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Why Should Men Groom Body Hair and How to Choose the Best One?

Why Should Men Groom Body Hair and How to Choose the Best One?
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So why Should Men Groom Their Hair?

There are a ton of different reasons as to why a man would want to, and should groom body hair. For starters, there are many hygienic and aesthetic benefits that can be drawn from properly grooming yourself. Trimming and maintaining hair in reality is a lifelong practice for men. It’s been done for comfort, cleanliness, religious purposes, sports, and to quell a partner that constantly complains about your grizzled look and poky hair. In fact, recent surveys show that women enjoy a man with facial hair, however, being well groomed and clean still remains a crucial factor in determining attraction.

There’s nothing to by shy of or ashamed when taking care of your body hair, world class athletes and celebrities do it on a regular basis.

Though remember, the most important aspect of upping your appeal levels and look, is to keep in mind that acquiring the right trimmer, razor, shaver, and groomer is critical to your success.

So, let’s go through some basics.

The Purpose of Grooming Body Hair

Grooming body hair, is foremost, a matter of personal preference for men. There are many hygienic benefits, such as reduced unpleasant body odor, less trapped bacteria. After all, it is hair, and hair has a tendency to get dirty. Athletes groom their hair to achieve boosts in performance, hair is wind resistant, and cyclists, runners, swimmers, and even wrestlers want to move as quick as possible with minimal resistance. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to appear more attractive to possible partners and show off those hair covered muscles.

Body Areas that a Man Should and Should Not Shave

Generally, all men should take care of the hair located in their facial and neck areas, unless you are going for a specific look, which is fine, don’t neglect those nose hairs either. The chest and back are often targeted for grooming purposes, keep it clean, though remember, moderation is key. So, you might want to keep some of that hair on your back and chest for those colder months. Ladies love for those men’s private areas to be well kept, so that’s something to consider.

For the most part, eyebrows, arms, legs, and armpits usually receive less grooming attention than other body parts. Usually recommended for specific purposes like modeling and sports. Though, everything depends upon your personal preferences and comfort.

groom body hair: choose the best electric shaver

Choose the Best Electric Shaver to Groom Body Hair

In order to select the best electric shaver for your purposes, it’s wise to consider the following factors, after all, this will be the tool you use to groom yourself on a daily basis. Consider the following; speed of the razor, battery life, does it support wet and dry shaving, is it cordless or corded, ease of use, is it a foil or rotary shaver, are the heads replaceable? And finally, your budget. Let’s look at the differences between Foil and rotary shavers, as well as trimmers.

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1. Purpose of Shaving – Differences Between Trimmers, Rotary Razors, and Foil Shavers.

Its undoubtable that shaving with an electric razor is the most convenient and fast way to stay groomed. A huge benefit of an electric razor over your standard razor is that you can use it anywhere such as your car, office bathroom, the beach. The primary difference between foil and rotary shavers is in the layout of the metal used to cut hair. In a foil shaver, all of the blades are hidden under a thin layer of foil comb. When used, the razors move back and forth at high speeds, trimming hair just like a pair of scissors would.

In a rotary razor, the blades are hidden by a thin layer of foil comb, and spin around a central axis, shearing hair that passes through the central axis of the razor.

Trimmers, are mostly used for handling hair in the nose, ears, slight touchups to the beard and mustache, as well as pubic hair. Essentially used to target specific and sensitive areas, though, still good for general use.

2. Power Usage and Convenience, Corded or Plug In?

Whether you purchase a plug-in electric razor versus a cordless one, the power consumption and supply remains generally the same. However, cordless electric razors have a huge benefit in the fact that they can be used anywhere. Most being rechargeable or battery powered, and capable of providing you with dozens of grooming sessions before requiring a recharge or new batteries.

