Top 10 Hair Clippers (Oct. 2018): Reviews & Buyers Guide

Imagine being able to manage your hair on your own without having to visit your barber frequently. Now also imagine being in control of your hairstyle and giving it any creative or bold touch as and when you please. Yes, that is the kind of device you want to own – one that helps you to save on cost, time, and effort while also allowing you to experiment with your looks and match your grooming preferences.

Hair clippers are so much more than hair-trimming tools that are often shaped like a comb and work like scissors. Men’s hair clippers come in all shapes and sizes to suit different hair types and needs. A hair clipper, whether professional or nonprofessional, can either make a great hairstyle or ruin it completely.

In fact, many men have a tough time deciding whether a tool is an electric shaver, a beard trimmer, or a hair clipper. Not long ago I was in the same category too, and then, I decided to do some research on this seemingly simple but essentially complicated matter of selecting the right hair clipper. Continue reading for some interesting facts and insights I’ve come to acquire over a few years of research and experience.

Why Should You Allow Us to Help You Find the Best Hair Clippers for Men?

After conducting an extensive research on this subject for about four years, we are proud to announce that our reviews on best hair clippers for men are completely authentic and trustworthy. We have spent days testing different hair clippers personally and also got these tested by both hair-cutting experts and amateur volunteers. In order to feel more confident about our understanding of how each hair clipper worked, we assigned a team of online market research experts the task of analyzing the features and feedback for each hair cutter. Our primary objective is to help customers quickly get to the facts of a product they are likely to benefit from; not to promote any particular brand or product.

After having carefully considered a range of factors right the smoothness and thickness of its from the kind of sound a hair clipper produces to  blades, we have created a list of the best hair clippers for men available on the market right now. 

What are Hair Clippers?

Hair clippers are electronic tools used for cutting head hair. Clippers typically feature a couple of steel blades in the shape of a comb that cut your hair by moving back and forth just like a pair of scissors.

Hair clippers are different from trimmers, in that they are used, not for trimming beard or short hair, but for cutting longer hair. Precisely for this reason, most of these are available with attachments that can be used as per the length of the hair that is to be cut.

Clippers in the expensive range have stronger motors for you to easily do your own hairstyle at home. However, a more expensive hair clipper may not always pass as a more effective clipper than its cheaper counterpart. In fact, some popular and expensive clippers are bulkier and more difficult to use, especially for beginners, than those that are less costly and less famous but lighter to use with good cutting strength.

What Kind of Product You Should Never Buy?

Before we go on to discuss the best hair clippers for men, let us cut to the chase and talk about clippers that should never make it to your list of plausible options:

  • Avoid products that are likely to scratch or irritate the skin. Do not be under the illusion that you will ‘get used to’ a hair clipper at any point. If it is not working for the first time, it is not going to work for the tenth time either.
  • If you are going for a used hair clipper, make sure you purchase it on an authentic website, such as Amazon or eBay. Do not buy a used product without looking at the photos carefully. If you are making an offline purchase, check the clippers properly for any hint of rust on its blades.
  • Hair clipper parts from different companies are usually not interchangeable. Hence, try to avoid brands that have been recently launched in the market. Just like any other product, it is always advisable to go for a brand that has been around for a while so that it is easy to replace parts or get new attachments in future.

Types of Hair Clippers

Hair clippers for men can be categorized into two main types:

Professional Clippers:

As expected, professional hair clippers come at a higher price than home-use clippers. The objective is to achieve excellent hairstyle results or probably practice barbering to take it up as a profession eventually. Professional clippers are known for their superior design and motor and the kind of creative options they offer when it comes to complex and intricate hairstyles. These hair clippers last longer despite their more frequent use than home clippers and come with longer warranties.

Home Clippers:

Home clippers, on the other hand, do not call for years of experience or expertise in hair-cutting. These are simple, affordable tools designed to offer you the luxury of cutting your hair at the comfort of your home at a time convenient for you. They are built to add small variations to your existing hairstyle or simply maintain your current hairstyle. Home hair clippers are lighter on the pocket and much easier to use for a layman.

Who are Hair Clippers for?

While hair clippers are available for both professional as well as home use, it is very easy to hurt yourself or spoil your entire hairstyle, which will then take months to correct.

Keep children out of its reach and take special precautions when you are using hair clippers to cut your child’s hair. Children have sensitive skin and a single error on your part can result in a scratch or injury.

I would also suggest reading up a little on the best hair clippers for men before you decide to simply walk into a store or browse through a website and order one for yourself. You need to have the right skills and tools even if you are using a simple set of hair clippers at home. Once you have had enough practice with some beginner home-clipper set, you can move onto those that are more expensive and come with complex features and comb lengths.

