Top 5 Nose Hair Trimmers (Feb. 2018): Reviews & Buyers guide

I feel compelled to share this little story of mine before proceeding with the best nose hair trimmer review. I got an interview with my dream company right before graduation; they wanted me to come in for a face to face interview. I am confident so I do not think to shave my nose hairs, big mistake. The interview proceeds and ends with her perpetually keeping a sneer on her face; I go home and break out the champagne because I thought it went well.

A few weeks later I call to find out why I did not get a job I was qualified for yet; the interviewer goes on to explain to me how the company does not think I will be a god fit for the job because it seems I do not pay attention to detail enough to have groomed my nose hair. Worst day of my life.

I learned a valuable lesson that day: aesthetics are important. Presentation could mean achieving your dream or failing horribly. I have compiled this list of the best nose hair trimmer to help anyone reading to choose the most effective nose hair cutter on the market.

Why Should You Trust Us?

My dedication to not missing out on another great opportunity led me down the path of finding the best nose hair trimmer.

This list of the 5 best electric trimmers was compiled after 55 combined hours of research, which included web investigations, and us using the machines ourselves to test and see the effectiveness of each clipper to remove soft and tough nose and ear hair. 

My team and I spent hours fixated on considering over 40 models of electric trimmers, and testing out 20 that we believed were the best of the best. You see, we were all dedicated because each one of us had encountered one or more situations that would have turned out differently and in our favor if only we had groomed our hairs properly. That fire drove us to work very hard for hours on end to produce a list that would greatly benefit you and ourselves.

We have taken it upon ourselves to relieve you of the burden of research on this matter. Further, we do not wish to endorse any particular brand, but we are all about the best possible clipper. Attached, you will find our report that breaks down the essential information concerning these products and we hope that this will help you choose the best one for yourself.

Why Should I get a Nose Trimmer?

The funniest nose hair joke I’ve ever heard was “your mother is so fat she uses a weed whacker to shave her nose hair.” Beyond that, nose hair removal is not at all funny. The price for using the wrong nose hair cutter is lots and lots of blood coming out the thing you breath with; a dangerous game.

Just as we would be cautious when shaving our “nether-regions” we must be vigilant when conducting nose hair removal. Using the wrong electric nose and ear hair cutter could mean the difference between life and death. The alternative is to use scissors and I would advise against that. Do not cheap out getting a nose hair clipper. I speak personally when I say that the dangers associated with alternatives are not worth it.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Nose Hair Trimmer

Aside from being vigilant about the dangers of bleeding, lesions, and in-grown hair caused by ineffective and unsafe hair removal tools, there are several different things to look out for as well. In the search for finding out the best nose hair trimmer the following five criteria, for us, determines whether a cutter is effective or should be avoided. Budget, battery power, alternative use, design, and the head of the clipper; these five categories determine whether or not the machine is good or a sham. We will take time here to detail what each of these means and how they affect the ranking process.


It is true that most amazing nose hair removal tools can be purchased with a small size budget of $30. However, the budget aspect allows us to pick the cheapest machine with the most effectiveness. So that you are not having to pay the highest price for a junky clipper when you can pay less and get what could be the best nose and ear hair cutter on the market.

Alternative Use:

Does your clipper just trim the nose hairs? Does it trim only the ear hair? Can it be used for other body parts? I know about some annoying unibrow hair that a friend had to shave off and he used a nose hair removal machine because he was concerned about the delicate nature of his forehead. We believe that the best machines must allow you versatility so that no hairs are left untouched.

Head Design:

Hair removal machines cannot be returned once they have been used, and so it becomes critical that you pick the best one right off the bat. The design of the head of a trimmer can determine whether you have a nice clean cut or a bloody cut. This factor matters greatly for anyone who will be shaving their wild nose or ear hair before important meetings.

Battery Power:

The duration you can use the batteries with a clipper is incredibly important; you do not want a machine that burns its batteries out within a few uses. We chose machines that efficiently use batteries, so that you are not constantly having to replace them.


