3 Must Obey Rules for Beach Body Grooming

Rules for Beach Body Grooming

Rules for Beach Body GroomingAnyone who has seen James Bond 007 Daniel Craig, emerge out of the sea in his skimpy blue trunks, in the film Casino Royale,  knows the importance of Beach Body Grooming. We can’t promise you his body of course, but we can surely help you to clean up your act and look great and feel wonderful. So what are those rules for beach body grooming?

So get out of your work clothes and put on your favourite swimming trunks and get ready to rock n roll-  or wait -look in the mirror. You definitely need some work my friend! Let us show you how to get that celeb beach body by simple grooming tips and tricks. Let’s lay the ground rules:

Rule No. 1   Buy the Essentials

Before going anywhere near the beach you should buy the simple but important products to make it a great outing. Basically you will need a pair of swimming trunks ( length is entirely upto you and your body hair), flip-flops, a beach towel, sun-screen lotion with an SPF of 50 and above, sunglasses and a hat if you like. There is a variety of these products online –browse and buy.

Rule No- 2.  Do the Essentials

Let’s get to work on a presentable you now. Please stay away from Hair ! There ! and Everywhere ! philosophy it will never work. The hair needs taming and that applies to ALL hair. So we take them one by one and show you how to manage the unruly hair scare.

  • Head: Unless you are Chris Hemsworth ( Thor) stay away from open long hair on the beach. Tie them in a stylish ponytail or plain, trim your locks to a manageable length neatly. Use a trimmer of varying settings to achieve the desired look.
  • Beard and moustache: Trim your beard and moustache in a neat look but avoid shaving the same day as the sun and sea can be rough on the skin. Stubble looks great on the beach. You can again use your trimmer to get that 1 day stubble look.
  • Chest and Stomach/Abs: The rule is to not look like a bear in man’s disguise. To wax or not to wax is a big question and the answer depends on you. Which man are you rooting for-your favourite celeb with a six pack or Yourself. We would suggest you to go with your own body and Do not overdo the hairless look- neatly trimmed hair looks great too. Leave the waxing to professional swimmers like Michael Phelps.Rules for Beach Body Grooming
  • Shoulders and Back: Again if you have too much hair please trim or even wax or go for laser hair removal ( works best for dark haired men) but only to your comfort level. People see what you feel so confidence in your own body works better than any waxing. We do recommend trimming any excesses. There are special trimmers for places you cant reach but feel free to go to an expert the first time.
  • Underarms: Trim any excess length. Check Magic Johnson shooting basketballs and it is self evident.
  • Arms and Legs: Untill and unless you are really like a bear please leave them alone. Remember nature made you so you could be attractive to the other sex. Unless god gave u too much, hair is attractive on a male.
  • Trunks: The rule of the thumb is that if your hair sticks out of your swimming trunks, (whatever length of beach shorts you may be wearing ), it needs to be trimmed. Use a small pair of scissors or a special trimmer to trim you trunk/shorts line cleanly. Although there is the option of Brazilian Wax available for men too.

Rule No- 3.   Love the Essentials

Now that we have the hair in place lets get to the most important part of grooming-loving yourself and feeling comfortable in your skin. A healthy body is a great basic for grooming. One needs to eat a proper diet, exercise, wear an appropriate attire, use deodorant when required and smile. Enjoy the beach. Have an adventure. Learn something new. Go surfing. Live and laugh with your friends and loved ones. Keep looking great!!

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