features.
  • For a long face shape, choose a style which is longer on the sides and shorter on the top. This will help to create balance for the face. A cut with layers would be flattering as well. Short, well-groomed facial hair can also help to offset a long face and provide balance.
  • A triangular face shape also needs a hairstyle that will help to provide balance to the face shape. Choose a cut that that will narrow the forehead and add the appearance of width to the chin area.
  • For a diamond shaped face, choose a style with hair that covers the forehead to help minimize wider cheekbones. A longer, shag hairstyle can also work for a diamond shaped face.

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3. Determine your hair type  

There are commonly 3 different hair types for men, and your hair will likely fall into one of these categories:  straight, wavy or curly.

Your hair is straight if it sticks out straight for at least 3 inches from your scalp before starting to have any natural bend to it.

You have wavy hair if your hair naturally curves a little as it grows from the scalp.

Curly hair includes hair that grows in thick coils as well as kinky hair that grows in very tight curls.

4. Choose a hairstyle that matches your hair type

Choosing a very flattering style for your face shape won’t get you anywhere if the style won’t work with your hair type. Be sure you are choosing a hairstyle that will work with your hair: straight, wavy, or curly.

  • Those with straight hair should choose short hair styles that can be shaped using hair products or longer hair as long as jaw or shoulder length.
  • Wavy hair looks best in medium length hairstyles like side parts and messy styles. Wavy hair can also be flattering long.
  • For curly hair, you can choose an ultra short hairstyle, like a military style cut, or a medium-length style.

5. Choose a sideburn length

  • Sideburn length can also be chosen based on your face shape and how much time you want to spend on regularly trimming your sideburns.
  • For a round face shape, longer sideburns that are kept short to the face are often flattering.
  • With a square face shape, choose thin, medium to long sideburns. You are trying to create the illusion of a thinner jaw.
  • Oval shaped faces should choose medium length and medium width sideburns. Sideburns that are too long can make the face look too long.
  • For a triangular shaped face, choose wider sideburns that are also longer than standard to strengthen your jawline.
  • If you have a diamond shaped face, avoid bushy sideburns as they will add width. Instead, you could have longer sideburns that extend to the bottom of your ear to create balance.

While cutting your hair

1. Choose an appropriate spot for cutting

Choose an area of your house that is free from clutter and has flooring that will allow you to easily sweep away hair clippings. If you don’t have a hard floor surface, you might place a sheet on the floor to catch hair clippings and make clean up easier.

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2. Position your mirrors

To make sure you cut your hair evenly, you need to be able to see your hair from all angles. Prepare your cutting area so that you can see your hair from the front and back if at all possible. Ideally, place a large mirror facing you to see the front of your hair really well and another large mirror behind you. You can use a handheld mirror to check the sides or the back or front if you only have one large mirror.

3. Decide on length of haircut

Use the information listed above to choose a haircut that will flatter your face shape and your hair type and decide how short you will be cutting your hair. If you are using clippers, be sure you that you have the proper size of guards to achieve the length you desire. If you aren’t sure of the length you want, start with the longer version. You can always go shorter.

4. Dry your hair

Cutting wet hair can be difficult as it’s hard to see how much hair has actually been trimmed when the hair is wet. Wet hair can also get stuck in your clipper’s blades, so it is best to cut your hair when dry. Dry it thoroughly, especially if you have just washed it.

5. Perform the haircut

Position your clipper blades facing down and cut your hair against the grain (against the direction of hair growth). Cutting against the grain makes it easier for the clippers to catch and cut the hair. Work slowly and separate your hair into sections if you have a lot to cut. Cut section by section and work slowly and methodically. Avoid rushing as you may make an error; also avoid pressing too hard with the clippers so you don’t accidentally cut yourself. If possible, cut hair with a single stroke of the clippers rather than multiple strokes on the same area.

Styling for an Event

1. Consider your styling needs and event

When styling your hair for a special event, take extra care in styling your hair. Extra time and product may be needed. By learning how to prepare your own hair style at home even for special events, you can save time in hair appointments.

2. Part your hair

A very straight part can add some formality to your hair style for a special event. Part your hair while it is still damp to get a crisp part. Use a styling comb to comb it and part it. For a slightly different look than your everyday, try parting your hair at a higher or lower part or making your part a little shorter.

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3. Comb your hair

Having well-groomed hair gives you a more polished appearance.  Comb your hair carefully and thoroughly.

4. Use quality products

Using quality styling products can make all the difference. A little bit of high quality pomade or wax can help to prevent flyaways and keep strands in place. Styling pomade or wax can also help hair keep that damp look all the time and create luster in your look.

5. Make everything crisp and neat

Be sure you haven’t left any stray hairs and that your hair is neatly trimmed and combed around your ears and the nape of your neck. Tame flyaways with a little pomade.

After having the desired look

After you have finished cutting your hair, use your mirrors to be sure your haircut looks great from all angles.

1. Clean the clippers

Clean your clippers according to the package instructions. Some clippers may be easily cleaned by placing in running water, while others cannot be placed in running water and must be cleaned with a brush and oil. Be sure to read the instructions carefully.

2. Clean the accessories

Clean all clipper and hair cutting accessories. You want to keep your hair cutting tools in prime condition so they are ready to go when you are ready for your next haircut. Clean accessories according to the directions and store them carefully. If you are using a comb to comb through pomade in your hair, be sure you are also cleaning your comb.


  • While you are cutting your hair, perform a periodic cross-check. Stop several times to be sure you are blending hair and cutting it evenly on each side.
  • Comb each section of hair before you perform a clipper stroke, but make sure you get the comb out of the way each time.
  • Be sure to carefully trim your sideburns as well as your hair and check your hairline in the mirrors from all sides. Even after you style, if you discover your haircut still isn’t quite even, fix it! You’ll thank yourself later.

With some good tools and techniques, you can learn to cut your own hair at home by following these simple steps. Prepare ahead of time by setting up your cutting area as well as securing the proper clippers, scissors, combs and product. Be sure you have a plan in mind by selecting a hairstyle that will complement your face shape and hair type. With some practice and planning, you will be well on your way to saving a great deal of time and money by cutting your own hair in the comfort of your own home.

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