Top 10 Electric Razors for Men (Feb. 2018): Reviews and Buyers Guide

Imagine yourself full of confidence and overjoyed at the sight of your clean shaven look. You leave the house every morning ecstatic due to your quality shave. When you arrive at work, your coworkers compliment your clean shaven face as well. Well, this could be your life after finding the best electric razor for men!Luckily, we’ve narrowed down the search and performed all the research for you. If you’re tired of hair tugging, skin irritation, and uncomfortable shaves, and don’t even know whether or not to get an electric razor, now is the time to move on. We hope you will find the help you need with our guide!

Why Should You Trust Us to Get the Best Electric Razor for Men?

We have tested and examined 25 electric razors throughout years of updating the website. Our employees are experts on everything related to shavers. They have spent a large amount of time testing and examining these razors. To assist our audience, we reveal the following top 10 razors. We chose these products after 55 hours of research. Yes, you read that correctly! This research was conducted online and by physically testing each razor. Our main goal is to help people choose the best quality electric razor. We do this in a way that remains unbiased as well. Keeping this in mind and examining the important features, we picked out these top shavers.

At What Age Should Boys Start Shaving?

Shaving acts as an entry way to adulthood for many adolescents. It’s their time to accept the transition from a boy into a man. But when is a good time for them to start? If your son has sufficient hair on his face, it’s probably safe to start shaving. The only thing you want to guarantee is safety. While most electric shavers are safe, you must ensure your son can properly use it. Fortunately, electric shavers are the safest and easiest to use. They rarely irritate the skin, especially if using shaving cream and warm water. You know you have a great electric shaver when your son’s skin is never cut or irritated.

Which Type of Razor Will Be Appropriate for You?

There are two types of electric shavers e.g. foil and rotary. Look below for a brief description of each and their differences with each other. You are guaranteed to find the best electric razor for men with the help of this guide.

  • Foil: This electric shaver type has a thin layer of foil that covers the blades. The foil gives you a closer shave and is kinder to the skin.
  • Rotary: These razors are great for shaving thick facial hair that grows sporadically. It’s ideal for men who don’t need to shave everyday. The flexible head also allows it to comfortable shave different parts of your face and neck.

What Kind of Product Should You Never Buy?

You should never buy a product that causes great discomfort and irritation to the skin. Some shavers will cut your face and leave red marks everywhere. As a user, you should not accept this and demand a better product. Additionally, you don’t want a shaver that irritates your skin. You want an electric shaver that is convenient, easy to use, and comfortable on the skin. You also don’t want a shaver that has a weak charging time. A strong battery will give you peace of mind, especially when in a rush. If you’re finding yourself questioning the shaver’s effectiveness, it’s time to move on. In the below text, you will learn about various categories you should examine before making a purchase.

What to Look for in the Best Electric Razor for Men?

There are many factors to consider before purchasing an electric shaver. We’ve simplified the process for you so you can find the best product quite easily. Look below for the different factors to consider.


This factor is important because it relates to torque. The greater the torque, the less time it takes to shave. Ensure the motor is powerful enough to trim thick hairs as well.


A long battery life means less time worrying about charging. Some razors also possess a quick shaving feature which is great if you’re in a rush.


We all want a razor that is convenient to use and requires minimum amount of maintenance. Additionally, you want a razor that doesn’t take up too much space. Portability is important if you are always on the go.


A razor should be easy and simple to wash. It’s especially helpful if you can wash the blades under the faucet. Proper cleaning will increase the lifespan of the razor and keep your face free from any bacteria.

How We Picked and Tested

We take this guide extremely serious and have put years of effort into this site. We’ve tested 25 electric razors for men and are experts on all of them. We’ve also used the internet to further research our findings. It took our experts 2 months to fully examine and test all these quality razors. But what did we specifically examine?

Well, we looked at how each razor works and how they dealt with each type of beard. We also examined how well they worked with detailing. Razor construction is important, especially when looking at the blade quality. You should also examine the battery life, maintenance simplicity, and more. Our experts did a great job of understanding each product before scoring it.

Most of our experts are professional barbers themselves and they know all the aspects of an electric razor. In fact, they use many of the razors on this list for professional and private use.

With all these various factors in mind, we picked out the best electric razors for men on the market.


Our Top Ten Product List:

We analyzed 41 of the most important features for each product we handpicked. Our research report is open to our readers who want to help others choose the best product. We would like to ask readers to like any of our social media pages before they view the full report. Regardless, the report is always open to you.