3. Ease of Cleaning The Different Types of Electric Razors and Shavers

Cleaning electric razors is incredibly easy. For specific information, it is best to refer to your products manual. However, generally they are all cleaned the same way. Carefully remove the shaving head, and gently shake out left over hair, use a brush, which should come with your razor, and polish away all excesses. Wash the non-mechanical parts of your razor. This process should be done every week, however, if you really care about your blade, you can do it after every use. Consider replacing your shaving head once every year to maintain speed and quality. Corded and cordless shavers are cleaned by the same generally accepted upkeep principles.

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4. Wet and Dry Shaving

Many modern-day razor blades come with wet and dry capabilities. Meaning, they can be used to groom body hair on a dry or wet surface, as well as under a direct flow of water, such as in the shower. If flexibility is what you are going for, consider investing in a shaver with wet/dry compatibility.

5. Electric Shaver Replacement Blades

Its recommended to replace your electric shaver blades on a yearly basis, however, many users continue using the same blade for years on end. Applying shaving oil to the blade also helps prolong its life cycle. The truth of the matter is that your blade will eventually dull, and shaving will become less pleasant. However, it’s incredibly easy to purchase new blades, coils, and rotary shaver heads. They can be acquired online or in stores carrying your specific brand. Replacing the blades is easy and comparable to the process of cleaning them. Refer to your instruction manual for specific guidance for more complicated blades.

Follow These Tips in Order to Pick the Best Electric Shaver

Here are a few specific tips and guidelines to help you pick the best electric shaver for your purposes!

1. Base Your Search on Quality Rather Than Price

Establish a budget, however, remember that grooming is important, and your main guideline should be quality. Sure, the low cost of some electric razors may seem appealing. However, cheap products usually entail negative experiences. And by investing more in a quality razor, you are guaranteed to save money in the long run. So, spend a little extra and go for quality!

2. Make Sure Your Electric Razor Fulfills Your Ergonomic Needs

Pick a razor that will be ergonomically pleasant for you to use. Be it a foil shaver, rotary, or even a trimmer. Go through the motions needed to use your razor and figure out what works best for you and that you see as the easiest to use.

groom body hair: the right saver for best output

3. Remember, It’s a Matter of Personal Preference

Need a quick shave, or want to remove those sideburns and moustache before a tinder date? Go with foil shavers, as they usually have faster trimming cycles, and can guarantee a quick trim to groom your hair. Comfortable with the circular motion common with rotary shavers and spending a little bit of timing in order to get all those small details? Go with a rotary shaver. Cleaning all styles of electric blades is easy, the choice of purchasing the right one is all about personal preference.

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4. Go with Reputable brands

We suggest you go with a razor from reputable, and established brands. Phillips, Braun, Remington, and Panasonic, are all highly reputable and recommended suppliers of electric razors for both men and women. You simply can’t go wrong with buying a razor from these brands, they provide the best comfort, performance, and stability to take care of all your grooming needs.

5. Pick Waterproof Shavers for Bathroom Trimming

Always in a rush? Don’t have any shaving cream on you? Get a shaver that’s waterproof. The benefit of these shavers is that they can be easily cleaned under running water, can be used in the shower, and with shaving cream or gel, unlike some of their counterparts. The peace of mind you get from knowing that your razor won’t be damaged by water is worth the extra cost. Waterproof shavers are popular in men’s grooming kits.

6. Consider the Length of your Body Hair

Are the hairs of your body curly and dense? Foil shavers and trimmers are the best for handling curly and heavy haired user needs, due to their speed and ability to trim down even the wildest situations. Rotary razors are better for hair of shorter lengths, due to the risk of hair getting caught in the circular rotational motions required for this type of blade. All types of electric razors, shavers, and trimmers are good for daily upkeep and hair grooming needs.


It’s important to pick an electric shaver or razor that will be perfect to groom body hair with, and that is easy to clean, durable, ergonomically efficient, and suits all of your personal needs. Learning how to manscape properly is complicated, and to some even an art. We’re glad that you come to us as your resource and guide for body hair grooming and how to select the best tool for your needs.

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