You must have ultimate control when shaving your nose and ear hairs; these are dangerous areas to play around in. The best machines are ones that give the user great control so we can avoid any slips that can end up costing us our health.

With these five requirements in mind, we will proceed to list out what we believe are the best trimmers on the market; but it is ultimately up to you to decide. As they say, “…to each his own.”

How We Picked and Tested

Using the above categories we tested several highly rated nose hair removal tools. With the aid of several volunteers, we analyzed the quality of the nose/ear hair cutters. There are many trimmers on the market, and we began by filtering out the best from the riff raff. There happened to be many groomers on the market that did not even pass the initial five point test. We distilled the list down further.

We included the input of several grooming experts while we sorted through the mess of electric shavers on the market. We found this extremely helpful; their input helped us determine why or why not a groomer is good. These experts personally self tested these machines, and let us know their preferences. So, not only are these machines we picked personally tested, but we have the approval from experts who profess great respect for these products.

In a 4-year time span we have been obsessed with updating the various trimmers in this guide. As mentioned above, we researched about 40 trimmers; however there were many more which were not further tested because they were not good quality products.

This has always been a work in progress, and we do not believe these are the be all end all. That is the beauty of humanity after all, something that has not been done before can be done tomorrow. So while these may very well be the best on the market, there is no guarantee that something better may not come along. When that time comes, believe that we will update this list to include the new and innovative machines that are respected on the market.

It is up to you in the end to research and pick which is best; however there is no need to waste too much time when we have taken the time to personally do all the leg work for you. We hope you enjoy our picks.

Our Top Five Product List

We have analyzed 22 most important features for each one of these products. The research we have conducted is available for free to any curious minds interested in the subject. It has truly been long since the caveman look was cool, and it is time to welcome the new era of the well groomed body (all parts of it). Without any further ado, we will begin to lay out our picks and why exactly they are rated so highly by us.


Our Pick: Panasonic ER-GN30 -K Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

Listen, Nosy


Panasonic ER-GN30 -K Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

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The Most Sense for Your Senses

Boasting 18 uses on 1 AA this Panasonic trimmer lasts an amazing while for just over $10. This unit doesn't stop at the ears and nose though; it'll do eyebrows and edge beards too.


Why we chose this as our pick?

So why exactly is this Panasonic ER GN30 our pick for the best nose hair trimmer? The reasons are as follows:

  1. Of the 22 features we analyzed, this product may not possess the maximum number of positive features. However, its success is based on how it performs on our five points scale. If you would please take a look at our attached report, you will see why exactly we believe in this product. With its dual-edge, curved hypoallergenic blades, you are able to trim all the way from the top to the sides to the base of your nose. This machine is designed in such a way that you are able to groom hairs and leave a perfect amount for the natural filtering process.
  2. In terms of pricing, this product gives the most value for your buck. It is priced between $10 and $15, making it one of the best priced for the value it gives.
  3. Rating frequency is a key indicator as to how a product is performing on the market in general. For the most recent 30 ratings, we found that this product received its first 10 ratings in 2 days, its second 10 ratings in 3 days, and its last 10 reviews in 2 days, meaning consumers really respect this product as most others do not even get 30 reviews in an entire year.
  4. We picked this product most of all because of the amount of time it runs on its batteries. This nose hair groomer efficiently directs the energy payload so that you are not running out of battery power when you need it most. It does not sacrifice energy and battery life for torque; a genius move as most other groomers cannot boast of this.

The reasons listed above and the fact that it passes our five point test with flying colors is why it is our top choice.

Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer Review

First thing’s first, this machine has received over 11000 reviews on amazon, making it one of the highest rated products on the market. The following review details how exactly this machine performs on our five point scale.


This product is priced under $20, which makes it a steal in terms of nose hair groomers. At this price, each customer raves about how much of a deal they are getting. With everything it does, it could be priced much higher than this; however the producers of this high value machine have underpriced it for our sake. Thank you!

