Best Electric Razor Buying Guide

have been around for as long as men have discovered the need to shave. It began with anything that was sharp, moved on to razors that are more sophisticated and revolution finally came with electric shavers.

Electric shavers are amongst the most popular kind these days, primarily because using disposable razors is expensive, and can be uncomfortable when used on sensitive skin of the face, legs and underarms. On the contrary, an electric shaver provides a smooth shave and lasts for years without the need of any kind of replacement. As you will go through this electric shaver buying guide, you will learn more about the features that come with one and how these are beneficial to you.

The Benefits of Buying an Electric Shaver

Before you go through this electric razor buying guide, it is important to know what an electric razor actually offers. With an electric shaver, you can save the time and hassle that is associated with a disposable razor. You get a shaver that provides a comfortable grip, the power to shave any contour on your skin and quiet motors that make shaving a smooth and comfortable experience.

When you buy an electric shaver following a thorough electric shavers buying guide, you can be sure of getting a product that is sure to last you for years to come. The blades used in them are far durable than disposable razors, and any parts that may require replacement can be found easily, without spending too much.

Questions to be Answered for Finding the Right Electric Shaver

As you move ahead in this electric shaver buying guide, you will need to answer some questions. These will help you to determine as to what kind shaver you require; and will best suit these criterion. Some questions that you must answer before moving ahead include:

  • Are you sensitive to noise, and up to what level?Noise is more common in foil and rotary shavers, though there are those who claim that rotary models are comparatively quieter than foil shavers are.
  • Is shaving across the contours a tough task for you?If this is the case, then you will be better suited to buying a rotary model. This has multiple shaving heads that are independent, and are more capable of handling the tough contours of the neck and chin, as compared to foil models.
  • How much time do you keep between 2 shaves?Experts suggest that a rotary model is more suited for those who shave after greater intervals, since these are more suited to handling longer hair.
  • Are you going to shave using lotion, or with cream?If this is the case for you, then you will require an electric shaver that has dry/wet capabilities. For those with dry skin, shaving without these will cause further irritation. Having a dry/wet model allows you to shave using lotion or cream.
  • Is getting a close shave extremely important to you?If you want to get a close and clean shave, then a foil shaver model is a better option, since it gives a closer shave than rotary shavers do. Additionally, if you shave against the direction of hair growth, you will get better results with a foil shaver.

The Different Kinds of Electric Shavers and What to Expect from Each

The next part of this electric shavers buying guide covers the different kinds of electric razors there are, and what each offers. The two major kinds are foil shavers and rotary blade shavers. Let us go ahead and see what these shavers can (and cannot) do.

Foil Head Shavers

Foil head shavers come with several fine and angled blades, which move quickly from side-to side. These moving blades pull the hair into a thin metal screen before they cut them off. The advantages of going with foil head shavers include:

  • Foil head shavers are better for sensitive skins, as they give a closer shave and cause minimal irritation.
  • Cleaning foil head shavers is easier than rotary blades.
  • Foil head shavers come in single foil heads, which are for slow-beard growth or for finer hair; dual foil heads suitable for sensitive skin and coarse hair growth; and triple foil heads that suit longer hair or for the flat-lying ones on neck and under lips.

There are certain problems with using foil head shavers as well, which include:

  • They are not suitable if you shave after longer intervals or have long hair to shave.
  • Shaving along the contours is harder when using a foil shaver.

Rotary blade shavers

As the name suggests, these shavers have circular blades that spin beneath a slotted head. There are certain models that have floating heads as well, which make it possible for you to adjust their shape as per your face, making it easier to shave on the tricky spots. The advantages of using a rotary blade shaver include:

  • These are useful for shaving longer hair.
  • They come with a gadget placed near their blades, which gives a cleaner shave by lifting the hair.
  • You can get dual or triple rotary heads to get a finer shave.

The cons of getting rotary blade shavers are:

  • Cleaning them is comparatively harder.
  • Using them may be trickier, and they could pull your hair if you shave up and down.

Hair clippers and body groomers

Apart from the above-mentioned shaver types, hair clippers and body groomers are also used as electric shavers for men. While a body clipper is not exactly for shaving, it is a great way to help your hair stay tidy and neat. These help you to trim your hair as per the desired length, which could be anywhere between 0.4 mm and 42mm. Hair clippers are an ideal choice if you do not wish to completely shave off the hair.

A versatile form of electric shavers comes with body groomers. These can be used as both shavers and trimmers for hair anywhere on the body. Body groomers can be used on sensitive areas of the body as well, to help remove hair with ease.