Our Pick: Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100, S1560/81

Number 1 Pick


Philips Norelco 2100, S1560/81

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Best Cutting Performance

Its powerful disposable blades deliver the most comfortable and closest shave possible at the most affordable price range. Its four-direction flex head follows every curve to deliver that close cut.

Why Is It Our No 1 Pick?

1. We analyzed 41 features that make an electric razor the most effective and Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100, S1560/81 has a unique combination of all of them, allowing us to objectively review this product. It provides a comfortable and the closest shaving experience possible. Additionally, it has durable, self-sharpening blades for a close shave. It is also fully washable, and contains disposable blades and a Lithium-ion battery.

2. Despite possessing all these great features, you can still purchase it at a cheap price. It does not cost more than $40.

3. We compared ratings for each product we tested. Specifically, we examined the first 30 ratings and this product received ratings at a very successful rate.

4. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100, S1560/81 has a rare combination of many important features compared to

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100, S1560/81 review

best electric razor for men; Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100, S1560/81Battery Life

The convenience of a long battery life truly increases the value of a men’s shaver. We need our razors to work whenever we need them and no one likes a dead battery. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100, S1560/81 uses a Li-ion battery that provides 35 minutes of shaving time with a full charge, though it requires 8 long hours to be charged fully that you can do overnight. This should be sufficient time to get you through the week, even with daily shaving. We also liked the indicator that lets us know when there’s low battery. This is convenient so we know when to plug the razor in. We consider this the best electric razor for men.

Cutting Performance

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100, S1560/81 is suitable for only dry shaving. Despite this limitation, you will discover the razor is extremely powerful and reliable. It provides the closest shave out of all the razors we tested. You can easily use this on a daily basis if you choose to. You shouldn’t experience any skin irritation or tugging on hair and will find the performance rivals that of more expensive products.

This double-edge razor makes minimum noise during operation. This is great if you’re trying to keep quiet while your family sleeps. Furthermore, the positioning of the disposable blades gives you a smooth and comfortable cut.

The design of this Norelco shaver is brilliantly made with a triple shaving head, allowing you to shave hard-to-reach areas, like the neck. It is also durable, making it a razor that will last for years to come. But if you want to make the most out of it, you also have to know how to shave properly.


Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100, S1560/81 is extremely easy and simple to clean. Simply run the razor under hot water after use. Fortunately, the device contains a release button where you can empty all those little hair. After dumping the hair, you can run it under the hot water once more. We recommend you perform cleaning after every use. It also comes with a user manual that has further directions on cleaning.


  • Close shaves while maintaining comfortability
  • Affordable price range
  • Runs quietly
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful disposable blades
  • Great for beginners
  • Strong safety ratings


  • Requires long charging time


Runner Up: Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Men’s Electric Shaver

Second Best Pick


Panasonic ES8103S Arc3

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Competitive Features & Price Range

Panasonic’s ultra-sharp nanotech blades, arc foil, and flexible pivoting head makes it efficient at cutting close to the contours of the face, chin, neck, and jaw.

Why Is It Our Runner Up Pick?

This double-edge razor has some great features compared to other products. However, it does not hold the same battery life as our number 1 pick and though it is affordable, it is slightly more expensive than Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100, S1560/81. Additionally, it received its first 10 ratings in 6 days. Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 has multi-fit air foil and 30-degree cutting edge capabilities. It also contains disposable blades.

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Men’s Electric Shaver Review

Battery Life

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 has a battery life of 42 minutes with a beautiful LED screen. The screen indicates battery life by percentage, which is great for knowing exactly where your charge stands. When you reach 10%, you have roughly 1-2 shaves left. A full charge will give you approximately 14 shaves of 3 minutes each. So, even if you shave every day, you will have plenty of charge to get through the week.

Cutting Performance

Panasonic ES8103S uses nano-tech blades with arced foil. This fancy equipment will give you an extremely close shave without causing irritation. Additionally, the blades are hypoallergenic, meaning they will not hurt sensitive skin. The three-blade shaving system ensures you will reach the hard to reach areas easily, including the neck and under the chin. The product also contains a motor that moves at 13,000 RP, offering enough power to shave the thickest of hair. The strong motor also guarantees limited tugging whereas other shavers cause tugging and skin irritation due to weak motors.