Clippers usually last long and can be made to last longer if they are not used for cutting paper or thin cardboard or used for any activity in the house other than cutting hair. Also, don’t forget that maintenance is the key. Get one only if you will have the time and commitment to keep it clean.

What to Look for in a Set of Hair Clippers?

Each hair clipper set has a unique combination of features and attributes that makes it different from other models. This can often make it a daunting task to understand what key characteristics in a pair of hair clippers makes it a preferred choice over others. Don’t worry. Simply glance through the following points before you jump to any conclusions:
The best hair clippers for men are offered as packages that contain a range of suitable accessories. For example, some clipper packages have hair shears that are often used by barbers in adding those final touches to your hairstyle. All clipper sets come with detachable combs and blades of varying lengths. If you are someone who loves to experiment with their hair, then look for one that features a variety of length options. If you are a simple guy looking for a regular cut to maintain their current style, make sure you know what your preferred length is and then select a clipper set that offers that kind of length option in its accessories.


It is very natural to get attracted to fancy hair clippers and forget to consider the maintenance factor. After having invested in a good pair of clippers, you wouldn’t want to see them rusting up because of poor maintenance. Look for something that can be easily rinsed and cleaned and makes life easier.


Always remember to check the fine print which will have important details such as product description and company warranty. Spending your hard earned money on a set of hair clippers that is not covered for even a year should instantly raise your doubts about the durability of the product. Stay alert and look out for deceptive clipper sets regardless of how tempting it might seem to get hold of them.


The best hair clippers for men are the ones with great battery life. Also look for important performance-related characteristics such as the level of sound produced while using it and how smoothly it glides through thick hair without damaging it.

Other Features:

Many hair clippers recently launched in the market come with various attractive features that are difficult to miss. For starters, we have clippers with blades that have a self-sharpening feature. Then there are others with motion sensors and highly impressive, powerful motors. The more the features, the more fun is the process of giving yourself an interesting haircut.

How We Picked and Tested the Best Hair Clippers for Men

After having discussed with volunteers and consulted haircutting experts from all over the world, running high-quality tests of at least 80 top-rated men’s hair clippers and analyzing their popular usage in different communities, we have come up with our exclusive list of the best hair clippers for men. None of these can be labeled as ‘perfect’ since each hair clipper set serves different functions in accordance with the needs of different customers. But this list has the best that we have found.

We spent about a couple of months to evaluate the performance of these hair clippers based on several factors. Some of these evaluation criteria have been listed below:

  • Effectiveness of a hair cutter in quickly correcting a wrong hairstyle with some simple touch-ups
  • Performance of clippers when operation guides are on and when they are off
  • The range and quality of combs included in a clipper set
  • How easy it is to switch combs in the middle of a hair-cutting process
  • How long the clippers lasted once they were fully charged
  • Quality of clipper blades
  • The length and sturdiness of the power cord. Also if it gets easily entangled.
  • How much effort and time it took to clean and maintain the clippers
  • How advanced and powerful was the motor
  • If the design of a clipper was ergonomic and user-friendly in nature

These are only some parameters used to compare and evaluate different clippers for those who are still not aware of the advantages and disadvantages of shaving their head, and prefer clippers to groom their hair . The actual list goes on to explore various technical and financial criteria to analyze how much value for value each clipper was offering. This data, along with our extensive field work, together gave us a list of the 10 best hair clippers for men currently available in the market.


Our Top Ten Product List:

We tested each hair clipper for 18 different features and came up with a research report for all 10 clippers. The objective of this report is to enable readers to take an informed decision and choose the best hair clipper. Kindly check our social media pages and like them before you read this report. I have also attached the report here so it can serve as a guide in helping you select a hair clipper that best meets your requirements

Our Pick: Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit #79602

Before beginning the review of this shaver, I would like to discuss why we picked the Wahl haircut kit #79602 as the best hair cutter for home use.

Top Pick for Hair Clippers


Wahl Elite Pro Haircut Kit 79602

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Definitely Elite in Performance

Powerful motor combined with durable material and superior performance makes for an excellent quality hair cutter like no other. Never fails to deliver a smooth and precise hair-cutting experience.

Why Is It Our No 1 Pick?

1. We evaluated 18 features for each hair clipper that we selected. Although Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit #79602 does not feature the most positive attributes as compared to rest, it features some very essential characteristics on the basis of which the efficiency of a hair clipper can be judged.
This hair cutting machine has the most durable and powerful motor that can last for life and always deliver superior performance. It also has high-quality guide combs for a smooth haircutting experience. The fine self-sharpening precision blades always stay sharp and cut all hair types.

2. Wahl hair clipper kit falls in a reasonable price range. If your budget is under $40, then you can easily get hold of this cutter.

3. We compared the frequency of 30 latest ratings received for all hair clippers and found that this product has been receiving ratings by customers at a very good rate. It received the first set of 10 ratings within 3 days, 2nd set in 4 and 3rd set in 5 days.

