Braun Series 7-760cc Review

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9.5/10 on November 19, 2015

Braun is the brand that has been known for its quality electric shavers for a quite long time now. Every series they introduce in the market are known to have a bundle of advanced features to make your shaving an easy process. One such amazing product from them is the Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Shaver. I have used some other electric shavers as well, but the exceptional functionality of this shaver is the sole reason that made me write this personal Braun Series 7-760cc review.

Hardware and Design

Let us start with its built quality. It has a lightweight, compact body in black with a tone of silver to it. The partial rubberized grip allows it to stay firmly in your hand when they are wet. Like other latest Braun electric shavers, this one too has a mechanism that works sideways to ensure much better results than that of a manual razor. The OptiFoil Technology used in the shaver avoids direct contact of the shaver’s blade to your skin to minimize the chances of cuts or skin irritation. It provides you with three different cut-settings to choose from. Comparing to other electric shavers that I’ve previously used, the Braun 7-760cc does a far better job of catching the flat-laying hair with the help of its ActiveLift Technology.


  • Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Shaver
  • Charging Station with Clean and Renew Station
  • 1 Clean and Renew Cartridge
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Manual and Warranty Card
  • Travel Case

Key Features

1. Triple Action Cutting System

This shaver is equipped with three individual cutting elements that are designed to work for specific types of hairs. One glide ensures three level filtering cut that leaves the closest and smoothest shaving possible. The advance foils mercilessly cut the hair from the skin while the hair-lift element lifts and cuts the smaller hairs that escape the foils.

braun series 7 760cc: cutting system, elements

braun series 7 760cc: cutting foils, elements

2. Intelligent Sonic Technology

With the help of intelligent sonic technology, this shaver is able to deliver up to 10,000 micro vibrations in a minute. This large number of vibrations allow the shaver to catch more hair in a single stroke for finishing your shaving quickly and smoothly. Once the shaving head contacts your skin it will automatically optimize itself for giving the closest and smoothest shave possible.

braun series 7 760cc: sonic technology

braun series 7 760cc: micro vibrations

3. OptiFoil Technology

All the latest electric shavers from Braun have this highly impressive OptiFoil Technology. There’s a thin layer of foil on the blades of the shaver to avoid any contact with the skin. This allows the shaver to offer an impressive close shave without harming the skin in any way.

braun series 7 760cc: foil, foils holes

braun series 7 760cc: shaving modes

4. 3 Different Shaving Modes

The 760cc offers three different shaving modes- Extra Sensitive, Normal and Intensive. These modes ensure that you get the same impressive results in every part of your face. Be it the sideburns, check, areas near the mouth or neck, you can change these modes accordingly.

braun series 7 760cc: trimmer, trimming

5. Flexible Shaving

It has a pivoting head that adjusts automatically to the shape of your face. On top of it, the floating foils further enhance the flexibility of this shaver and it quickly gets acquainted with the shape of your face to deliver perfect results.

braun series 7 760cc: shaver head, foils

braun series 7 760cc: head, foil

6. ActiveLift Technology

The neck is the main area of concern when it comes to shaving. The flat-lying hair on the neck area is highly challenging for both electric shavers and manual razors. The ActiveLift Technology used in this Braun electric shaver is the solution to this problem. It moves a whopping 130 times per second to ensure a smooth cut. It allows the shaver to effortlessly lift the flat-laying hair and then cut it. The result is a quick and impressive shave.

braun series 7 760cc: foil, shaver head

7. Precision Trimmer

The back of the trimmer also has an extendable trimmer that you can use to trim or groom the mustache or sideburns. It usually remains folded inside the trimmer’s body. Once you press the button it slides up.

braun series 7 760cc: precision trimmer

8. Advanced Battery Display

The Braun Series 7-760cc has an advanced battery display which precisely indicates the battery status and low charge. It also shows the hygiene level of the trimmer using separate levels of indication here.

braun series 7 760cc: display

9.  100% Waterproof Design

Waterproofing is an important feature of any shaver. Shaving is closely connected with water and splashing water after shaving is a must. Besides, the hair that stores inside the shaver after shaving needs cleaning and water is the best option for it. This trimmer is fully waterproof and allows you to safely operate it near water.

braun series 7 760cc: design, wet use, waterproof

Cleaning, Renew & Maintenance

A lot of Braun Series 7-760cc reviews on the internet suggest that its cleaning system is noisy. Yes, it does make a humming sound but it is not noisy at all. I love its clean and renew system and generally prefer using it rather than the manual cleaning as it is quick and much more hygienic.

