Privacy Policy

We are as concerned about your privacy as you are and we take every possible step to protect it. This privacy policy page of our website ‘’ is for the users who visit our website or use any of its services.

The policy page is created to let the users know about the different areas of this website where the privacy of the users is a matter of concern and also outline all the obligations as well as the requirements of the website, its owners, and the users as well. It will also provide you with information on the different ways in which this website stores, protects and processes your collected information.

Our Website

We as the owners of this website understand the importance of your privacy and take all the necessary measures to protect it, no matter how long or how short your visit to our website has been. It complies with all the National and International Laws as well as all the requirements as far as the privacy of our users is concerned.

Cookie Usage

Our website uses cookies to provide users with a better browsing experience. Cookies are small amounts of data that gets automatically stored on your computer or any other device that you use to visit our website. This data allows us to understand your preferences and provide you with a customized browsing experience if you are a recurrent user.

Along with the cookies of our website, when you visit our website some other cookies may also be stored on your system by the external vendors in the form of sponsored adverts, links, or referral programs. All these cookies are only used for the purpose of referral tracking and conversion rate, and generally expire within a period of 30 days. In some cases they may last for a period longer than 30 days.

However, while you allow us to use cookies we will in no way have an access to the information that is already stored on your computer or any other device. If you still do not want us to use the cookies, our cookies control system will provide you with an option to Allow or Disallow cookies when you visit the website for the first time. You can also disable it later in your browsers settings.

Communication and Contact

Any user who wants to contact this website or its owner’s and provides us with any kind of information will do so at their own discretion. All the information that you provide us will be kept confidential and will be stored on a secure server, which can only be accessed by our team. As per the Data Protection Act of 1998, we will only keep the information until it is useful to us. Even though we have made every possible effort to keep the email submission process completely secure, we’d like to mention that any user willing to submit email will do so at their own risk as well.

The website will only use the information that you’ve provided us for the purpose of providing you with more information about our services or the products listed on our website or to help you with your queries that you might have submitted. This also includes the use of your information for the purpose of subscribing you to our email newsletters only if you have permitted us to do so.

This is in no way the complete list of the user rights in regards to subscribing to the email marketing content. We will never pass your personal information to any 3rd party vendors.

External Links

We try our best to ensure that all the external links on our website are safe and have relevant content on them, but you as a user should be very careful before clicking on these links as we do not guarantee about the content available on these external links. Users should know that they are clicking on this links at their own discretion and our website or its owners can in no way be held liable for any kind of implication or damage incurred in the process.

Sponsored Links and Adverts

This website does contain sponsored advertisements and links. If you click on such links or adverts, you’ll be redirected to their website. This process is a part of the referral program and the 3rd party may use cookies for the purpose of keeping a track of the referrals they get from our website. Thus, we’d like to mention that the users click on such sponsored links on adverts at their own discretion and this website or its owners should not be held responsible for any kind of implication or damage incurred in this process.

Policy Modification

We may change parts of this Privacy Policy in future. When we do so, the same will be informed to you through email if you have permitted us to do so. All the changes will be made available here as well. So please do visit this page at regular intervals. However, even when we do change the Privacy Policy we will never use your personal information which you have submitted based on this Privacy Policy as per the needs of the new Privacy Policy, without your permission.

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