4. The feature that makes it distinguishable from all other hair clippers that we tested is the premium grade material used in the making of this product which is 70 percent stronger than any other hair clipper in the market.

Detailed Review

best hair clippers for men; Wahl haircut kit #79602 - Probably the one you're looking forWahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit #79602 made it to the top of our top 10 list due to the astounding features that it possesses. As you must know that any electric hair cutting machine depends on the motor for power. The cheap variants of hair clippers do not have a thoroughly powerful motor leaving them out-of-use after some time. This is not the case with the Wahl #79602.

The motor of this machine comes with a lifetime assurance of superior performance and durability.

The next thing to be considered when purchasing a hair clipper kit is the precision of the blades in cutting the hair. Wahl #79602 excels in this area as well as it has self sharpening precision blades that stay sharp at all times and can cut all hair types. The precision blades can cut hair 40 percent faster than the other hair clippers.

Another important thing about this clipper is its secure fit stainless steel clip guide combs. They are 70 percent stronger than the normal Wahl combs. The comb provides no-tangle and easy hair cutting experience.

Despite being a budget model, the kit works like professional hair clippers and can cut through any length and type of hair with ease.


  • Powerful and strong motor
  • Self sharpening precision blades
  • Stronger than normal guide comb
  • Cuts hair cleanly without pulling
  • Long cord enables hair cutting without entangling


  • The device is a little heavy to hold for long time
  • Does not include a tapered ear attachment


Despite a couple of drawbacks, performance and affordability are features that make Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit #79602 a great buy.

Budget Pick: Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit 79300-400T

Why Is It Our Budget Pick?

Budget-friendly Pick


Wahl Color Pro 79300-400T

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Best Bang for your Buck Hair Clipper

Powerful performance plus easy adjustability and add-on features makes the Wahl Color Pro the best buy at such an affordable price. Definitely worth every penny.

For those looking for professional style haircutting at home for an important purpose, like grooming for a job interview, Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit is an ideal product. From our research, you can see that this product is not the lowest in price as compared to all the other products we have listed. But it has the second lowest price with more positive and effective features than other low cost products. This is an important reason why we decided to move it up a little in our list.We compared the frequency of 30 latest ratings received for all hair clippers and found this product is receiving ratings by users at a very good rate. It received first 10 ratings in 2 days, 2nd 10 ratings in 2 days and 3rd ten ratings in only 1 day.

According to our experts, it can be concluded that the Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit 79300-400T has a powerful motor, exclusive accessories, affordability and easy adjustability features. These features make it a great buy. In fact, customers also seem to be fond of this product, which is evident in its rating frequency.

Detailed Review

best hair clippers for men; On a tight budget? Pick Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit 79300-400TConvenient professional style hair cutting at home is what describes the Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit 79300-400T. The kit comes with features that are amazing, especially because they are available in a medium budget. You can only expect such high-end features and functions in expensive men’s hair clippers. Available with a comfortable grip for easy handling, the kit includes color guided combs that make it easy to distinguish between the favorite hair lengths of all members using the kit.Therefore, the Wahl Color Pro Hair Cutting Kit is an ideal hair cutting machine especially if it is your first hair clipper.

Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit 79300-400T contains a lot of positive features which is difficult to find in this price range. Each comb has a color-coded key that corresponds with the correct comb for each setting. Self-sharpening, high-carbon steel blades that are precision-ground and made to last longer than other blades are also an added feature of this hair cutting kits. The product is strong enough to cut most hair types. The clipper features a heavy-duty motor that ensures a clean and no-snag cutting experience.The clipper also has an adjustable taper lever too facilitate customized cutting lengths and easy blending – features that are not available in any other product within this price range.

The hair clipper comes with high-carbon, self-sharpening, stainless steel blades that cut through any type of hair easily. The kit contains color-coded keys and color-coded guide combs that make it easy and convenient to remember the hair length of everyone using the clipper. The grip is soft to touch and control. The heavy-duty motor, available in this price range, is certainly an amazing feature. You can use the electric hair clipper for a long time without allowing it to heat up – a feature very essential for professional use by barbers.

Using this hair clipper is not difficult as the kit includes a manual as well. The adjustable taper lever present in this hair cuttingmachine offers easy no-snag cutting of hair of different lengths. Complete step-by-step instructions are provided, thereby enabling you to have a professional-styled hair cutting experience at home.


  • This product is known for its powerful motor as compared to that of others offered in this price range.
  • The self-sharpening blades further increase the durability of this clipper
  • Its color coded combs make it possible to have different length settings for different styles or members in a family
  • It features an adjustable taper lever that adds more comfort to your haircutting experience
  • It is a great value-for-money considering the price at which the entire package is being offered.