Alternative Use:

This machine grooms ear and nose hair perfectly. However that is not the only function it is known for. Customers rave about how perfectly it helps to edge up beards, and clear up any excess eyebrow hair. It does this so well that some wonder whether it was made to groom beards and eyebrows or if it was created solely for noses and ears. No matter, it is versatile and does all three to perfection.

Head Design:

The head for the ER-GN30 is amazing in that it uses curved blades that usually prevent any kind of accidental cuts. Further, the curved blades help cut the hairs so that only the necessary amounts of hair are removed; allowing the nose and ears to retain the proper amount of hairs to regulate natural filtering.

Battery Power:

Arguably its best feature, this machine runs for 90 minutes on one AA battery. If that is not impressive for a nose hair trimmer then I do not know what is . This machine is incredibly efficient as well, so you need no more than 5 minutes per use; an impressive ability to have.

Panasonic ER-GN30-K


This is a compact machine that is lightweight, and with one hand you are able to maintain absolute control as you trim all difficult and soft hairs.


  • Battery Life
  • Curved, Hypogenic blades
  • Alternative uses (eyebrows, beard)


  • Grip


Our 2nd Pick: Panasonic ER430K Ear and Nose Trimmer with Vacuum Cleaning System

Suck It Up


Panasonic ER430K Ear and Nose Trimmer

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Vacuum-Packed Value From Panasonic

With a safety-cone cutter to keep the blades from ever touching wherever you're trimming, and a vacuum cleaning system, this Panasonic product is nothing to sneeze at for $18.

Why we chose this as our 2nd pick

  • Our research report provides information about why this pick is not our first pick. That simply comes down to the fact that it is not as efficient with the use of the battery like our first pick. While it does hold the maximum number of features from the 22 we tested, giving it an advantage over our pick, we believe the weak battery life is detrimental. Thish is why it is our second and not our first pick.
  • Price-wise, even with its low energy conservation, this machine is definitely worthy to be our second pick. With a budget of under $20, we are certain it is worth every single penny spent for it; especially considering all the special features.
  • The rating frequency is also impressive as it garnered 30 reviews in a span of 16 days. An impressive feat, although not on the level of our first pick.
  • The real reason why it is our second overall pick is because of the built in vacuum system that efficiently grabs all groomed hair and makes cleaning up much easier. This alone is enough to cover for its lack of battery conservation and energy output.

Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer Review

Panasonic ER430K Ear and Nose Trimmer: best nose hair trimmer
Our second pick only lost out to our first pick by a small margin. In terms of usability and price range, we believe the two are almost evenly matched. This machine is affordable and economical, making it a worthy adversary for the first. Below is an analysis of why exactly it is ranked so high.


With the features this electric nose hair shaver provides, we know that it is worth the amount paid for it. The added features by themselves make up for the lack of energy conservation; so that every trim is efficient and effective. The sharp blades allow for such a wonderful shave, that it is a great deal for under $18.

Alternative Use:

The hypoallergenic and curved stainless steel blades trim not only nose and ear hairs with delicacy, but also edges up facial hair in such a way that does not harm the skin too much. The blades are very helpful, as there is a special attachment that captures hairs in such a manner that the blades themselves do not touch the skin. This greatly reduces the cuts and nicks that go along with regular edge ups for facial hair.

Head Design:

The shaving head of this machine comes with a safety cone structure that allows the user to shave any and all hairs without ever actually coming into contact with the structure of the nose. If you have ever shaved your nose before, you know the key aspect of that exercise is to protect your nose from any possible contact with the shaver head. This is key. This safety cone can prevent some internal nose bleeding for the people who may not be able to groom safely with a steady hand.

