Wahl 9864 Trimmer Review

Today, I will write a highly informative Wahl 9864 Trimmer Review. This is an amazing trimmer which comes with a combination of great features. It is a performance-oriented machine, capable of achieving remarkable results on any kind of skin. The product comes with the Lithium-Ion Battery technology, rendering it more capable of lasting longer than any ordinary shaver. You can enjoy up to 180 minutes of active function along with a minute of quick recharge in case you need to use it for a much longer period of time. With high-grade stainless steel, the product is guaranteed to last for a taste of time.


  • Lithium-Ion battery; standard rechargeable battery
  • User guide
  • Up to 4 beard guide, combs are available
  • Ground trimming blade of precision type
  • Power cord for connecting the trimmer to a power source
  • Up to 8 hair guide, combs are available

Wahl 9864 Trimmer: Review

Key Features

1. Lithium-Ion Performance in High Tech Design

Not all battery run shavers are powered by lithium-ion in a high tech design that this powerful shaver offers. When fully charged, this shaver can run triumphantly for 4 hours at a stretch which is enough time for several shavings.

Wahl 9864 Trimmer: design

2. Foil Shaver Header Featuring System 3tm Technology

This feature makes the trimmer an excellent shaver as it enhances user experience. The hydrocracking technology facilitates the undeterred motion of the blades thus making shaving seamless and convenient.

Wahl 9864 Trimmer: foil head, dual floating heads

3. T-Blade Renowned for High Performance

It comes with a T-blade which is a renowned high-performance blade capable of intricate and detailed trims. This is the blade that makes any shaver complete and worth buying.

Wahl 9864 Trimmer: T-blade, blades

4. Rubber Grip

The rubber grip is a rubber embedded on the surface of the trimmer’s covers for enhancing comfort during use. This feature also makes it easy for any user to successfully complete long trimming sessions without feeling numb.

Wahl 9864 Trimmer: rubber grip, body

5.  8 Hair Guide Combs

Users have eight choices of hair guide combs to make. This is what makes them perfect for any user. Although there are several other hair comb guides that are available, this selection is good enough to meet any user’s needs.

Wahl 9864 Trimmer: hair guide combs

6.  4 Beards Guides Available

Enjoy trimming off your beards with the magnificent quadruple beard guide.

Wahl 9864 Trimmer: beard guides

7. Detailed Trimmer Built to Provide Precision Trimming Attributes

This feature ensures that every user is capable of achieving excellent trimming results coupled with accuracy, attention to detail and elegance, within a short time frame.

Wahl 9864 Trimmer: detail blade, trimmer

8. Rotary Ear and Nose Trimmer

A rotary trimmer is added to this item to facilitate smooth trimming of the ear and nose. It operates at amazing frequencies thus enabling the user to achieve excellent ear and nose trimming results.

Wahl 9864 Trimmer: ear and nose trimmer, rotary

9. Stainless Steel Stand

This is a highly durable stainless steel stand which does an excellent job of protecting the trimmer when it is not in use. It always matters where you dock your trimmer after shaving. Careless docking can damage the body and the blades installed in it.

Wahl 9864 Trimmer: stand

Cleaning, Renew and Maintenance

In order to make sure the machine lasts for a taste of time, you can do well to clean and maintain it as often as required. It is often advisable to clean the blades during the course of use. In particular, cleaning the blades with warm water after every single shave is recommended to avoid the accumulation of hair residue debris. The water has to be running for effective removal of hair residue and other forms of dirt. To prevent the mobile parts from losing their mobility, you have to lubricate the parts using a proper lubricant.

In particular, the blades have to be lubricated at least once a day. Changing the blades once they have lasted for a taste of time is often a good idea. In some cases, it may be appropriate to sharpen the blades if they seem to lack the much-needed sharpness, efficiency, and accuracy. Check the average lifespan of the blades prior to purchase. Cleaning the exterior surfaces can be achieved through the use of an appropriate cleaning reagent. This mainly applies to the rubber grip and covers.

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Warranty Details

The Wahl 9864 Trimmer is made in the USA and comes with a five-year warranty. You can learn more about the details of the product’s warranty from the various online stores where it can be found including Amazon.

Final Thoughts

The Wahl 9864 Trimmer is a trimmer that is definitely worth buying. It is still an excellent trimmer featuring state of the art trimming technology and is also associated with high performance. Like most of the modern trimmers, it also features a rubber grip which makes trimming more comfortable and convenient. In particular, it is a very simple but very convenient and sleek trimmer which is also very easy to maintain. Despite not having several trimming settings, it is also perfect for cutting, trimming and detailing. Generally, the is a trimming machine that is definitely worth buying.


1. 180 minutes of run time: Enjoy using the machine for time frames lasting for more than 180 minutes. This is four times longer than an average shaver.

2. 1 minute quick recharge possible: This feature is what makes them suitable for use even when the battery is almost dead

3. LED indicator: For signalling the end of the rechargeable battery's storage power or when battery is fully charged. You will easily know whether your battery is fully charged or almost empty using this feature.

4. Rubber grip: The rubber grip is the feature that has been incorporated for purposes of making the trimmer comfortable to use.


1. Absent of multiple trimming settings: Wahl 9864 Trimmer lack of multiple trimming settings makes it less enviable compared to other choices of trimmers. This makes it impossible for accurately customised trimming.

2. Average Ratings: This trimmer is also noticed badly for having low average user rating.


The Wahl 9864 Trimmer is an amazing trimmer and cutter with exceptional qualities. Though its average user rating is low but then also it can be praised for its combination of great features coupled with high performance. But, the product would have fared much better than this if it had more capabilities. Presence of the rubber grip enhances comfort during use and also makes the use of the trimmer more convenient. Further, the product features state of the art 3tm technology which is currently among the most reputable beard trimmer tech features. Nonetheless, the fact that the product does not come with customisable trimmer settings makes it less attractive to customers. The absence of this feature simply means that the trimmer cannot be used according to the specifications of the user.  This explains why the Wahl 9864 Trimmer has low user rating on Amazon.

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