What You Must Look for to Get the Best

As you look at your potential options, here is a list of features that every quality men’s shaver simple must have:

  • A respected and reputed brand name:As far as men’s shavers go, you will get what you pay for. Getting a respected brand name like Panasonic, Philips, Norelco or Braun is sure to help you get a comfortable and closer shave, apart from a durable product.
  • A warranty of at least 2 years:The industry standard for warranties on shavers is 2 years. You should also check the parts that are excluded for this, such as cutters and shaving heads. While these are not uncommon, knowing about this before you buy is a good move.
  • A guarantee promising your money back, for at least 30 days:It will take you at least 30 days to adjust you the new shaver, so you should be able to try out the new shaver for at least this time.
  • Quick-charge:You do not want only half of your face shaved under any scenario. This is why the best shavers come with the ability to let you have a complete shave with only 5 to 10 minutes of charging. There are models that let you shave while on power as well.
  • A trimmer:You will want an electric shaver that comes with a trimmer as well, since it will help you to shape your sideburns, and deal with long hairs.
  • Sufficient shaving time:Your shaver should come with at least 40 minutes of shaving time from one full charge.

The Features that Your Preferred Shaver Must Have

To help you get the best shave, and ensure that your investment is worth it, a good shaver comes with quite a few features. These include:

  • Ease of cleaning: Most shavers have a cleaning brush that is provided in the box. There are also models that can be cleaned by just rinsing them, and more advanced models have a self-cleaning mechanism that pushes a sanitizing liquid to the cutters.
  • Long hair trimmer: For those who shave after significant time gaps or for shaping your sideburns, a long-hair trimmer is provided with electric shavers.
  • Dry and Wet Shaving: This feature lets you shave using lotions or creams, and is especially good for those who have sensitive skin. Additionally, you can also shave in the shower with a wet shaver.
  • Pivoting head: A pivoting head easily adjusts to different curves of the neck and face, allowing an easier shave.
  • Power cord: A power cord lets you shave as you charge the shaver’s battery.
  • Low battery warning: A warning when the battery runs low avoids leaving you with a face half shaved and the shaver on charge.
  • Easy availability of replacement parts: Replacement parts with a good design and that are available with ease help extend the longevity of the shaver.
  • Automatic shut-off: Automatic shut-off helps conserve battery life by switching off the trimmer when it is not in use.
  • US & International Voltage: A shaver that adapts to international voltage can be used without using a converter.

The Price- Why the Cheapest will Actually Cost More

A tempting thing to do is go in for a cheap electric shaver. However, eventually, not only will you be disappointed by their efficiency and quality, but will also end up spending more than you intended to in repairs, frequent replacements and also in buying a new shaver soon after the cheap one fails to work. A good quality electric shaver will last longer than several cheap ones, so paying for it up-front is the smarter thing to do. To ensure that you spend within your limits, have a set budget before you start shopping and then proceed with an electric razor buying guide to make the best possible choice.

Your Facial Hair- the Ultimate Deciding Factor

With everything said and accounted for, what kind of facial hair you have and skin sensitivity should be the ultimate factors to be considered while buying an electric shaver.

  • Sparse/fine hair: If your skin is not as sensitive and your beard growth is light, then you will be able to do great with a single foil shaver.
  • Medium hair: In case of irritation experienced by the use of an electric shaver, a dual foil shaver would be a better option.
  • Coarse hair: For sensitive skin or a longer stubble, a triple foil rotary shaver is the best choice. It works well with most other beard types as well.

Electric Shavers- the Verdict, and Why Should You

A common argument that people make against electric shavers is that they cost more than manual shavers. However, this is a onetime investment, and with a quality electric shaver, you will not have to spend any additional bucks, unlike a manual one, where replacement blades, shaving foam, after shave and even the shaver itself will require replacement every once in a while.

Apart from the cost-effectiveness, you are also likely to save a lot of time with an electric shaver. No need to wet the beard, apply shaving foam, use an aftershave and do all other things that are mandatory to be done before using a manual shaver. With an electric shaver, all you need to do is flick a switch/press a button and shave the way you want- no pre or post ‘rituals’ to be followed.

An electric shaver helps you avoid any form of blade cuts and skin irritation, common to both sensitive and not-so-sensitive skins alike. With an electric shaver, you can expect to get a great shave with minimal hassle and the freedom from any extra costs. Ensure that you follow the simple steps above to get a quality electric shaver that comes with all the features that you need.

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