  • This hair clipper sometimes cuts noisily.
  • Other disadvantage is that it must be cleaned and oiled regularly to function efficiently.


All in all, Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit 79300-400T is a great product considering the price at which it is offered. You can get better hair clippers online or offline but at a much higher price. This can be considered an entry-level kit which is great for beginners. The color coded guide helps you cut hair at a length that you desire, which is certainly helpful for those using a hair clipper for the first time.

Advanced Pick: OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510

Cutting-edge Pick


OSTER Fast Feed 76023-510

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Power-packed & High Performance

Its 3-dimensional pivoting head, powerful motor and fast-feed clipper combined with high quality stainless steel blades gives you the closest haircut on a semi-professional level.

Why Is It Our Advanced Pick?

Although this product didn’t make it as a winner in our list, we have included it in our list of 10 best hair clippers for men for various reasons.

Agreed that Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper is more expensive than our pick but it certainly comes at an affordable price. If your budget is less than $70 then you can easily get hold of this personal groomer.
We compared the frequency of 30 latest ratings received for all hair clippers and found that this clipper had been receiving customer ratings at a very good rate. It received its first set of 10 ratings within 19 days, 2nd set in 15 days and the 3rd one in just 11 days. Moreover, none of our tested product has such ultra-durability and built for long-lasting performance to provide years of use as this one.

Our report emphasizes certain essential features of Oster Fast Feed Clipper, which includes its easy adjust ability, pivoting motor head, noiseless motor and ultra-durability. It is these features that distinguish this product from the rest. It is more expensive than our top pick but just like our top pick, it can be used for both dry and wet hair. The rating frequency of this product has been pretty good and seems to be increasing steadily.

Detailed Review

best hair clippers for men; OSTER Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510 - A feature-rich clipper you can tryAre you looking for well-rounded clippers to give yourself a haircut all by yourself? Is it that you can’t decide between going for clippers designed specifically for home-use and those purchased by professionals? Do you want something that does not create a pandemonium every time you cut your hair or heat up too much in your hand? If your answer to all these questions is an affirmative, then chances are that you are going to consider buying the Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper. This is one of the best hair clippers for men to fit a medium budget and work effectively for home use or those in the beginning of their barbering career.

To start with, the Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper has some essential functions that are way more advanced than other clippers available in this price range. This clipper features a 3-Dimentional pivoting head, which means that it can follow the skin outline very closely thereby giving you an ultimate haircutting experience. The fast-feed clipper ensures that productivity is always high and noise levels are down. And last but not the least is the 000-1 adjustability of the blade size in order to enable users to change settings comfortably.

Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper comes with a blade guard, four comb guides and some cleaning accessories including a cleaning brush and lubricating oil. Its pivot motor is powerful, considerably noiseless, works quickly and is convenient to use. The product weighs about the standard weight for any hair clipper, i.e. 1lb. it is available in an elegant, dark burgundy color and includes three combs of1/2 1/4 and 3/8” size each. Both the cord and the stainless steel blades are undoubtedly of superior quality.

One attractive feature of the Oster Fast Feed clippers is the versatility they offer to users. The clipper is available in many variations such as Snake Skin, Club Tattoo, Driftwood and Woodgrain. In addition, the product is available with 8 clipper guards but we wouldn’t say that they are of premium quality.


  • High-quality stainless steel blades
  • Powerful pivot-headed, noiseless motor
  • Impressive durability
  • Offers a comfortable grip because of its quality and shape
  • Can be used with both dry and wet hair
  • Doesn’t heat quickly


  • The fast-feed clipper is not quite ideal for a slick, bald look.
  • Secondly, the main purpose of Oster hair clipper is not for professional use but only home or semi-pro use.
  • The on/off switch is a bit clumsy.
  • It cannot be used as a balding hair clipper


If you are looking for a semi-pro hair clipper for home use, then this product can work for you.

It is quiet, ergonomic, does not heat a lot and will do a great job at giving you a perfect buzzcut. It can also be a good tool for beginners setting out to make a profession in haircutting. The key is to understand its boundaries well in advance and not use it for bulk haircutting orders.

Best for Multipurpose Usage: Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming

Why Is It Best for multipurpose usage?

Most Versatile Pick


Remington PG6025 All-in-1

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All-around Grooming Kit in One

An impressive variety of settings and accessories with emergency charging feature sets this hair clipper apart from the rest, making it the complete grooming kit in one tool.

This clipper kit comes with 8 attachments to fulfill all your grooming needs.Compared to other products, we found this hair clipper very affordable in price. Moreover, we compared the frequency of 30 latest ratings received for all hair clippers and found that this clipper had been receiving ratings by users at an amazing rate. It received its first set of 10 ratings within 3 days, 2nd set in just 4 days and 3rd one within 1 day. You can look up to these facts in our research report.