The amazing razor can be used both dry and wet. This is useful for those who enjoy shaving in the shower. We actually recommend wet shaves since it’s important to clean the blades anyways.


Hate cleaning your razor? Luckily this Panasonic shaver contains a turbo cleaning mode that moves the motor to 17,000 RPM. This will shake off any hair stuck to the blade. The cleaning process is relatively simple and quick. First, you remove the foil and run the blades under water. Once you’re finished rinsing the razor, turn on the turbo mode. Cleaning may not be fun, but it will ensure you don’t experience any jams in the future.

We recommend you clean the razor after each use to avoid any jams or slow shaves.


  • Nanotech and disposable Blades
  • No tugging
  • Strong motor
  • Flexible Head
  • Strong safety ratings


  • Does not have a long battery life


Budget Pick: Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit

Budget-friendly Pick


Remington PG6025 All-in-1

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Low-cost kit yet Versatile

The highlights of this shaver are its self-sharpening, disposable blades that are extremely durable, and its long battery life that’s perfect for cordless shaving.

Why Is It Our Budget Pick?

This grooming kit has the maximum number of positive features among all low cost kits. It also received rates at a very fast and successful rate. Despite being low costing, it has a Lithium-ion battery with up to 50 minutes of cordless run time.



Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit Review

best electric razor for men; Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming KitBattery

The product contains a lithium-ion battery that is impressive for this low price. A full charge will give up to 60 minutes of cordless shaving. You can even use a quick charge in the morning that is great if you are in a hurry. The battery will last 3 times longer than other brands. The battery will give you a strong and comfortable shave. Additionally, the shaver contains a power status indicator for your convenience.

Cutting Performance

The blades are extremely durable and do not easily rust. You will never experience skin irritation and can trust this razor for years to come. The self-sharpening blades stay sharp over time.

The storage kit is perfect for holding your attachments when traveling and the attachments are all aided by the strong battery. You can easily wash the attachments under the faucet as well.


The razor is not completely waterproof, something you must consider when cleaning. Because of this, you are limited to dry shaves. You can use a brush to clean out the small hair stuck in the razor.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Self-sharpening and disposable blades


  • Plastic features are not durable


Advanced Pick: Braun Series 7 790cc Cordless Electric Foil Shaver for Men

Advanced Pick


Braun Series 7 790cc

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Intelligent Features for Hassle-Free Shave

This Braun shaver boasts of long battery life and quick-charge features, plus a cutting-edge performance that allows for close shaves without cutting or irritating the skin.

Why Is It Our Advanced Pick?

This double-edge electric razor holds the maximum number of positive and advanced features. It has intelligent Sonic technology and increases power for cutting denser hair. Although it is slightly more expensive, it still is affordable. It received its first 10 ratings in just 3 days, which is considered a very quick rate! One of its most important features is the 2X OptiFoil that cuts hair as short as 0.05mm. If you favor advanced features, this might be the best electric razor for you.

Braun Series 7 790cc Cordless Electric Foil Shaver for Men Review

best electric razor for men; Braun Series 7 790cc Cordless Electric Foil Shaver for MenBattery Life

This Braun shaver offers 50 minutes of shaving time and requires only 60 minutes of charging time. Additionally, it contains a quick charge option. If your razor is completely dead, you can plug it in for a 5-minute quick charge. This will give you just enough power to get a clean shave. This is great if you’re running late for work but have forgot to charge your razor. The product also contains an LCD display, so you will know exactly when the razor needs a charge or cleaning. If you know all the pros and cons of a foil shaver, you can opt for this great option.

Cutting Performance

The blades are designed to shave the skin at sideways movements, ensuring smooth shaves extremely close to the skin. There are two power levels that allow you to pick the speed, which is great for men with thicker facial hair. It also has intelligent sonic technology that creates 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute, helping in preventing tugging and skin irritation.

Aside from blade performance, the razor is fun and comfortable to use. It fits firmly in the hand with its comfortable grip, provided by the black rubber on the sides.


Braun Series 7 790cc Cordless Electric Foil Shaver has a cleaning indicator that we don’t see in other razors. The beautiful indicator will light up when it’s time to place it on the cleaning station. Because the shaver is completely waterproof, it’s easier than ever to clean it. You just have to place the razor in the cleaning system. The cleaning dock utilizes cleaning cartridges that must be replaced. The cartridges use a cleaning solution that kills 99.9999% of germs. Braun takes cleaning seriously and you can definitely see it here. The cleaning system also lubricates the blades to ensure a longer life.


