Braun Series 5-550cc Review (June 2020): A Cut Above the Rest

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9.5/10 on November 27, 2015

While some men complain that electric shavers cannot get as close as manual ones when it’s about shaving performance, they have surely never tried Braun Series 5-550cc yet. Being one of the best Braun Electric Razors, it comes with an abundance of advanced features while, at the same time, is extremely comfortable to use. The reasons that make this shaver one of the best electric shavers for men will be discussed in details in my Braun Series 5-550cc review.

Hardware and Design

The design of this electric shaver is much better than the previous models of Braun. It has an ergonomic design with rubberized grips on both sides to make sure that you are going to get a comfortable shave even if your hands are wet. It is 100% waterproof and you can easily carry it to your shower for shaving or for cleaning it.
Like a lot of other Braun electric shavers, this one also has blades which move sideways to capture more hairs in a single stroke. The blades are covered with a sheet of perforated foil to ensure that there is no actual contact of the blades to the skin and the shaver is still able to deliver exceptional results.


  • Braun Series 5-550cc Shaver
  • Charging Station with Clean and Renew System
  • Clean and Renew Cartridge
  • SmartPlug with power cord
  • Travel Case
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Warranty Card and Manuals

Key Features

1. OptiFoil Technology

Like some of the best Braun electric shavers, this one also uses the OptiFoil Technology to give users a clean shave without causing any pulling or tugging of hair. The foil sheet on the top of the blades prevents any kind of direct contact of the blades with the skin. This allows the shaver to glide easily on the contours of your face and trim the hairs easily that are deep in the skin.

2. Triple Action Cutting System

This Braun electric razor has an innovative triple action cutting system with 3 cutting elements. This allows it to cut and trim all types of hair, from short, stubble hair to long, coarse hair.

3. Precision Trimmer

For cutting or simply grooming your sideburns or mustache, you can use the precision trimmer of this shaver for getting excellent results with minimum fuss and efforts.

4. Adaptive Shaving Head

The adaptive shaving head of this razor allows it to automatically adjust to the contours of your face. No matter if you are shaving your chin, neck or jawline, it will deliver exceptional results.

5. ActiveLift Technology

The ActiveLift Technology of this shaver allows it to lift the lying hair and cut it effortlessly. This allows the razor to deliver an immensely close shave in the hard-to-reach areas.

6. LED Display

The Braun shaver also comes with an LED display that shows the battery level. When the charge is low it’ll show a warning sign and will also light up when you charge the shaver. It also has a Hygiene Indicator to make sure that you only use the shaver in its cleanest and safest form.

7. 100% Waterproof

The waterproof body of this wet and dry shaver allows you to easily wash the shaver under a tap or take the shaver to the shower.


The Braun Series 5-550cc comes with a Li-ion battery that can be fully charged in an hour. Its battery has no memory effect and once fully charged, it can provide you with 45 minutes of uninterrupted shaving. It also has a Quick Charge feature where you only need to charge the shaver for 5 minutes to get one complete, cordless shave.

Braun Series 5-550cc review

Cleaning, Renew & Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the razor is highly important to ensure optimal functionality. This part of the electric shaver review will give you a short overview of the routine maintenance of this shaver.
One of the most impressive features of this shaver that makes it better than the other electric razors is its Clean and Renew System. As compared to other electric razors, where you need to manually clean the razor after shaving, this razor is intelligently built to do it automatically. The system is designed to do 4 things simultaneously- it’ll clean the razor, lubricate it, dry it and will charge the razor as well. You only need to place it in the system and with a simple press of a button, the process will begin. The entire cleaning and drying process doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

If you don’t want to use the cleaning system, you can manually clean the razor with the help of the included brush. The waterproof razor can be washed under water without the chance of a single drop of water entering the body of the razor.

Braun Series 5-550CC Electric Shaver Comparison

Features Series 5 550cc Series 3 350cc Series 7 760cc
ActiveLift y y
Precision Long Hair Trimmer y y y
100% Waterproof and Fully Washable y y y
Automatic Program Selection y y y
OptiFoil y y

User Friendliness

When it comes to ususer-friendliness, everything in this shaver is designed to make the task of shaving extremely simple. The 550cc is light in weight and fits easily in hand, functions swiftly, cleans automatically, and even charges fast, what else do you expect from an electric shaver? Some Braun shaver reviews suggest that this shaver is small and is not comfortable to hold. No matter if you are in a rush, the shaver is sure to provide you an extremely close shave in the least possible time.