Thus, our very reliable report holds the Remington PG6025 clipper kit to great standards.

It is available with various attachments and length settings, it is much cheaper than other clippers with similar features, and it has an emergency charging option that is exclusive only to this product.

When compared to the ratings of our pick, the Remington clippers, in fact, were found to have received excellent ratings faster than our preferred choice. However, the review below better explains its pros and cons and why it didn’t end up being a favorite among many experts.

Detailed Review:

best hair clippers for men; Remington PG6025 - The best match for your grooming needsRemington, as a brand, has been in the market for a while now and is known for its high-quality grooming kits and shavers. It was not surprising to see Remington launch a creative hair clipper set for men but what surprised customers was the cost at which it was being offered. The product is not really expensive as one would expect and yet, superior in its design and quality when compared to many other clippers currently available in the market.What really makes this product unique is its impressive variety of settings and emergency charging feature which cannot be found in any other set of popular hair clippers.


Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit comes with 8 attachments, which include a Full-size Trimmer; a Foil Shaver; a Nose, an Ear and Detail Trimmer; a Hair Clipper Comb with 8 Length Settings; and 3 Beard and Stubble Combs. It features a rechargeable lithium battery that directs power to the motor efficiently and has a decent cordless run-time of about 50 minutes.

Its snap-on combs, adjustable comb and 3 attachment heads are sure to take perfect care of your grooming needs no matter where you go. The machine features a textured grip to ensure that the device fits in your hand comfortably as well as washable attachments that can be easily rinsed under a running tap.


  • It is very easy to snap on and snap off the 8 clipper attachments.
  • The clipper features high-quality surgical, stainless steel blades that are bound to last longer than you expect.
  • What makes these blades additionally long-lasting is that they are self-sharpening.
  • The kit is neatly wrapped in a pouch that comes in handy for taking the kit everywhere you travel.
  • The shaver weight is well-balanced making it easier to cut with precision.


  • The detail trimmer, nose and ear tend to produce a certain level of noise which might be unacceptable for some users.
  • The blades, in spite of their self-sharpening feature, do not last as long as the self-sharpening blades of some other clippers available in the market.
  • It is the reserved expenditure of this product that helps in extending its battery life. However, you are allowed to consider the limited power output of this product resulting from this reserved expenditure as a flaw.
  • Once the original battery has been replaced, the battery of these hair clippers might not last long enough depending on the battery now used.


Although the Remington PG6025 All-in-One Lithium Powered Grooming Kit is not our definition of a perfect hair clipper set, it is bound to make great leaps in that direction. It is powerful, efficient and lightweight. With proper maintenance and regular cleaning, it can last for a couple of years or so. Moreover, because of the self-sharpening blades, it will provide a cleaner cut every time. All in all, we think that this product is a great value for money.

Best for professionals: Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper with Detachable 000 & 1 Size Blades

Why Is It best for professionals?

Professional’s Pick


Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

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Experienced Cutter’s Tool of the Trade

Exceptionally powerful clipper with top of the line performance and durability, it’s the most professional hair cutter’s tool that delivers quality cuts every time.

The Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper has a very powerful, single speed motor for heavy-duty use. It comes with two detachable blades – size 000 and size 1.
This hair clipper is designed mainly for professional use. It is costlier than most other hair clippers available in the market but also sturdier and more durable.

There are two important reasons for including this efficient hair clipper in our top 10 list of best hair clippers. Firstly, as can be inferred from our report, these clippers are the most expensive of all the clippers we tested and yet fall in an affordable range. Secondly, after comparing the rating frequency of Oster Classic with that of other hair clippers, we found that this product is receiving ratings at an incredible rate. Oster Classic 76 received its first set of 10 ratings within 36 days, 2nd set in 10 days and 3rdone within 18 days.The hair clipper has been receiving high customer ratings at a very fast pace and can be trusted to stay hygienic to use even at busy haircutting salons.

Detailed Review:

best hair clippers for men; Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper - The right pick for professional useOster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper with Detachable 000 & 1 Size Blades is a workhorse for experienced cutters who can appreciate its ability to operate effortlessly. It is a hair clipper designed specifically to cut through different hair types, and endlessly all day long.

It also comes with an ultra-durable and thick 9-foot cord, which is exactly a foot longer than the usual cord and serves to offer the user some extra flexibility.The product also includes a cleaning brush, clipper grease, lubricating oil and a blade guard. Oster Classic 76 Clipper’s body is made of valox material, which is virtually unbreakable.

This famous set of hair clippers has been a favorite among barbers for a long time. It can be used all day and features a powerful motor that can cut through thick, dry, thin or even wet hair smoothly.

This product is mainly known for its sturdiness and is known to withstand several environmental factors, such as moisture or surrounding activities that typically occur at a busy barber shop. The detachable blades of this hair cutter are made for barbers and are antimicrobial to ensure an optimum level of hygiene.