Battery Power:

While most reviews determine that this machine has an equal battery life as our pick, it is without a doubt that this machine, due to its attached vacuum and safety cone system, can drain battery power much more than the other. The truth is, instead of a 90 minute shave time, this groomer in reality only affords 75 minutes of shaving time. This represents a significant difference in quality between the ER430 and the ERGN30; at least in terms of battery life. However, proper maintenance can keep its overall performance and battery life intact.


With a Japanese sense of craftsmanship in mind, the makers of this product designed a state of the art technology that grooms with precision without sacrificing power. It is curved in such a way that allows for ease of use, and the grip system provides absolute control to the user; so that there is no fear of cutting oneself.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Lesser Price
  • Vacuum
  • Safety cone technology


  • Low Battery Life


Budget Pick: Wahl Lithium Micro Groomsman Trimmer #5640-1001

Maxi-Value Micro


Wahl Lithium Micro Groomsman Trimmer

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This Nose-Hair Trimmer Raises Eyebrows

The AAA Lithium battery included will give you years of use with this pen-sized multi-headed trimmer from Wahl for ears, nose, and everywhere with little hairs. A steal at 8 bucks.

Why we chose this as Our Budget Pick

  • The Micro Groomsman Trimmer #5640-1001 is not technically the lowest priced machine in this list. So why is it our budget pick? Our team here at, Instant Grooming, picked this machine because it has the 2nd lowest price, and the 2nd most maximum features that we looked for. That means, it is priced in such a way that the price does not reflect the sheer effectiveness of its features.
  • Please take another look at our Instant Grooming report, and you will see that it comes with an Anodized aluminum casing, which keeps the machine in its most pristine form.

  • It is clearly not as popular as our pick as it received a total of 30 positive reviews in a matter of 27 days. While still impressive, it is not as popular as the others which is why it is not first on our list, sadly.

  • This is the only electric nose and ear hair trimmer that arrives with two trimmer heads; it is unique in this aspect, so it gets the spot of our budget pick!

Wahi Lithium Micro Groomsman Trimmer Review

Wahl Lithium Micro Groomsman Trimmer: best nose hair trimmer
Our Instant Grooming budget pick trimmer is actually handy little thing. It is amazing to watch it work; due to its sleek design most customers rave about how easily they are able to maneuver within the nose. That and other factors that will be explained below, are the reasons why it was chosen as our budget pick.


As the second lowest priced machine on this list and the machine possessing the second most features, we know that the price listed for this item is an atrocity to the producers. They are probably losing money on this to bring you such a great machine. The features it boasts of are worth much more than the amount paid for it; at a price of under $15, my cheap girlfriend who does not buy anything unless it is on sale went out and got it for me. That is how you know it is a steal at that price.

Alternative Use: 

The alternative head that comes with this product allows the groomer to shave eyebrows like never before. It is widely believed that, Anthony Davis, the famous New Orleans Pelicans basketball star uses this groomer to keep his unibrow intact and in style. If a famous Basketball player is using this, you know it must be worth the money.

Head Design:

This machine is incredibly versatile as it possesses two different heads for a flexible and agile groom of nose hair, ear hair, and facial hair. It comes with a rotary head, for normal shaving and then a detailer head, to give facial hair a more edged up and stylistic flow. It comes specifically with a special attachment for the eyebrows, because eyebrows are a key factor to grooming and the fact that you are able to use one machine to groom nose, ear, and other facial hair makes it the best nose hair trimmer at a very low price.

Wahl Groomsman 5640-1001

Battery Power:

With one AAA battery, this machine is supposed to last for years without having its battery changed. Now whether that is true or not is yet to be seen. It comes with the AAA lithium battery so that is a good aspect. So far we have been able to test this product with the included battery for a good amount of time, however we will know truly down the road whether this boast of years of use is actually accurate. We will accordingly update as we find out more. However there are some battery boosting tricks to follow to enhance the battery life of any electric razor.


