The Instant Grooming Scholarship 2018

Instant Grooming Scholarship 2018Instant Grooming examines and reviews a wide range of the latest male grooming products, such as electric shavers, clippers, trimmers, and body groomers. We encourage our readers to pick the best products as per their own budgets and preferences. We research these products extensively with our resources and manpower to help our readers and subscribers get the information they need to make an informed buying decision. Our years of experience in providing our audience with authentic and informative product data has allowed us to have a review website that is trust by many.

Our Motivation

It is said that “the way you look says a lot about how you present yourself, how organized you are, and how people perceive you.” We all know personal grooming has a role to play in making one successful, no matter what sector they are involved in, since the society always looks up to an individual with a presentable appearance. We also know that a well-groomed person can easily land the job they want through making a great first impression on the interview. In fact, relationship possibilities, employment opportunities, and invitations to various parties and social events are all linked to how well one presents themselves to the world.

However, we’ve noticed that many around us are not aware of the importance of personal grooming. They often miss some of the greatest opportunities in their lives due to having no self-confidence, pleasant personality, and a neat and clean appearance. That’s why we felt the necessity to help people achieve their personal goals with proper grooming, hence the beginning of Instant Grooming’s journey. Our endeavors may have a limited scope, but we’re morally motivated to do what we do for the benefits of the society.

Launching this scholarship program is our another effort to make the students aware of the importance of personal grooming. We hope that this program will give our future generation an opportunity to express their opinions and share some innovative ideas they have in mind. We’d also like to financially help the talented students through this platform.

We do believe that the energetic and young mind of a student can generate some unique ideas on how to make everyone informed of the impact of grooming in one’s personal and professional life. We know that the mind of a young, educated individual is a fertile ground for generating ideas that can help solve some of the biggest issues we’re facing these days. Not only do we want to help the society have confident and well-groomed individuals, but we’d also like to provide some meritorious students with the financial backup to achieve this goal. This was basically the motive for us to launch this scholarship program.

About the Instant Grooming Scholarship 2018

The Amount of Scholarship Money: $2000

Total Number of Winners: 03

Scholarship Amount:

$1000 for the Winner

$500 for the 1st Runner-up

$500 for the 2nd Runner-up

All graduate and undergraduate students currently enrolled in colleges or universities are welcome to participate in this program. Similar to the previous year, this year’s Instant Grooming Scholarship will be given to 03 students based on their merits. Any student with the proof that he/she is a genuine university/college student and has an interest in personal grooming can apply. The applicant doesn’t need to have any specific educational background to take part in it.

Essay Topic: Any of the following topics can be chosen

  1.  The Revolution of Electric Shavers in the 21st Century
  2.  The Importance of Proper Body Grooming and How Body Groomers Can Help You
  3.  The Difference Between Hair Clippers and Hair Trimmers
  4.  How the Arrival of Modern Head Shavers Made Going Bald a Stylish Trend
  5.  Are Beard Trimmers Really More Effective Than Scissors for Trimming Beards?
  6.  Why Nose/Ear Hair Trimmers Should Be Given the Same Importance as Other Grooming Products

Please note that the essay should contain at least 300 words and you can discuss any ideas or methods that can make everyone familiar with all aspects of personal grooming. When looking for the winners, we will value any creative and genuine ideas that can have a practical impact on spreading the awareness of the importance of personal grooming.

Who Can Apply

  1. Should be a university or college student
  2. CGPA: 3 or higher
  3. Shouldn’t be an employee or related to the Instant Grooming staff
  4. Should be at least 18 years old

How to Apply

  • Write down your essay in an MS word file
  • Include your personal details on top of the file (first and last name, email, phone, university name, course name, and field of study)
  • Attach the file to the email and the subject name should be the Instant Grooming Scholarship 2018
  • Include your present academic status and a copy of your student ID card. By signing up for this program, you provide us your full consent to confirm your admission in your university or college through contacting the administration.
  • If you want us to use your photo, please attach it with your email. The winners themselves will have to bear any applicable tax on the scholarship amount.
  • Send your email at:
  • You may also mail us at the following address with all the required documents: Flat C, 7 Gloucester Street Pimlico, London N/A SW1V 2DB UK


Application Deadline

Deadline: 30 November 2018

Winner Announcement: 31 December 2018

The check will be mailed to each winner’s university or college address, or at their mailing address.

The winners’ names and details will be published on

Instant Grooming will continue arranging this scholarship program every year.

If you have any queries regarding this program, please email us at:


Scholarship Recipients in the Previous Year

Instant Grooming congratulates all the winners of our last year’s scholarship. We vow to be there for these winners for any assistance they need to appreciate their merits.

Varden Rochon
Amount: $1000
College : Paul Sabatier University
Address : zone d'activité commerciale
32600 L'Isle-Jourdain, France
M. Bailey
1st Runner up
Amount: $500
College: University of South Florida
Address : 1571 Washburn Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Shane E. Hembree
2nd Runner Up
Amount: $500
College: Louisiana State University
Address : 2588 Lochmere Lane Hartford,
CT 06103

Terms and Policies for Participation

By applying for this scholarship program, you give Instant Grooming or its accredited representatives the consent to use your name, address, education institution, essay, and photos on You also give us the permission to get in touch with you so as to exchange information regarding your application. However, if you’d like to stay anonymous in this program or any similar programs in future, you should mention this factor in your submission. We will communicate with the winners via email and the whole selection procedure is at the discretion of Instant Grooming.