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How to Trim Your Nose Hair | 6 Nasal Hair Grooming Methods

How to Trim Your Nose Hair | 6 Nasal Hair Grooming Methods
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There are both pros and cons of trimming nasal hair. As we mature, our hair grows in the most awkward of places in our body. Both men and women pluck their eyebrows and shave their underarms, faces, and legs. Sometimes we even wax or pluck the hair out by its root. Nose hair is no different than the hair anywhere else on the body. Depending on your hair type, it may need to be trimmed to be acceptable. Nose hair does have a purpose, though. It keeps foreign particles from entering your respiratory system. So you do not want to remove all of it, just the hair that obviously shows. You can use a nose hair trimmer for this purpose; though there are some other methods we’ll discuss later in this article.

Do I Need to Trim My Nose Hair?

Many people find long nose hair disgusting and sometimes even worse than bad breath. Socially, it is essential to look your best every day and you will benefit from a clean look especially at work when meeting people. You also have to groom well for a job interview because you want the recruiters to listen to what you are saying instead of fixating on the fact that you have some hair growing out of your nose.

Now that we have established that trimming your nasal hair is an essential part of grooming, you can now focus on how best to accomplish the task of nose hair trimming. So if you notice stray hair from your nose, you need to start trimming.

What Type of Setup Should Be Needed Before Trimming?

  • Pick an Area with Good Lighting

Good lighting makes any type of grooming much easier to do and more efficient because you can see the area of concern.

  • Set up a Magnifying Mirror

With a magnifying glass, you can determine the extent of the task. This close-up view may seem gross at first, but the magnifying mirror will assist you greatly, especially if you intend to pluck the hair with tweezers. You need to be able to target every single hair and get a good grip on each one of them. You can use a mirror that has a stand or you can hang the mirror at a convenient height. It may be difficult to hold onto the mirror with one hand and work on your nose hair with the other hand. Try to place it somewhere so that your both hands are free for grooming.

  • Clean out Your Nose

The result will be much better if the inner parts of your nose are clean. Use warm water and a nose cleaning bulb to spritz out your nasal mucus and then wipe your face with a warm cloth. You also have to keep your nose trimming tools clean.

  • Separate Nose Hair

If you are trimming your nasal hair with tweezers, you will need to separate the hairs so that you can get a good grip on each one for the plucking. With other methods, it is not necessary to worry about this step.

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How to Trim Your Nasal Hair?

  • Using a Manual Nose Hair Trimmer

Most manual nose clippers do not require batteries, which is definitely a pro for manual cutters. This type of nose hair trimmer doesn’t pull the hair, it cuts it and therefore the procedure doesn’t hurt nor does it leave you susceptible to infection. Since it runs without power, the operation is silent and therefore is extremely discreet. With your hand, you rotate the device which rotates the cutters. But one con is that the cutting mechanism is very precise, so care must be taken not to drop the device as the shock can off-set the cutting mechanism. Since the manual cutter is small, you can easily pack it in a suitcase when you are traveling.

Nose hair trimmer; This is exactly what you need

Another pro is that the manual nose clippers can be operated with one hand, so you can use the other hand to hold the mirror at just the right angle to make sure you have completed the task thoroughly.

  • Using a Battery-Powered Circular Nose Hair Trimmer

You can purchase a circular, battery-powered cutting device. These nose clippers are very effective in completing the task; but a con is that due to the noise they are not as discrete, and of course, you require a supply of batteries to make them work.

  • Using a Battery-Powered Non-circular Nose Hair Trimmer

One great benefit of this nose hair trimmer type is that it doesn’t grab individual hair. It too works effectively and an additional advantage is that you will not suffer any pain, nor any likelihood of infection.

  • Using a Nose Hair Scissors

You will be able to purchase a variety of scissors small enough for the task. But for your safety, it is best to target sharp scissors that have a blunt end so that you do not inadvertently poke yourself. The end of the scissors have a circular part for your safety, yet the cutting edge is sharp enough to complete the task. This is probably one of the simplest ways to complete the task. Another pro is that it is a very discreet way. The scissors can easily be packed in your luggage when you are on a business trip.

  • Using a Nose Hair Tweezer

It is possible to use tweezers to pull out nasal hair. One con is that it is somewhat tedious because you need to pull each hair out one by one. Not only is this very painful, but by pulling the hair out by the root you can develop an infection. You may even have to be under a doctor’s care to rid yourself of this injury.

  • Using Nose Hair Waxing

This method is very effective in removing nose hair. The warm wax is inserted in your nose with a stick in the middle. Once the wax sets, you vigorously pull the stick and thus remove the hair, many at a time.  One con is the same as with tweezers; you are susceptible to infection. If you remove many nose hairs, you are interfering with the body’s method of keeping your respiratory system free from dirt, smoke particles, and pollen that may cause an allergic reaction.

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What Is the Simplest Way to Remove Nasal Hair?

Any of the ways that trim the hair instead of pulling it out by the root is beneficial for your health. The different methods will suit a variety of lifestyles and personal tastes. Men and women may each have their special preferences. Perhaps you like the nose clippers that can be easily cleaned. Look for that option in the instructions before you purchase one. Perhaps you are not likely to have batteries at hand and therefore prefer a simpler method. In this case, the handheld cutter may be for you. Maybe you are always in a rush in the morning, so the nose hair trimmer that accomplishes its task the quickest will suit your grooming habits. In fact, how you arrange your routines will determine what will work best for you.

Nose hair trimmer; choose the right trimmer for best resultsPost Trimming Tips

You need to keep your nose hair trimmer equipment clean all the time. Using warm water with a bit of soap will be enough to get it done. But don’t forget to go through the instructions for individual devices.

On average, you can target trimming your nose hair once a week. It is best to set up a routine so that you don’t forget and then realize why everyone is staring at you because your nose hair is showing. Women may not need to perform this task as often as men, since many women have finer hair than men.


Choosing the right nose hair trimmer will help you avoid any infections or irritations. But if you do develop an infection, the way to combat it is to start treatment immediately before the infection spreads. Your nose is an area of your body that allows germs to spread rapidly, so care must be taken. If the infection seems to be spreading, consult a doctor.

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If you notice that your allergies are much worse when you start trimming your nose hair, you might try removing less of the hair to see if your symptoms can be alleviated.


As you mature, it is important that you look your best on a daily basis. Realize that with maturity comes body changes that often result in hair growing in places where there was no noticeable hair before. Taking care of this issue is as simple as targeting the best tool to suit your preference and lifestyle, and then establishing a routine that will work for you, no matter whether you trim once a week or more often. Not only will your appearance benefit from this grooming practice, but your self-esteem will benefit as well. So don’t let the “nose hair nightmare” be a part of your life.

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