  • Extremely close shave
  • Quiet functioning
  • Great and effective cleaning system
  • No tugging or irritation of skin
  • Strong safety ratings


  • More expensive than other shavers


Best for the Beginners: Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men’s Electric Razor, Electric Shaver

Beginner’s Pick


Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

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The Beginner’s Best Friend

The best electric shaver for first time users, this shaver offers flexibility, a quick-charge function, and an adjustable shaver head for easy maneuvering and a closer shave.



Why Is It Best for Beginners?

Remington, the pioneer of electric razors, offers this double-edge razor which is one of the best among all the razors we tested ourselves. It is extremely convenient to use with its 5-minute quick charging function. It also falls under an affordable range. It received its ratings at a fast and positive rate. Because this product is so easy to use, we selected it for the beginners.

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver Review

best electric razor for men; Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men's Electric Razor, Electric ShaverBattery Life

Remington offers this great razor with a great battery for men who are new to electric razors. It contains a rechargeable battery that works for 60 minutes with a full charge. This is quite impressive considering the cheap price of the product. Additionally, Remington F5-5800 contains an LED screen that indicates battery life, so say goodbye to guessing how much power you have left!

We also liked its quick shave feature. This means you can get a shave with only 5 minutes of charging. This is a great option for men in a hurry.

Cutting Performance

Remington F5-5800 features steel foils that will easily move around the face. It is great for reaching hard to shave areas as well. You will find that with this Remington shaver, you can shave your face with fewer passes. It is actually difficult to find other razors with similar capabilities offered at such a low price.

It also contains a warranty and at this price, you can even keep one at the office and one at home.


You can easily rinse the blades of Remington F5-5800 under a faucet for cleaning. Unlike some razors, you can do both wet and dry shaves. You will find the cleaning to be less of a chore with this razor. Again, we recommend you clean the razor regularly. This will ensure the device doesn’t jam from small hairs.

The device is extremely affordable and great for the new shavers. This can be an introduction to use future electric shavers. The design is black and sleek, something that will look nice in your bathroom. If you’re looking for a razor that will provide a smooth shave at all times, look no further.


  • Affordable
  • Great battery life of 60 minutes
  • Great for beginners
  • Great safety ratings


  • Not as durable as other disposable blades


Best for Multipurpose Usage : Philips Norelco Multigroom 5100 Grooming Kit – 18 Length Settings QG3364/49

Versatile Pick


Philips Norelco Multigroom 5100

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All-in-One Grooming Kit

This complete set includes 7 tools for all your face and head styling needs – from head to face. You can choose from a number of built-in length settings to achieve the style you want


Why Is It Best for Multipurpose usage?

The double edge razor contains 7 attachments for all your grooming needs. Despite all this, it falls under a cheap price range. It even received its first 10 ratings in 3 days. Additionally, it has the capacity of multiple settings and emergency charging.


Philips Norelco Multigroom 5100 Grooming Kit Review

best electric razor for men; Philips Norelco Multigroom 5100 Grooming Kit - 18 Length Settings QG3364/49Battery Life

This kit comes with a state-of-the-art Lithium-ion battery. With one single charge for 1 hour, you’ll get 60 minutes of running time. The 5-minute quick charge is great for people in a hurry. The battery also contains a turbo boost perfect for thick hair. If you’ve ever used a cheap razor before, you know how annoying tugging is. It not only irritates the skin, but is also uncomfortable to use.

Cutting Performance

This electric razor has self-sharpening blades made of chromium steel, which is great for people with sensitive skin and they are guaranteed to last for years to come. The rounded blade tips ensure your skin doesn’t get irritated.

We also liked the attachments that come with the razor. This includes a metal trimmer, beard comb, and more! These attachments are great for having any look you want. You can even use the razor to shave your hair at different lengths and the blade lengths go as low as 3mm!


Cleaning the blade is easy for a number of reasons. You can easily rinse the razor under the tap in less than 30 seconds. You want to ensure debris and small hair get out of the razor and the last thing you want is a pesky jam when you need it most!


