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Important Tips on How to Groom for a Job Interview

Important Tips on How to Groom for a Job Interview
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Business grooming- Thoughtful busy executive surrounded by hands helping him to get ready for work You’ve written your resume, applied for the job, done your research on the company, and now it’s time to prepare for the interview. You will have just a split second to make a great first impression on your potential employer. Like it or not, you must look the part, not just make a good impression on paper. Being well-groomed for your interview will help you present yourself in the most polished and professional manner possible. If your potential employer sees that you look professional in your interview, he/she may have an easier time visualizing you as an employee in the job you’re interviewing for. So here are some grooming tips for job interview

What Is the Aim of Appropriate Grooming and Dressing?

What Is the Aim of Appropriate Grooming and Dressing?You want to present the best version of yourself at your interview. You want the potential employer to see you as professional and capable no matter what type of job you are interviewing for. Making a good impression is so important and your physical appearance is a big part of that. Taking time to groom yourself to prepare for job interview to present yourself in the best light lets the interviewer know that you care about the job and the interview and that you are taking it seriously.

How to Prepare for Job Interview?

  • Choose Well-Fitted, Appropriate Clothing

Choose Well-Fitted, Appropriate ClothingChoose clothing that is appropriate for the job you are applying for. If you would be expected to dress professionally while on the job, you need to dress professionally for your interview and possibly even nicer. If you would be expected to dress casually for the job you are interviewing for, dress up at least a little more than would be required, just for the interview. Be sure your clothes fit well; don’t wear anything too loose or too tight as this can make you look sloppy or unprofessional. Be sure your clothes are ironed and wrinkle-free and clean of any spots. Choose simple prints or solid colors to not detract from your responses to interview questions.

  • Be Sure Hair Is Neat and Away from Your Face

Be Sure Hair Is Neat and Away from Your FaceHair needs to be clean and combed or brushed neatly. Wear your hair in a style that allows the interviewer to see your face clearly without hair hanging in the way. Women do not necessarily need to wear their hair up, but hair must be very neat and not distracting or in your face at all. You want your interviewer to be focused on your words, not on a distracting hairstyle. You can also prepare your own hairstyle at home with grooming kits.

  • Don’t Overdo Hair Products

Don't Overdo Hair ProductsYou may use hair products when grooming your hair to make sure your hair is neat and styled appropriately, but do not overdo it.  Avoid making your hair look greasy with too much pomade or wax. You want to look clean and professional and not unnatural.

  • Shave Cleanly Without Nicks and Cuts

Shave Cleanly Without Nicks and CutsMen, whether you are trimming around facial hair or opting for a smooth face, be sure you are cleanly shaving and taking your time so as to avoid distracting nicks and cuts on your face. Your interviewer will be focused on your face while you are talking, and you want them to be able to focus on what you are actually saying, not on shaving cuts. Use good shaving tools to avoid unexpected nicks and cuts in such crucial moments.

  • Choose the Right Pair of Socks

Choose the Right Pair of SocksIf you are wearing dress pants, be sure you are choosing dress socks that match your pants or are one shade darker. You want your socks to blend into your pants as much as possible. You may think that no one will notice your socks in an interview, but if you are wearing mismatching or clashing socks and are seated during your interview, the employer may be quite distracted by your socks. Paying attention to these details in your appearance will convey how serious you are about the job.

  • Wear Cleaned and Shined Shoes

Wear Cleaned and Shined ShoesBe sure you are wearing appropriate shined shoes for your outfit and that they match well. For professional interviews, you need to wear dress shoes. Your dress shoes must be clean and free of scuffs and marks that would be distracting or make it seem like you don’t care about your appearance. If your shoes can be shined, be sure you do this before your interview. You want to look as polished as possible.

  • Trim and Clean Finger Nails

Trim and Clean Finger NailsYou will very likely be shaking hands with your interviewer multiple times at your interview and your hands will probably be visible while you are talking. Be sure your fingernails are neatly trimmed and clean. This will help add to your professional appearance. Ladies, if you are wearing nail polish, just be sure it isn’t chipped or peeling and that your nails look neat.

What are You Revealing?

Ask yourself what your physical appearance is revealing to the employer. Is your outfit suggesting someone who will be sloppy in their work or someone who takes this job very seriously? Be sure your appearance is sending the right message.

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Other Important Guidelines

  • Bring Several Copies of Your Resume to Your Interview

Bring Several Copies of Your Resume to Your InterviewEven if you have submitted your resume electronically, it’s still a good idea to bring several printed copies with you to your interview. There may be more people in your interview than you were anticipating as well, so you will want to have several copies on hand.

  • Be Early for Your Interview

Be Early for Your InterviewPlan to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early for your interview. If you think you will have any difficulty finding the location of your interview, do a test run the day before or call the location to ask about where to park, what door to use, etc. Being early is one of the most important parts of your interview; this shows the employer that you are punctual and take this job seriously and will be on time in the future.

  • Project Confidence

Project ConfidenceGreet the employer with confidence and maintain a high level of confidence throughout the entire interview. Be sure you answer questions with confidence and shake hands at the beginning and end of the interview with a firm grip that demonstrates confidence.

  • Maintain Eye Contact

Maintain Eye ContactMake eye contact while greeting the employer, while shaking hands, and while answering questions to appear poised and confident.

  • Smile Naturally

Smile NaturallyA natural smile helps to make a great impression. Relax and smile naturally when greeted and throughout the interview. This will help you relax and put the employer at ease.

  • Avoid Having Visible Body Tattoos

Avoid Having Visible Body TattoosSome employers do not care if their employees have tattoos, but some do care. Since you are trying to make a great first impression at your interview and project a level of professionalism, avoid showing visible tattoos during your interview. You don’t want anything to detract from your statements during the interview.

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Prepare for your appearance at your job interview with the same level of dedication you used to prepare your answers to interview questions. Your appearance is the first thing the employer will use to determine if you are professional and if you will take this job seriously. Follow these grooming tips for job interview to present your best self and make a great first impression.

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