How to Sharpen Your Razor Blades for Easier Use and Smoother Effect

Most men shave daily and women shave several times a week, if not daily. All use a razor of some kind, be it a straight razor, an electric razor or a disposable razor. All people find the experience most satisfactory when the tool is razor sharp.

The issue is in keeping the blade sharp. For many, that involves merely replacing the dull blade with a new sharp one. However, this procedure can be quite expensive. It is true that disposable razors are quite inexpensive, but over time the costs do add up.You can self-service your blades to renew them. There are many ways to “sharpen” blades but the question is how to accomplish this efficiently?

Why Do Some People Prefer Shaving with Very Sharp Razors?

Some people prefer very sharp blades to have the closest shaving experience possible with a light touch.  With razor sharp blades, there is very little tugging and the task is completed without shaving the same spot over and over to end up with a clean shave. However, there are the people who prefer duller blades because when they use very sharp blades they tend to nick themselves. 

Your hair type can determine what type of blade is most suitable for you. If it is coarse or longer, you will need a sharper edge. If your skin is rough, has acne, other sores, or is sensitive, you will have fewer problems with a less aggressive blade. And if you are a beginner, it is best to start with a duller blade until you acquire the very light touch needed for sharp blades.

Can You Sharpen Electric Razors?

Of course, you can sharpen the blades of an electric razor. Often the most difficult part is taking the blades out of your razor to self-service them.

How to Sharpen Your Electric Rotary Shaver?

Method-1: Using a Rotary Razor Blade Sharpener

  • Detach the shaving-head

Push the buttons on the side and then pull on the housing that holds the blades to remove the shaving head. Turn the knob or screw in the middle that holds the blades in the housing.

  • Clean the shaving-head

At this point, you can use a soft brush to remove any hairs or dirt.

  • Remove the individual rotary blades

Turn one of the shaving heads anti-clockwise to free the blades or cutters. Once the head is removed, you can pull the blades out. Then use a brush to remove any hairs or dirt.

  • Remove the shaving-screen

Remove the shaving screens and put in the sharpening heads into their place. Put the blades back into the razor and then into their housing. Place the housing back onto the razor.

  • Switch on the electric-shaver

Run the razor for 5 to 10 seconds so that the sharpening heads from the razor sharpener kit have time to sharpen your blades.

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Switch out the sharpening heads for the original screen, and you are ready to shave again with your newly sharpened blades.

Method-2: Using a Flat Piece of Glass to Make It Razor Sharp

This method has been used for years. During the second world war, steel was so scarce that replacement shaving heads were not readily available. It was very common to sharpen the blades on a piece of glass and it is effective. The tools you need are elementary: a flat piece of glass or a mirror and a small stiff brush.

  • Begin by removing the shaving-head

Use the instructions that came with your razor to complete this task. Brush away any hair you see. Do not use any liquid such as water to complete this step.

  • Remove the cutters form the shaving-head

Twist the knob holding the cutter in place and then separate the cutters from their framework

  • Clean the shaving-head housing and cutters

Use a sink partially full of water to rinse the individual cutters and the housing for the cutter. Keep the drain in the sink, so you do not lose any parts.

  • Separate the cutters from the shield screen

Pull the cutters away from their shield. Rinse both parts until they are clean.

  • Sharpen the blades on glass

Place one of the clean cutter blades on the glass with the cutting surface of the glass. Spit on the glass for lubrication. Move the cutter in a figure 8 on the glass. Continue spitting on the glass for lubrication. For sharp blades, you need to complete from 50 to 100 rotations in the figure 8.Take extra care so you do not cut yourself.

  • Replace the cutter blades

Dry the cutter blade and put it back into its shield. Put this assembly back into the housing.

  • Repeat for the Other Blades

Remove one cutter blade shield and cutter at a time so you can replace the assembly as it was when you started. Sharpen each cutter individually and then reassemble.

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How to Sharpen Your Disposable Razors?

Method 1: The Blue Jean Sharpening Method

  • Lay the blue jeans on a flat surface. Smooth the jeans out
  • Run the disposable razor away from you down the blue jeans 10 to 15 times. Make sure you are not shaving your jeans as the razor is pointed not to shave as you run it down the jeans. Remember to press firmly.
  • Move to another part of the leg on the jeans and run the razor again 10 to 25 times away from you.
  • Lastly, rinse the razor in hot water, shake the razor to remove any water.
  • Dry the razor with the blades up.
  • This works because the contact with the jean material removes hair and other small particles of skin while sharpening the blades. Try this for several months until the blades will no longer sharpen or form rust on the blades. You may remember that an old-fashioned razor sharpener was a strop, often made of canvas. You are substituting jeans for the canvas of the strop.

Method 2: The Forearm Sharpening Method

  • Put the razor on your forearm near your wrist. Make sure the blade is positioned, so it is not shaving but is in the opposite direction.
  • Run the blade along your arm about 20 times. Take care that you do not cut yourself.
  • Dry the blade with a towel. You should now have an immaculate set of razor blades ready for your next shave.

Method 3: Strop with Razor Renew

  • Razor renew is a new version of the old strop. It is a strop made of leather, with a hook on one end and a handle on the other. The one side that is suede is used to sharpen blades and knives. The smooth leather side polishes the item.
  • Place the razor on the strop and run it along the strop with the suede side up in the opposite manner to shaving. Repeat this motion several times.
  • Turn over the strop and repeat the same procedure on the smooth leather side. Now your blade should be ready to use.

Method 4: Clean with Razor Pit

  • Razor pit is a rubber-like material that is made out of silicone. After experimentation with a variety of material, it was determined that this substance was superior as a razor sharpener. Since blades are dull due to the accumulation of hair and soap, the razor pit uses friction to remove these items and leaves a clean, sharp blade.
  • Move your disposable razor in the opposite way to shaving across razor pit, until the blades are clean.
  • Apparently, one blade can be serviced 60 times on the average. Some test subjects used this method for sharpening the same blade 150 times.

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How to Sharpen Your Electric Shaver Using Toothpaste?

  • The first step in servicing the razor is to use a small brush to clean the razor.
  • Then squeeze the toothpaste onto the blade area and screens. Turn on the shaver and let it run for 5 seconds. The cleaning works because toothpaste is a very fine abrasive paste.
  • Open up the shaver and remove the blades. Wash the blades with warm water to remove the toothpaste.  Dry the area and then oil the blades with baby oil.
  • Assemble your razor ready for the next shave with your razor sharp blades.


  • It is wise to use these methods on a regular basis to keep your blades clean and razor sharp. The more often you service your razor, the sharper it will remain.
  • Drying your razor carefully will prevent rusting which dulls blades quickly.
  • Select the method that is easy for you to do, so that you will be encouraged to clean your blades on a regular basis.
  • Using a razor sharpener may be the safest method because you do not need to hold the blades in order to sharpen them
  • The toothpaste method is also very easy. It may be your favorite for electric shavers.


All of these methods work to some degree. But be aware that many will not sharpen a dull blade. Most of these methods will work for some time but eventually, the blade will become dull and need to be replaced. However, the razor sharpener and using glass to sharpen the blades are exceptions, as these methods do make the blades razor sharp.


Shaving can become very expensive, especially if you insist on a very sharp blade. There are many pricey razors on the market and you need to consider many things before getting one. It is worth your time to try some of these methods to service your blades yourself to reduce the cost. Many are very simple, and all are reputed to improve your shaving experience.

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