  • It has exceptional power and renders supreme performance and durability.
  • The clipper can look attractive in any décor or setting because of its beautiful vintage look.
  • It is designed for professional use.
  • It cuts easily quickly through thick hair – wet or dry.
  • The housing is made up of very strong valox material.
  • Size 000 and Size 1 – Easily detachable blades are included with the clipper.
  • The product also includes clipper grease, blade oil and a cleaning brush.
  • It includes a 9-foot extra-long, heavy-duty cord.


  • It is a bit bulky at 1.5 pounds (0.7 kg), which is heavier than many other professional hair clippers.
  • It tends to get hot and noisy due to its single high-power motor.
  • It needs a firm grim to handle the clipper properly when using it for a long period of time.
  • Although durable, it needs more maintenance as compared to regular home clippers.


There is little to no doubt that Oster Classic 76 clippers are powerful and make for an amazing cutting tool. Just hold it once and you will realize how a genuine barber hair clipper feels. This clipper tool is all about power, quality cuts and impressive durability. Although it is a bit noisy, its insane blade quality and impressive precision cuts for pretty much all hair types make up for this flaw. However, it is the unique vintage look that makes this product stand out among all the other clippers available is this category.

Best for Beginners: Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

Why is it best for beginners?

Beginner’s Choice


Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro

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Most Compact and Convenient Clipper

Exceptionally compact and easy to use, this clipper runs on both power cord and battery. The design is innovative and convenient, making it the best choice for newbies.

This hair clipper is designed for customers who like to make once-in-a-lifetime investments that last for years and save them hundreds of dollars in the long run. Remington HC4250 kit enables you to cut your hair in different lengths and styles while being affordable and convenient at the same time.

By and large, Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit is a great buy for its ease of use, affordability and high-quality, extra-wide blades. It can be used for any type of hair and offers a good variety of length settings. Our report has shown a consistently rapid increase in the frequency ratings of this product within the very first week of its entry in the market.

Detailed Review:

best hair clippers for men; Remington HC4250 - You should consider it first as a beginnerAccording to our research team, Remington HC4250 is better than many other hair clippers on the market in terms of the comfort and ease of use provided to its users. It has been purposefully designed as this small, compact hair clipper that can easily fit in your palm.

This kit includes a cleaning brush, lubricant oil, charging adapter, storage bag and 9 combs for different length settings. The wide-curved blades enable one to maneuver the clipper easily and cover all areas of the head. Another advantage of using these home clippers is that they can be cleaned easily and quickly by simply removing and rinsing the detachable tools.

As compared to all the other hair clippers, this product is extremely easy to use. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand so you can maneuver it effortlessly around your neck, ears and also the rear part of your head. Its high-quality stainless steel blades can be used efficiently for any hair type without snagging, pulling or pinching it. Moreover, the curved, extra-wide blades of this clipper contour seamlessly to the head and provide maximum coverage. The ultimate result is a clean, even haircut. Even beginners can easily make use of this hair clipper to achieve great results without any tension. Another great benefit of this product is that it is not half as expensive as it appears to be. If your budget is $60, then you can order this clipper today itself.


  • The product provides its users with both – corded and cordless options. It is always wonderful to have both options at your disposal at any given point in time. The lithium rechargeable battery saves on electricity and money in the long run. Moreover, since you are not limited by cord length, you can easily take the clipper anywhere without worrying about plugging it in. At the same time, the corded option works when you don’t have enough time to charge the battery.
  • The product features a design that is innovative and convenient. It fits in the palm perfectly and can be moved easily around the tough areas including the neckline, ears and back of the head.
  • Its curved blades can be used for thin as well as thick hair with almost no pulling or snagging.


  • One flaw of the product is that if you have thick hair, then you need to brush it properly first before trimming or cutting it with the Remington HC4250 or there can be some pulling or snagging. Likewise, longer hair will require some slow passes in the beginning after which the clipper can be used normally.
  • Another disadvantage is that some customers might prefer getting a clip on spacer to clip around their ears. The ultra-sharp blades of this hair clipper are both an advantage and a disadvantage. They allow for clean haircuts but can also end up scratching the area around your ears.


Remington HC4250 is primarily designed for those who wish to own a hand-held, lightweight, simple and quick hair clipper at home. For example, it is a great buy for mothers who don’t want to take their children to extravagant barber shops for a simple haircut and do it themselves with some simple tips. Our report suggests that this hair cutter is mainly for home use and not something very professional to be used by barbers or expert stylists.

