How to Shave Using an Electric Razor: 6 Professional Tips

How to Shave Using an Electric Razor: 6 Professional Tips
Electric Razor Grooming Tips

Electric razors are commonly used nowadays. There are different types of electric razors available in the market. Shaving is a difficult task for every man. It is a known fact that shaving takes a lot of time, so it is necessary to have the best electric razor in order to ensure that you have the best shaving experience and can save a huge amount of time. Many people do not know the best way of shaving. The below mentioned tips will help you in this case.
Basically, there are two types of electric razors; one is known as foil and the other, as rotary. Foil is undoubtedly the better type. It has many advantages and is more effective. It has two heads with the oscillating blades. On the other hand, rotary razor comes in different shapes. It consists of three to four heads and is suitable for thick and long hairs.

How to shave using electric razor:

Follow the following tips and you will be able to know how to shave perfectly:

1. Take a bath in warm water:

First of all, you need to take a bath or shower in warm water. The reason for this is that it will open the pores of your skin and will make it soft. You must ensure that you dry your facial skin before starting the shaving process. You can use a talcum powder to speed up the drying process.

2. Use pre-shave lotion:

You don’t need any water or shaving foam while shaving with an electric razor. All you need is a pre-shave lotion to get the best results. You can also avoid this lotion if you do not want to use it. The basic purpose of this lotion is to make your hairs stand out so that they get easier to trim.

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3. Shave against the hair:

Electric razor allows you to shave against the hair grain. It is something that ordinary razors cannot offer. You need to make sure that you complete this task accurately and you need to use both of your hands to do so. One of them is used for stretching the skin and the other one is used to shave.

4. Wash face with cold water:

After completing shaving, you need to wash your face with cold water in order to close the opened pores of your skin.

5. Use aftershave:

You must also use a aftershave depending on the type of your skin. If your skin is very dry you can use a moisturizer. You must know that it takes at least 2 weeks to get used to a new razor.

6. Keep your razor clean:

Last but not the least, you need to keep your electric razor clean. Cleaning the electric razor is not a difficult task. First you need to know the steps of cleaning of electric razor for this purpose. Most of the electric razors come with the brush that helps in cleaning the razor. You also need to ensure that you change the blades after every few months in order to get the best shaving experience every time.

I hope now you know how to shave properly. You must follow the tips mentioned above in order to get the perfect shave.

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