This machine is incredibly sleek, and it is useful for anyone who likes to hold more control over their grooming destiny. It is our belief here at Instant Grooming that any machine that increases control is a super machine. That is why this sleek model is such a winner to us; it simply looks and feels right in the hands.


  • Special Attachment for eyebrows
  • Sleek style
  • Battery Life
  • Versatile dual style head


  • A bit noisy.


Advanced Pick: Fancii Professional Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer with LED Light

A Steel Steal


Fancii Professional Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

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The Cyclone That Rocks Like a Hurricane

With durable steel casing and hypoallergenic cyclone blade, this trimmer from Fancii also sports a motor silencer and non-slip grip but still comes in at $15 and runs on 1 AA.

Why we chose this as Our Advanced pick

  • Our advanced pick is definitely a good choice by all accounts, although perhaps not as good as the others previously mentioned. It possesses only some of the important positive features among the 22 we analyzed. The advanced blades efficiently and effectively cut unwanted nose and ear hair without much hassle.
  • The stainless steel rotary blade technology this machine possesses uses cyclone blades to cut in an accident free way; so that you do not have to worry at all about cutting something that you need. It simply reduces pain and pulls that are associated with bad nose hair trimmers.
  • For all its amazing value, it also remains incredibly affordable; making it highly functional at a great price. This electric groomer received 10 reviews in the first 10 days, 10 in the next 7 days and 10 ratings in 5 days; making it one of the more rapidly rated nose hair groomers on the market.
  • This machine boasts a high rating for its painless precision shaving, which is actually the main reason why it makes it on our list as the best nose hair trimmer in the advanced category.

  • It is built to cut tough hairs without overcompensating. Further, it is much more unique than most other trimmers because of its steel case and LED lights. Two factors which the others tend to ignore.

Fancii Professional Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer Review

Fancii Professional Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer: best nose hair trimmer
This machine is a bona-fide star of nose and ear hair trimming. It is rated highly and rated frequently; meaning that customers love the product. Without further ado let us portray this machine’s score on the five point scale.


With a price under $15 you can believe that this product is worth much more than the amount you pay for it. The steel casing by itself is just so unique that we believe it should cost maybe a little more. However it does not, and we have the producers to thank for this. This machine cuts efficiently and does it in a hassle free way; 10 for 10 in this department.

Alternative Use:

This machine was made most definitely for nose and ear hair trimming. However, it also possesses the capability of cutting and making crisp lines for the eyebrows and for beards. The safety cone technology included guarantees that you are able to shave and edge up without the blades coming into contact with your skin. This makes grooming any facial hair a breeze as you need not worry about any nicks or cuts when you are in a hurry.

Head Design:

The advanced dual-edge blades make trimming nose and ear hair very simple and comfortable. The cyclone blade action in conjunction with the rotary blade system create a spinning effect that lets you cut hair in a circular motion which all experts recommend.

The head is made in such a way that it allows you relaxation during shaving, without you having to worry any about whether you may end up cutting yourself or cutting off hair you may need for the natural process of hearing and breathing.

Battery Power:

With 1 AA battery you are able to operate this machine very quietly. The motors are made in an interesting way so that they do not sacrifice torque for silence. The makers of this product are geniuses in the sense that they paired a high functioning powerful motor with a silencer so that you can get a super clean and smooth shave and not have to hear a loud annoying motor during.

Fancii Professional Trimmer


The no-slip rubber grip of this product is one of the main factors why people choose it. I mean, who would not be scared of poking their nose wrong during a cutting session and having to deal with a bloody nose for days; or worse, a bloody ear. Can you imagine? The machine is designed with usability in mind; so that whoever purchases it is guaranteed a safe and smooth shave or groom without fear of pain.


  • No slip rubber grip
  • Curved, hypoallergenic blades
  • Price
  • LED Light


  • Battery Life
  • Torque


Best for Beginners: Professional Water Resistant Heavy Duty Steel Nose Trimmer with LED Light

Steel For Starters


Professional Water Resistant Nose Trimmer

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Start to Finish in Seconds

Backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty this steel-construction nose trimmer by Toilettree will safely and expertly clean your schnoz up in seconds, not minutes, for only $20.