List of 4 Other Hair Clippers We Reviewed

No. 7: Wahl Chrome Pro 24 Pc Haircut Kit #79524-2501 Review

Complete Grooming Pick


Wahl Chrome Pro Haircut Kit 79524-250

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Best Kit for Your Everyday Grooming Needs

This 24-piece grooming kit comes with all the accessories you need for full body trimming needs, and is perfect for competing athletes, or simple home grooming

Wahl Chrome Pro 24-Piece Haircut Kit is yet another high-quality product from Wahl Clipper Corporation, which is designed not only for simple home use, but also for sports athletes who usually require a full body grooming kit . There are various items included in the kit that cater to a variety of user requirements. Moreover, this product comes with a robust plastic storage case and an assortment of clips, combs and scissors.

This hair cutting machine has been known to be consistent in its performance with minimal pulling observed. Another advantage of using Wahl Chrome Pro 24 Pc Hair Clipper is that it is very light and easy to use. Although these accessories are not of premium quality, the clipper does can be used efficiently to serve our daily haircut or full body trimming needs. And if you’re wondering why you should groom your body hair as a man, read this blog.

The Wahl Chrome Pro 24 Pc Hair Clipper is very popular and acclaimed to be one of the best hair clippers for men on the market in terms of its performance, ease of use and price segment. It works very well in a home setting for people of different age groups. The clipper is like any other hair clipper that requires regular cleaning and oiling after each use.


  • 24-Piece accessory kit has everything that is needed for one’s grooming needs
  • The handset is easy to clean
  • A robust carrying case is provided with the kit
  • The hair cutter comes with a close shave guide that can used especially for achieving those precisions cuts
  • It is available with an instruction booklet
  • The stainless self-sharpening blades increase the durability of this product


  • This hair clipper has been found to sometimes run noisily. One option is to adjust the blades to reduce the noise levels but this may not always be effective.

No. 8: TRYM II – Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit Review

Top Cordless Pick


TRYM II Modern Hair Clipper Kit

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Sleek and Suave Rechargeable Hair Clipper

Sleek and stylish, this rechargeable hair cutter comes with four attachments that are easy to use, giving you a close cut every time. Its elegant design makes it perfect for gifting

TRYM II Rechargeable Hair Clipper is unique in its style and appearance. This trimmer is rechargeable and cordless and easy to hold and move. It comes with a cleaning brush, charger cord, stand, four combs of different length settings and machine oil.

Since it is affordable, light in weight and looks classy, it makes for a thoughtful gift set for any guy.
This cordless hair clipper features a compact and sleek design and high-quality attachments. It is affordable and easy to maneuver. You can easily carry it anywhere and give yourself a nice trim or haircut in no time. With some regular cleaning, you can continue using this comfortable home clipper for years to come.


  • TRYM II has a compact base and does not need much storage space. The lightweight power makes it convenient for prolonged use without causing any exhaustion.
  • The ultra-sharp blades and strong motor of this cordless clipper makes it an ideal device for a smooth and clean haircut. With some skill and experience, it is possible to achieve a stylish haircut at home within a few minutes.
  • The hair clipper kit is available with four attachments. This is not an impressive variety but definitely sufficient enough for a close cut.
  • All the four attachments have been made out of premium quality that can be used extensively every day and resist wear and tear. Thus, you will not have to go through the common problem of replacing the entire equipment because one attachment broke.
  • TRYM II looks sleek and elegant and goes well with the modern and sophisticated interior of a house. It looks trendy on any bathroom countertop as well as on a barber shop’s shelf.


  • The only weakness our experts came up with was the maintenance required by TRYM II blades. They need to be cleaned properly and regularly or they can end up pinching or pulling your hair and get a little clumsy.

No. 9: Wahl Home Barber Kit #79524-3001 Review

Starter Kit Pick


Wahl Home Barber Kit #79524-3001

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Best Grooming Kit for the Family

This 30-piece starter kit includes everything from multi-cut clipper, trimmers, scissors, and accessories. It’s the perfect kit for families, for travelers, and basically anyone who needs a good cutter.

Wahl is one of the best hair cutter brands that have been around since 1919. Wahl Home Barber Kit is one of their great beginner clipper products, especially for a family with a lot of growing children or for someone who is looking to save those bi-weekly $30 haircuts at a barber shop. This Made-in-USA clipper is the way to go as a home kit to meet your hair styling needs.

It contains 30 different pieces, which cover pretty much everything needed to either cut/trim hair, beards, or cut hair on the back of the neck. This clipper also has some very high-quality metal blades which means they are built for long-term use.

This hair clipper also has an excellent warranty service. It has an impressive array of accessories included in the kit itself, which cover almost all you hair-cutting needs at home.

This Wahl Home Barber Kit is a very good starter kit and an affordable deal for someone wanting to take care oftheir grooming needs at home. It can definitely do better by using some high-quality scissors in its kit. Nevertheless, at this price point, it is still a great buy and will offer good value for your money.


