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How to Cut Little Boys Hair: Learn to Do It Like A Pro

How to Cut Little Boys Hair: Learn to Do It Like A Pro
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Most of you must be thinking of giving your champs a good haircut. You may think how you would look like if you give yourself the same cut or you may call and get an appointment for him. The fact is, haircut is very expensive these days. As the hairs grow, you need more money to get them in shape or to cut them short. But, you can save some money if you know how to cut your sons hairs right at your home. If you are aware of cutting hairs, both you and your son will be pleased. You will be pleased as you have saved some money and he will be pleased to have a good new look. But the first thought that should come across that how to cut little boys hair?

How to Cut Little Boys Hair

How to Cut Little Boys HairIf you have ever searched for some professional lessons to cut the hairs and aren’t able to find the good results, here you will find what to do. Below mentioned is how you can cut hairs at home and it will cost you simply nothing. Now let’s get started with the lesson.

Start With NeckLine First

Start With NeckLine FirstFirst thing you need to know about hair cutting is that it is all about the angles. In the beginning, it is better to go with neckline. As a beginner, you may like to start from the top, but that shouldn’t be done. If it doesn’t goes well, the results will be disastrous. Start from the neck line and keep it in flow.

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Now Backside

Now BacksideWorking on the backside of your sons head, beginning from the area above the ear, first thing you need is water. Spray the hairs and start cutting at 45 degree angle downwards following the neckline. You must hold the hairs properly and cut along the fingers.

Ensure Even Cutting

Ensure Even CuttingAs soon as you are done from the back side of your son’s head, next you need to use the scissors with care. Go straight and form base of neckline. One thing that is important here is that hairs should be held properly so that there is no chance that you will get it wrong. Holding hairs properly will ensure even cutting.

Avoid Slant

Avoid SlantAnother thing that you should ensure is that the haircut isn’t slant. If you are left or right eye dominant, chances are that it will be slant. Once you are done, make sure it isn’t slant. If it is, it should be corrected at first.

Now you are done with the make area. Next step is moving towards the sides. Here, you also need to carry on with the 45 degree technique.

Keep It as Simple as Possible

Keep It as Simple as PossibleWhat you will see is the different lengths of hairs. All of them are arranged so that they make a perfect shape and style. When you will cut the hairs, you will see that they are in different lengths. The last cut will also play an important role here. You need to go with that cut and keep it in the same angle. Just cut them short, no need to do anything else. When you reach the ear, fold it gently and start cutting around the ears. Keep it as simple as possible. Just follow the pattern of ear.

Now you are done with the sides as well as the back, it is the time to move upwards. Now forget the 45 degree technique. Here, you need to pull the hairs at 90 degree angle. Some people may think of it as 180 degree as it is straight off the head. Whatever it is, you only need to know how to do it.

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Finishing It Off

Finishing It OffYou will reach the top and at that time patience of your child will be over. You need to keep him patient and tell him that you are almost done. Tell him that you will give him a reward for being patient when you will finish. In this way, he will keep on sitting patiently. Start from the center of top hairs. Pull the hairs off and cut straight across. You will notice that forehead will give a choppy look when you are done. Here, you can point cut it and make them perfectly straight.

If there are cowlicks on hairs, you can just keep the hairs longer so that it can compensate. The weight on hairs will make it look angle. You need to angle the hairs towards the front in this case.

You are done here. The last thing that you shouldn’t miss is checking the hairs. Make sure that the cut is all even. Check each and every section. Run your fingers across the hairs and make sure everything is just as wanted. If you found any mistake, correct it. You can cut your kids hair every three of four weeks.

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