Why we chose this Best for Beginners pick

  • Naturally, all the other options we have listed and the others you will find on our attached report are good for any level of user. So, even the beginner can use those without any fear. However, we have included this starter pick for anyone who would like to experience nose and ear hair trimming with a machine that was made solely for the first-timer.
  • This machine is the easiest to use amongst all the others. The LED lights help the user even operate this device in the dark, so you technically do not need light, even though we strongly recommend you to use proper lighting. Its blades are made to capture hairs that would normally be missed by other trimmers.
    This first timer machine also is very affordable at under $20, yet it is much pricier than the rest of the others. In fact, it is the most expensive one as per our report. Still though, the comfort you can gain from using this makes the price totally worth it.
  • An amazing aspect of this machine is that it was able to receive 30 positive reviews in under 10 days. An impressive feat; most groomers take almost 30 days to even get 30 reviews, so this simple fact speaks to its popularity.

Professional Water Resistant Heavy Duty Steel Nose Trimmer Review

Professional Water Resistant Heavy Duty Steel Nose Trimmer: best nose hair trimmer
We’ve found this machine to be the best nose hair trimmer for entry level usage as it was designed for the beginner. In our opinion, because most of the customers rave about how, no matter how hard they try, they are unable to cause any pain to themselves during shaving it is the safest machine on the market and one of the top ones in terms of control to the person doing the grooming. Below we will detail the other aspects of this groomer that make it so dang amazing to almost every customer that purchased it.


This electric nose hair cutter is priced between $15 and $20, placing it on the higher side of the machines we have discussed and some of the others we researched, as per our report. It is worth it by all accounts and we need to look no further than the frequency of reviews. The features it provides are high quality, and that makes the price exactly what it should be, no more and no less.

Alternative Uses: 

Like other groomers, it is good for grooming eyebrows and edging up beards properly. There is a running joke on the reviews that women are able to use this to groom their own facial hair. So if your significant other needs a helping hand taking care of her eyebrows, this machine is a good option for her to use as well. There is very minimal to no contact with the skin; giving the groomer a nice and clean shave and some confidence to go along with it.

Head Design: 

The head of this groomer has pristine stainless steel blades that give a clean and smooth groom and cut without much irritation of the nose, ear, skin or face. This is key; any machine that is to be considered as the best nose hair trimmer must pass all these areas, and this one does.

Our research proved to us that this machine is one for the ages. It is something a father can pass to a son without worrying about rusting blades; a win in my book if I ever saw one.

Battery Power:

This machine takes the standard AA batteries, but do not let that fool you. It is a high powered machine that has protective gear to protect your skin or nose from any harm that comes along with grooming. Some users have complained about the battery conservation and use, saying that the batteries die way too fast.

Professional Nose Trimmer

We disagree with that notion; we found that the batteries for this machine lasted as long as most others.


The manufacturers used high quality steel casing so as to encourage ultimate control and precision shaving with great durability. The base of the machine is made so that as you hold it you are able to control where it in all directions, eliminating any painful situations.


  • Alternative uses
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable when using


  • Pricey
  • Less Battery Life



Wrapping it up:

Our job today was to present to you the top 5 nose and ear hair trimmers so as to help you eliminate the hassle of trial and error research. We wholly believe that each of these products is the best nose hair trimmer in its respective category, and we believe with a little bit more research you will come to agree with us.

We hope you enjoyed reading our little list of extraordinary groomers, and we hope you will find some beneficial use for them. Let us know if you somehow get a girlfriend after failing miserably before, or score that job because you read this and understood the importance of grooming any hairy area on your body.

We are always on the lookout for any innovative electronic shaver, so if you have any ideas or if you think we skipped any worthy machines please feel free to leave us a comment and we will look into it.