Shaving Performance

I prefer shaving once in a week as I don’t have a lot of hair growth and I also like to experiment with my facial hair every now and then. Thus, I can assure that no matter if it’s just a newly grown stubble, goatee, sideburns, or a long beard, there are many features in this shaver, like the Precision Trimmer, Triple Action Blades, ActiveLift Technology etc. that combine together to provide you with amazing results every time.


This Braun Series 5-550cc electric shaver comes with a 2-year warranty.

Value for Money

If you ask me as a user who has been using this razor from about 10 months now, this is one of the best electric razors for men and offers optimal value for your money. It has an abundance of innovative features that are highly useful and a durable body that is sure to last for many years to come.

Replacement Parts Availability

Braun is a well-known brand when it comes to electric shavers. Thus, the replacement parts for its shavers are commonly available at local dealers’ shops and many online stores like Amazon, Walmart etc.

Final Thoughts

At such a price this Braun 550cc is surely a catch. The shaver is highly innovative and durable and is sure to provide you with an exceptional shaving experience for years to come.

Braun Series 5-550cc review

Hope this Braun Series 5-550cc review was useful to you and if you want to share your experience with this amazing shaver, please use the comments section below.


1. What is the need to use the Clean and Renew System when the shaver can be washed easily under tap water?

A. The Clean and Renew System is more hygienic and apart from cleaning, it also lubricates the shaver to ensure that it functions smoothly. Moreover, it’ll also save you a lot of time.

2. Which one is better? A Rotary Shaver or a Foil Shaver?

A. While rotary shavers do offer good results they are not as good as the results offered by foil shavers. Foil shavers provide you with enhanced precision and control on the shaver to make sure that your shaving experience is effortless and the results are excellent. Moreover, they also prevent any kind of direct contact of blades with the skin to minimize the chances of skin irritation or redness.

3. How long does the cartridge in the Clean and Renew System last?

A. I shave once in a week and use the Clean and Renew System every time. For me, the cartridge easily lasts for 3-4 months. The cartridge is easily available at my local dealer’s shop and I can also buy it from the online stores.


1. Easy Maintenance:
While a lot of people believe that an electric shaver requires a lot of maintenance, the Braun 550cc is a shaver that will surely change your belief. The shaver is extremely easy to take care of.

2. Works on Any Type of Hair:
No matter if you have thick and coarse hair, the powerful blades of the shaver will move smoothly on any type of hair and provide you with an exceptional shave every single time.

3. Extremely Gentle on the Skin:
The OptiFoil Technology and ActiveLift Technology work together to glide smoothly on your face and provide effortless results even in difficult areas like under the nose, near the mouth and neck.

4. Automatic Cleaning:
I simply love its automatic cleaning system and use it after every shave. Not only it offers exceptional level of hygiene and lubrication, it also saves a lot of time.

5. Battery and Hygiene Indicators:
As compared to other electric shavers where you need to rely on guesswork when it comes the remaining charge in the shaver, the 550cc eliminates all the guesswork involved. A quick glance on the battery indicator will let you know the remaining charge.


1. Small Travel Case:
The case that comes along with this shaver is only designed to accommodate the shaver. I travel a lot and like to carry the shaver all the time. I’d have preferred if the travel case had space for the charging cord as well.

2. Buzzing Noise:
While this is not my personal opinion, a lots of Braun Series 5-550cc review say that the shaver makes a lot of noise. Yes, it does make a bit of buzzing sound but this is fairly normal in electric shavers.


If you’ve used the best of electric razors for men in the past and were unsatisfied with their performance, this shaver is sure to change your opinion about electric shavers. It is extremely easy to use and offers exceptionally close shave. If you like the closeness that the manual razors offer, you’d be highly impressed with this razor as it offers the same closeness and that too in least possible time. I’ve personally used this razor for a long time before coming up with this Braun Series 5-550cc review and when it comes to its shaving performance, it surely deserves a 9 on 10.

4 responses to “Braun Series 5-550cc Review (June 2020): A Cut Above the Rest”

  1. Collin Cave says:

    This shaver is awesome. It is of low price range and it has a active cleaning system too. I think I am gonna buy this one.

    • Instant Grooming says:

      Congratulation on your decision. This shaver is really great. Hope you will be satisfied after using this shaver. Don’t forget to let us know!

  2. Richard says:

    I think this shave is the cheapest electric razor with an automatic cleaning station. If there is one under one hundred and fifty USD please let me know. I will be waiting for your help.

    • Instant Grooming says:

      Panasonic ES-LT71-S, Philips Norelco Shaver 7300 are there under one hundred and fifty price tag. Sorry to say that your thought is not correct. There are other shavers under that price tag. But if you think of quality, then Braun will be a winner, always! 😀

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