The only downside of this shaver is that I need to replace the cartridge in every 2 to 3 months. But the cartridge is not expensive and is available at the local dealer’s shop or on the internet.

Braun Series 7-760cc Shaver Comparison

Features Series 7 760cc Series 5 550cc Series 3 350cc
Intelligent Pulsonic Technology y
ActiveLift y y
Automatic Program Selection y y y
OptiFoil y y
Hygiene Status Indicator y y y


This Braun electric shaver comes with the latest 3.6V Li-Ion battery. It charges completely in an hour and can deliver up to 50 minutes of cordless shaving when fully charged. There’s also a quick charge feature if you don’t have enough time to wait for an hour. Simply charge the trimmer for 5 minutes and it will offer you with one uninterrupted, cordless shave.

As far as the battery maintenance is concerned, I prefer charging it completely. You should do the same as charging the battery incompletely reduces the life expectancy of the battery. Once fully charged, the battery easily lasts for 15-20 days when I shave on every other day.

User Friendliness

Alright, the shaver has an abundance of features, but are those features able to deliver what they promise? This part of the Braun Series 7-760cc review will discuss it.

This electric shaver is extremely comfortable to use. Apart from an amazing shaving performance, the fact that the shaver can be cleaned automatically without any kind of manual interference is surely the USP of this product. It comes with a travel case which I use on a regular basis as I like to carry my shaver while traveling. As compared to other electric shavers that require an additional accessory for charging them abroad, the 760 cc comes with a SmartPlug with automatic voltage adjustment that can be used throughout the world.

Shaving Performance

Every element in this shaver is designed to make sure that shaving is no more a time-consuming and annoying experience. Some new technologies and world-class parts have been used in this shaver to ensure that it can deliver exceptional results. Right from its OptiFoil Technology, Sonic Technology, ActiveLift Technology to the 2-different shaving modes, the 760cc is undoubtedly an amazing electric shaver.


It comes with a standard 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Moreover, it also carries a 60-day money back guarantee. This ensures that Braun is confident of its product and stands by its performance.

Value for Money

The Braun 760cc electric shaver is undoubtedly one of the best electric shavers and it has a great value in terms of money. If you look at its amazing features, you’ll see it has a fair price. And believe me, it really does worth it.

Availability of Replacement Parts

While finding the small replacement parts of an electric shaver can be difficult, Braun’s popularity plays a crucial role to tackle this problem. The replacement parts for 760cc can be easily found at your local dealer’s shop. If it is not available there for some reason, you can easily find them on online stores like Walmart, Amazon, etc.

Final Thoughts

The main reason that creates a feeling of uncertainty when it comes to switching to an electric shaver is the belief that they are unable to offer you a clean and close shave. However, this electric shaver is the perfect example to get relief from this doubt. A close and clean shave is the reason that contemplated me to switch to this electric shaver. If you too want to make your shaving process easier, safer, and less time-consuming, the 760cc is a perfect product to choose.

Hope my Braun Series 7-760cc review was helpful and provided you with a lot of information about this shaver.

Questions and your experience with this amazing shaver are welcomed in the comments section below.


1. I have a solo Braun Electric Shaver, can I buy the Clean and Renew Shaver for it?

A. No, not all the models of Braun are designed to fit in the Clean and Renew Station. The station and the shaver interlink during the process of cleaning and solo shavers do not come with this technology.

2. Can I make my own cleaning solution and fill it in the cleaning system?

A. No, due to the performance and safety reasons, no other liquid should be added to the cleaning system. The fluid in the station is made after extensive research and is perfectly suitable for cleaning the shaver properly. Using any other liquid will not clean the shaver and can also affect its performance.

3. Do I ever need to replace the head of the shaver?

A. Yes, you should change your shaver’s head once in every 18 months to ensure that your shaver is able to deliver the same smooth performance.