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Best Guide on How to Wash Your Beard

Best Guide on How to Wash Your Beard
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Are you giving a thought to grow your beard? Or already got a great one? Well in both the cases the most important step is to care, wash and maintain that class-apart beard you have been looking for. Your beard is your reflection so you really need to keep it clean, healthy and well groomed. Hearing this might be getting several questions in your head like should you wash your head every day, alternative day, or every week? There can’t be a particular answer to this as there is no particular type of beard. Everyone has a diverse variety; just like their persona it is always different and unique. It is necessary to understand how to wash your beard for a beard like never before.

How important to wash your beard?

Step 1: Clean and Prepare Your FaceWell first thing first- like any other important matters in life, a beard is equally important. Keeping it healthy and good is an essential part for its appearance and the way it makes you feel. A great wash of beard helps you remove increased dust and dead skin that comes with living a busy work schedule, packed city, or working outdoors.

Which method should you use to wash your beard? 

There are various reasons for you to wash your beard regularly it may be stains, dust, bits of food, smoke, cold weather and many more and it may create itchy feeling in the skin under your beard or around the chin region. There are several ways and products to clean it like shampoo, conditioner or sometimes plain water is also sufficient. But to clean your beard you must follow some steps for a better result. Follow these steps to wash and clean your beard:

  • Step 1: Choose the Right Water Temperature:

Step 1: Choose the Right Water Temperature:It is very necessary to select the appropriate water temperature. Stick to lukewarm water, the scientific reason behind it is that hot water should be avoided for a better growth of beard.

  • Step 2: Cleanse the bearded area with water

Step 2: Cleanse the bearded area with waterWashing beard is said to be easy, but if it is not done properly, then there are high chances it will dry your beard out. Clean the bearded area with plain water and no soap or lotion to be used.

  • Step 3: Build Up Lather

Step 3: Build Up LatherSlightly start using small amount of cleanser of your choice gently apply it and add more as needed which can be determined easily.

  • Step 4: Massage into beard

Step 4: Massage into beardMake it certain that you use your fingertips to dig in and massage the beard in all the direction and in the motion of scrubbing. This action is a better way to clean the skin and doesn’t reach your face.

  • Step 5: Comb the beard to remove any knots

Step 5: Comb the beard to remove any knotsA brush comb can be used to remove the knots in the beard. It is necessary to comb the beard gently so it doesnot break your hair.

  • Step 6: Rinse It Out

Step 6: Rinse It OutWith lukewarm water start rinsing the beard and make sure you use fingers and move them through your beard in a steady pace to rinse the water. Make sure all the soap residue is removed by rinsing it twice.

  • Step 7: Use conditioner

Step 7: Use conditionerSoft and shiny beard is what everyone desires and conditioner is the perfect solution for the same. Use conditioner of your choice and keep it for 5-10 minutes and later rinse it completely.

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How frequently you must wash your beard?

How frequently you must wash your beard?Excessive washing or least washing both can create damages to your natural beard hair. It would be a better suggestion to wash the beard every alternate day and in between you need to wash without using soaps or just with clean water only. Having different and unique types of beards are difficult to segregate that is why it is only you who can judge for yourself and decide what would be the best answer to the question how to wash your beard.

How to dry your beard?

How to dry your beard?Washing is the initial part you need to go to the next step of drying your beard. It is necessary to dry your hair fully because if water is left it may create irritation on the skin. Initially you should use a clean dry towel in the beard gently because wet hair is delicate. Once the extra water droplets are cleaned and dried you can use dryer at a level of mild heat along with brush combing the beard.

What Products Should You Use For Washing The Beard?

What Products Should You Use For Washing The Beard?There is a huge variety of products available online for you to buy, what you really need to take care of is the ingredients in the product to ensure no harmful ingredients are there in it. Natural and organic products are the best choice in such matters. These products always come with proper instructions that clearly state the procedure of using the product.

What are the Maintenance tips for Your Beard?

  • Apply a Moisturizer

Apply a MoisturizerKeeping your skin and beard hydrated is really important and there is nothing better than applying moisturizer for a better fresh and groomed look.

  • Use beard oil

Step 4: Pre-Shave PreparationYou can also use beard oil for a lighter look and lay your hair naturally. You must make sure to use the right product.

  • Avoid over washing

Avoid over washingWhile washing and cleaning your beard you must make sure not to overdo it as it may damage your hair or start whitening it.

  • Use baking soda to remove stains

To remove stains you can mix baking soda and water to make a paste and apply it on your face &the area of beardand after some time rinse it off with lukewarm water.

  • Comb it out

Comb it outUse a brush comb on your beard and follow the pattern in which the hair flows. Initially use the wider teeth side of the comb and later you can switch to the smaller side for detangling.

  • Trim it for style

Step 4: Use Proper Technique for Your RazorCleaning and maintaining the beard is always important but sporting a beard means styling it as well. So just grab the beard trimmer and a comb to remove tho0se unwanted wild hair and extras as well.

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So now you know how to wash your beard! Styling, trimming and maintaining beard is only possible with the right products and tools. A beard is not only natural but also manly it always sounds pleasant to men. These days people are more tend to opt for beard and leaving the clean face behind. Growing a beard has its own perks like it attracts women, brings more intensity and gives you a new look as well. But maintaining the beard is not always easy and pleasing and we know it. Therefore we want to make it easy in any way we can.

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