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Tips and Tricks of Shaving Head for the First Time

Tips and Tricks of Shaving Head for the First Time
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When you shave your head for the first time, you need to follow some basic procedures to complete the task efficiently and with safety. If you are a man, you probably have some background in this area if you shave your beard often. But if you are a woman you may need a little coaching. And anyone can learn a few excellent head shaving tips to make the whole process easier.

Why Shave Your Head?

There are many reasons to shave your head and one is to follow a fashion trend. Some people who are starting to lose some hair feel that shaving your head is the best option for them. In the summertime heat, the cooling effect is attractive. Other people shave their head in support of a family member or friend who is going through cancer treatment and as a consequence has lost their hair. Whatever the reason or, there are head shaving tips to consider if this is the first time you want to shave your head.

Equipment Needed to Shave Your Head

  • A small mirror
  • Electric clippers or scissors to shorten your hair
  • An electric razor with several blades
  • Shaving cream
  • Moisturizer
  • Possible sunscreen

Steps to Shaving Head for the First Time

  • Step 1: Reduce Hair Length with Clippers

    Use the electric clippers to reduce the length of your hair. If your hair is long, you might start with some good quality scissors first and then move to the electric clippers for the easiest approach. Aim for ¼ of an inch of hair left after using the clippers.

  • Step 2: Shower to Open Pores and Soften Stubble
    Men who shave their beards already know about some head shaving tips, but it may be new to the person who wants to shave their head for the first time. It is helpful to open the pores in your skin and to lubricate the area with warm water. You can achieve this in a number of ways. The easiest is to have a warm shower. Take some clothes and soak them in warm water. Apply the cloths to your head for several minutes before shaving.
  • Step 3: Lubricate Your Scalp
    There are any number of ways to lubricate your scalp, but don’t ignore this head shaving tip.  You can use the traditional shaving cream or gel, but you can also use baby oil, sunflower oil or other cooking oils. Oil has the advantage of being transparent so you can see how you are doing. It will often reduce razor burn.
  • Step 4: Shave
    Another critical tip for shaving your head is always shave with the grain, that is with the way your hair grows. Do not shave in the opposite direction as you will tend to nick yourself, especially if this is the first time you are trying this. Use soft gentle strokes. Take care not to press too hard.

head shaving tips: shave your head carefully to avoid cuts and irritations You want to start where your hair is softest. Here is the order: front first, then sides and lastly, the back. Always stroke from your crown and then down to your neck area.

If your hair is very coarse, first shave with the way it grows and then shave in the opposite direction to get a very close shave.

Keep putting water on your head or razor and keep the area well lubricated with shaving gel or oil.

This will take some time, especially if it is the first time. Use the hand mirror to help you see where you need to concentrate your strokes.

You can hold your ears away from the razor and close to your scalp so they won’t get nicked by accident.

Rinse your razor with water to remove the hair and dead skin so that you will continue to obtain a close shave. You may even need to change blades often.

If you happen to nick yourself, stop and treat the wound with a styptic pencil or a small piece of tissue. Let the area heal completely before shaving another time.

Use the best razor you can find, as this is the easiest way to reduce the likelihood of injuring yourself.

  • Step 5: Check for Stubble
    There will be areas of your head where stubble will be evident. But how can you see the stubble? Run your hand over your head to check to feel where you need to reshave to obtain a uniform result. Expect that stubble will remain in any indentations or in the cowlick area.
  • Step 6: Clean Up
    When you are satisfied you have a clean shave, wash your head with cool water by using a shower head or cloths with cool water. This will close the pores on your skin.
  • Step 7: Moisturize
    Dry your head carefully. Do not scrub it, but use a soft cloth to pat it dry. Apply a moisturizer to soothe the skin. Do not use any product with alcohol or any other stringent as this will irritate your skin. Such products as aftershave can often irritate the delicate skin area you have exposed for the first time.

You may notice that the skin under your hair may be very white. You can use a tanning lotion to turn I some shades darker to match your regular skin color.

Some Necessary Head Shaving Tips

No matter what kind of experience you want to gain through your head shaving effort, here are some more tips that will make you satisfied with the end results.

  • Invest in Some Great Sunblock

    The skin under your hair will not be tanned, so if you go outside, wear a hat or put some excellent quality sunblock on it.

  • Avoid Shaving After a Particularly Sunny Day

    If you live where you might be exposed to a high level of radiation, consider shaving your head on a cloudy or rainy day. This is the easiest way to avoid sunburn.

  • Trim in Advance

    The entire process is easiest if you reduce the amount of hair to 1/4 of an inch with scissors or a hair trimmer. Run your hands over your scalp before you shave to see if you have any moles, or unusual areas that might require more time or a delicate touch to shave.

  • Don’t Forget to Shampoo

    Even though you have very little hair, you still have oil in your pores. Use shampoo on a regular basis, but reduce the amount greatly. Moisturizer will help your skin if it seems to be dry or irritated.

  • Shave After Showering

    Shaving is always easier when the area has been warmed and lubricated with water. Therefore immediately after a shower is an ideal time to shave your head on a continuing basis.

  • Watch out for Cuts

    If you injure yourself, take care of the nick immediately. You do not want to ignore any possibility of infection.

  • Go with the Grain

    Always shave the way your hair grows to avoid irritating your skin. Don’t forget to lubricate the area with shaving foam or oil.


Your scalp can dry out more easily no that hair is no longer protecting it. Drink lots of water. And use moisturizers if your scalp feels tight or irritable.

You can promote a healthy scalp by giving your head a massage. This will get the blood flowing and also encourage hair growth. Use the tip of all your fingers. Move your hands in small circles. Start with your forehead and then massage to the crown of your scalp. Finally, massage the back of your head.

How Often Do You Shave Your Head?

head shaving tips: shaving head is totally your personal choice The frequency of shaving your head depends on the look you want to achieve or the benefits you want to gain. If no hair at all is “The Look,” then you will probably need to shave every day. To achieve the clean look you will need to shave your head as often as you shave your beard. Some men need to shave every day. Some even shave again in the evening as their hair is very coarse or dark or grows very quickly. Others can get away with every second day. And perhaps you do not need to maintain the clean look but prefer the natural process of letting your hair grow back in. How often is a matter of preference.


You are well prepared with these head shaving tips to start shaving your head. However, be prepared for interesting comments from your family and friends because there are both pros and cons of shaving your head. For whatever reason, you have decided to shave your head. But realize that this will most likely change your appearance significantly. How you handle their inquiries is up to you. You can explain your reasons in depth or just smile as if you have an intriguing secret.

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