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Electric Razor Guide: 4 Basic Tips to Follow

Electric Razor Guide: 4 Basic Tips
Electric Razor Grooming Tips

Electric razor is one of the most essential needs of each and every man nowadays. Having a perfect shave is difficult to achieve but with the help of electric razor you will get the perfect shave in no time. Most importantly, there is no need of a shaving form or any other material as there are blades inside the razor which will get the job done for you. In short, the whole process is quite simple and you will love it.

1. Before shaving:

1. Before shaving:In order to have a perfect shave, follow the undermentioned steps:
1. Wash your face thoroughly with a good face wash.
2. Apply some excellent quality pre-shave oil. It will save your skin and the razor will run smoothly.
3. Choose an electric razor which will be good for you as well as for your skin.
4. Keep an electric razor brush as it will help you clean the electric razor. Remember that the cleaning of electric razor is very necessary if you want it to stay and perform longer.
5. At the end, you need an excellent aftershave so that your skin feels fresh and looks amazing after shaving.

2. Shaving with the electric razor:

2. Shaving with the electric razor:1. You must ensure that the razor you are using is according to your skin type.
2. Wash your face with a good face wash.
3. Apply a pre-shave oil.
4. Clean your electric razor with the cleaning brush.
5. Start shaving slowly. Make sure that you start to shave against the grain of beard because it will help you in getting a closer shave.
6. While you are shaving with an electric razor, don’t worry about the speed. You can simply rush the process. The electric razor is faster and efficient. However, it may take time in some sensitive areas like neck or chin.
7. Apply a skinfood product once the shaving process is completed.
8. Apply a good moisturizer on your skin to make it look and feel better.

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3. Cleaning the electric razor:

6. Make sure the cutting surface is sharp all the timeIn order to get the best shave each and every time, it is necessary that you clean your razor regularly. The blades of the electric razor must be cleaned on a daily basis. Use the brush that comes with the razor to clean it effectively. You must also ensure that the foil remains safe while cleaning as it is very sensitive. If you have a rotary head electric razor, you need to make sure that you don’t clean it with water. In fact, you must buy proper accessories for cleaning it.

4. Other tips:

4. Other tips:Some of the additional tips are as following:
1. You must carefully read the manual of the electric razor.
2. Shave daily in order to get the maximum benefit and make your skin get used to the electric razor.
3. Clean the razor regularly.
4. If some skin problem arises, change the electric razor quickly.
5. Apply talcum powder before shaving.

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Instant Grooming is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More