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3 Must Obey Rules for Beach Body Grooming

We always put in a lot of efforts in having a perfect beach body- From Dieting to exercising we are always ready to grab perfect summer ready look. But our physique is just a part of the game, we never think of the fur we have been growing all winter.  Have you? If turning heads at the beach ...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shaving Head

Have you been pondering the idea of shaving your head, but have not yet decided to pull the trigger on it? Just like anything else in life, head shaving has its pros and cons. If you have been thinking about it, perhaps you should consider the advantages and disadvantages before arriving at a ...

History of Electric Razor through Ages

The electric razors for men and women are wonderful invention which is a time saver and adds untold convenience to the necessity of shaving. It is an alternative to the razor or blade which does the same job or better while giving the user several advantages that conventional shaving methods don’t ...

Foil Shavers: 5 Things You Need to Know

Sure, all razors do a similar job of helping you groom your hair, trim your beard, shave your chest, back, nose, and other parts of the body. However, there is actually a big difference between the different types of electric razor blades you can acquire. Let’s get into the important things you ...

Best Electric Razor Buying Guide

have been around for as long as men have discovered the need to shave. It began with anything that was sharp, moved on to razors that are more sophisticated and revolution finally came with electric shavers. Electric shavers are amongst the most popular kind these days, primarily because using ...

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