  • One great advantage of this hair clipper set is certainly its ergonomic design, which makes it very easy to be used even in the inaccessible areas such as ears, neck and the back of your head
  • The kit includes 30 different pieces that are more than sufficient to meet all your hair cutting needs.
  • A step-by-step guide that comes with the product helps you to learn how to use various accessories accompanying this product.
  • There is also a cordless trimmer and an adjustable clipper included in this clipper kit.
  • The machine comes with a small, handy tote which is especially useful while travelling.


  • The scissors are of low quality.
  • Its mirror is small and not that comfortable to use while trimming/cutting.
  • This hair clipper cannot be used to meet professional haircutting and hairstyling requirements;it is recommended for home use only.

No. 10 : Wahl Professional Peanut Classic Clipper/Trimmer #8685 Review

Lightweight Professional Pick


Wahl Professional Clipper/Trimmer 8685

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Ideal Tool for Expert Cut

This powerful clipper/haircutter is easy to maneuver, lightweight and delivers a sharp performance that professionals demand, while possessing the convenience of its smaller size

Another popular item by Wahl is its Professional Peanut Classic Clipper/Trimmer that has recently gained much attention because of its lighter make and ease of use. The clipper/trimmer is available with a cleaning brush, oil, a blade guide and a one-year warranty. The 4 attachments enable the user to switch between different length settings.

Overall, we would say that this hair cutter is one of those that is simple, fits your budget and is a good value-for-money. Since it can be used by all members of the family, it ends up being a smart investment option that saves a lot of time, effort and money spent in several visits to a barber.

It is great for close shaves and cuts and can be used effectively to change the existing haircut and/or beard styles.


  • Wahl Peanut Classic Clipper/Trimmer is known for its powerful, electric motor that delivers a reliable, sustained and strong haircutting/trimming experience.
  • In terms of comfort and ease of use, this product has earned gold stars from many of our professionals. You will be able to see in our report how this cordless clipper/trimmer is small, light and easy to maneuver in contrast to other available beard trimmers that often result in a patchy trim as well as skin irritation.
  • Another advantage of the Peanut is that it can serve the entire family. Its small size makes it possible to be used efficiently for any kind of haircut such as getting a child’s hairline, cutting a baby’s hair for the first time and even grooming your family pet!


  • The powerful motor of this cordless hair clipper requires 110-watt outlets. Consequently, it cannot be used while traveling.
  • Replacement blades of the Wahl Peanut Classic Clipper/Trimmer are expensive. However, with some regular cleaning and maintenance, the original blades can be made to last for years.

What to Look Forward to:

We are still awaiting the launch of a hair clipper with more run time and less charging time. Moreover, although each clipper comes with a unique set of options that can suit some users while seem a hassle for others, having a hair cutting machine that is multi-functional and less complicated might actually help. Many of the companies reviewed by us have recently entered the market and certainly have a long way to go in terms of upgrading their product and bringing out newer versions for their customers. The key is building one that can be used by anyone and everyone and is yet, simplistic, user-friendly and convenient to be used anywhere.

Care and Maintenance

Hair clippers, especially the good ones, are built to last. Last for long. Moreover, every expert in our team gave us the same principle – Oil the blades of your hair clipper and see it last for years. Oiling the blades reduces friction, thereby avoiding them from heating up, burning your skin or snagging your hair. What’s more surprising is that our own experience as well most customer reviews tell us that sometimes, hair clippers last for years and even decades without a single drop of oil. One can only imagine the number of years oiling will add to the lifespan of a hair clipper.

What does this mean? It means enjoying complete value for your money.

If you want the best out of your investment, use the five-point oiling technique. This includes placing a drop of oil on both sides of the blade and its center. Then place another drop on each side where the lower moving blade rubs against the upper fixed blade. Now turn your clipper off and remove the excess oil using a towel or tissue without snagging the paper or fibers.

Many companies also advise wiping away loose hair from the blades after a haircut and oiling them again to protect against surface rust. If you run out of oil, you can use any mineral oil except non-food lubricants, WD-40 and 3-in-1, since these can result in a skin reaction.

Wrapping It Up:

Gone are the days when hair clippers were considered a barber’s best friend. With the emergence of a range of affordable and expensive, simple and complicated, professional and home-use hair clippers, they seem to have become a popular choice for everyone. At the same time, this rapid surfacing of so many hair cutters has made it next to impossible for a single individual to acquire the correct tools needed for his haircut.

This is precisely why we decided to get to the crux of the matter and conduct an extensive research on this subject. Much investigation and confirmation of facts has gone into creating this list of top 10 hair clippers.

We want you to make an informed choice that suits your needs, saves you the time and effort of trying a range of inappropriate hair cutters, keeps you from spending on some clipper you are not happy with and be happy with your haircut. Kindly make the best use of this list to select one that is perfect for your grooming needs.