Foil Shavers: 5 Things You Need to Know

Sure, all razors do a similar job of helping you groom your hair, trim your beard, shave your chest, back, nose, and other parts of the body. However, there is actually a big difference between the different types of electric razor blades you can acquire. Let’s get into the important things you need to know about an electric foil shaver.

1. Specifications of an Electric Foil Shaver

Foil Shavers 5 Things You Need to Know 2

A foil shaver, is an electric razor that has a thin layer of metal foil that covers the blades and protects the skin from direct contact with the sharp blades. The blades move back and forth trimming skin, while the foil captures trimmed hair and protects the skin. A very precise shave can be attained with the use of a foil shaver.

2. Shaving with a Foil Shaver

Foil Shavers 5 Things You Need to Know 3

The ideal way to shave with a foil shaver would be to stand in front of a mirror, and apply the proper oil’s or shaving lotion that you use, though not necessary, and that is if your shaver is compatible with water. Start the foil shaver, and make sure it is as close to the area you wish to trim, ensuring maximum contact and efficiency. Move the shaver up and down, left and right on top of the area you are targeting until complete. Remember to apply aftershave as necessary in order to avoid possible irritations. These shavers are best for everyday use. You can also find tips on using electric shavers here.

3. Advantages of Using a Foil Shaver

Foil shavers are ideal for really smooth shaves and achieving that super clean look, everyday shaving, fine hair, and straight line trimming. Compared to rotary shavers, foils provide a closer, more precise, and quicker shave.

4. Disadvantages of Using a Foil Shaver

The biggest disadvantages of foil shavers are that they can only be used in straight, horizontal, or vertical motions. Which is a major drawback if you enjoy shaving with circular movements. Some men struggle in finding a foil shaver that fits the contours of their face perfectly, this can have negative effects on the overall experience of shaving.

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5. Bad Habits That’ll Reduce an Electric Foil Shaver’s Lifespan Faster

An electric shaver is a very intimate tool, and thus, you should be aware of the proper ways in which to handle it. Proper maintenance and technique are crucial for maintaining the quality, lifecycle, and effectiveness you can get from the use of your shaver.

  • Ignoring Overheating

Regardless of whether or not you have a corded or cordless electric shaver, overheating still remains an issue even among top brands like Panasonic and Phillips. The issue is further increased by overly excessive use of the shaver as well as trapped skin. Pay attention to your razor suddenly overheating, and if the issue remains, consider replacing the razor heads with new, original parts recommended by the manufacturer. If overheating persists as an issue, considering applying a small amount of lubricant to the metal of your shaver. Remember to turn it off after every use.

  • Pressing Too Hard Against the Skin

It’s easy to succumb to the urge of pressing the shaver to hard against the surface of your skin. Many do this because they believe it will provide them with a more precise trim during shaving. However, this has not been proven. Delicacy and care are the keys to a successful shave. By pressing the blade too hard against the surface of your skin, you could end your shaving session with irritated skin. Remember to always apply an aftershave, and that the electric foil shaver is supposed to do the hard work for you.

  • Tapping the ShaverToo Hard

It is ill-advised to tap the shaver on hard surfaces with the intention of cleaning it. While most electric shavers are built with basic resistances in mind, they are still machines, operating on complicated mechanical parts. You can break the mechanical parts of your foil shaver by tapping it too hard.

  • Not Trimming Excess Hair

It’s important to trim excessively long hair before utilizing your foil shaver. Untrimmed hair can easily get tangled in the foils of your shaver. Consider using a trimmer for excess hair before finishing off with your foil razor.

  • Storing the Shaver Wet

After you’ve done your shaving, make sure to clean your razor with a towel and dry it. Leaving a shaver out wet, in a damp place like a bathroom will lead to guaranteed rust forming around its blade. This will make the blade dull and less effective for your shaving needs. Clean it off, dry as necessary, apply lubricant if needed, and store it preferably in a case or anywhere you will be sure that it remains dry. A rusty shaving blade, is a useless one.

  • Only Using a Brush to Clean the Razor

Even though a brush is provided for you with the purchase of your razor, this is not the only thing you should use to keep your blade clean. Remember to periodically take apart your electric shaver, use the brush to filter out leftover hair, and gently wash your blade under warm running water, finally, dry it off and store it away. By only utilizing the brush as a means to clean your shaver is not enough to ensure its longevity. Proper cleaning is also key to combating overheating.

  • Not Assembling or Disassembling the Razor According to the Manufacturer Directions

An assembly manual and guide comes with every product for a reason. Make sure to always check out your owner’s manual before hopping into the process of cleaning, using, and taking apart your electric razor. You don’t want to be left without anything to shave with just because you didn’t follow a few tips from the manufacturer.

  • Ignoring the Protective Cap

Don’t throw away the protective cap that came with your razor. Those are perfect for storing your product and ensuring that the blade deteriorates at the rate it’s supposed to, considering optimal upkeep has been maintained on your end. So, take the extra time to cover your foil shaver with its protective cap, you don’t want it catching any unnecessary debris or getting wet while its idling.

  • Not Cleaning Your Razor Properly

Proper cleaning methods can make or break any razor regardless of its brand and how much you love it. Don’t let it get too stuffed with trimmed hair. Make sure to always use the brush, removing buildups with care, and to wash and dry after you have brushed everything away. Properly cleaning your razor will guarantee it a successful life cycle.

  • Don’t Let Children Play with Your Razor

There are two big reasons as to why you would want to keep your razor away from children. One, they can hurt themselves or destroy something else by using the razor, after all, it’s an expensive tool. Two, they can break the razor itself by playing with it. We wouldn’t want that to happen now, would we? So better keep your shaving utensil in a safe spot and away from tampering.

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It may seem like there’s a lot to know, and that using an electric foil shaver properly is complicated. However, eventually, all the nitty-gritty aspects of proper shaving and care will come naturally with a bit of practice!

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