  • Long battery life
  • Powerful self-sharpening blades
  • 18 built-in length settings
  • Durable and disposable blades
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Successful safety ratings


  • Plastic attachments are not much durable


Best for Traveling: Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver

Traveler’s Pick


Panasonic ES3831K

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Best Shaver for People on the Go

Compact, lightweight and great for traveling, this electric shaver has powerful blades that stay sharp for a long time. This cordless machine lets you shave on the go for your convenience.


Why Is It Best for Traveling?

This double-edge electric razor fits neatly into bags, luggage, and other grooming kits. It is also cheap, falling under the $20 price range and it received its ratings very fast. This is the most lightweight and portable shaving machine on the market. This is why we consider it the best electric razor for men who travel.


Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver Review

best electric razor for men; Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel ShaverBattery Life

This electric razor uses two double AA batteries that give you around 90 minutes of shaving time. This should give a daily shaver roughly 2 weeks of shaving time. The strong batteries run the motor at 8500 RPM, which is great for traveling especially because it’s light in weight.

We recommend you purchase rechargeable batteries to save you some money. This will help keep costs down and avoid making annoying trips to the store.

Cutting Performance

Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver is consistently ranked one of the best razors under $100 due to its powerful blades that stay sharp even after heavy and extended use. Additionally, they cut hairs down to the skin level. This is great because you receive a close shave for such a low price. You can also perform dry and wet shaves with it. If you prefer shaving in the shower, you can do so with ease. The blades are angled at 78 degrees. Why is this important? This angle guarantees the closest shave possible for sensitive skin. But for achieving the smoothest shave, we recommend you use shaving gels.

Many razors irritate the skin simply because their foils contain nickel metal. Fortunately, this Panasonic shaver contains nickel-free blades that are hypoallergenic as well. This means that people with allergies will not have to worry about using this razor.


Cleaning the razor is simple because you can wash it under the faucet. The product comes with a cleaning brush as well. This is helpful for removing those small hair that can jam the razor. After rinsing the razor, you can wipe it down with a dry towel.



  • Great for traveling
  • Affordable price
  • Easy for beginners
  • Good safety ratings


  • Small size may be difficult to handle for some


List of 3 Other Electric Razors We Reviewed

No 8: Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Wet&Dry Electric Shaver for Men Review

Battery Life

Efficient Shaving


Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

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Efficiency and Comfort Rolled into One

Its triple-action cutting system combined with its efficient battery makes this shaver a handy tool. It boasts of its Micro-Comb technology which ensures shaving efficiency and comfort.

The Braun contains an excellent battery life of 45 minutes. This will get you through the week despite shaving daily. To charge the battery fully, you only need to plug it in for 45 minutes. This short charging time is not seen in other chargers. It also offers a 5-minute quick charge for a single shave. Imagine yourself late for work and in great need of a shave. Unfortunately, your razor is dead. The quick shave feature is where this feature comes in handy most.

The product uses a rechargeable NI-MH battery. We also loved the razors LED screen that notifies you when you need a recharge.

Cutting Performance

The product contains a triple-action cutting system. This consists of 3 elements that adjust to your face’s contour. What so special about this? The result is quicker shaving times and less irritation. The razor also contains SensoFoil technology. This technology gives the foils added strength to cut hair quicker. It also causes less irritation on the skin.

MicoComb technology is a great feature we were extremely impressed with. It aims to minimize skin irritation while cutting the hairs. It creates extremely small cuts that don’t tug the hairs as well.


You can operate the razor in both wet and dry conditions. This is ideal for men who shave in the shower. It also means the device is 100% washable. It can even be submerged for up to 5 meters in water. This feature is unheard of in other razors.

The ergonomic grip is designed for use in wet conditions. It contains a rubber grip that provides great handles. It would be difficult to drop even while using in the shower.


  • Strong and durable blades
  • Operates in wet and dry conditions
  • Easy to clean for beginners
  • Great battery life
  • Successful safety ratings


  • Some reviewers describe the razor as bulky

No 9: Remington XR1400 Verso Wet & Dry Men’s Shaver & Trimmer Grooming Kit Review

Powerful Battery Pick


Remington XR1400 Verso

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Best Electric Razor with Battery

Its Max Lithium Battery coupled with the ergonomic hyper-flex design and precision-plus heads delivers a powerful yet smooth shaving experience.

Battery Life

Remington is extremely proud of its Max Lithium power. This high performance battery gives high performance for 45 minutes. This is more than enough battery to get you through a week of shaving. It requires 4 hours of charging to get full battery life. Because the battery is so strong, you get a powerful motor as well. It’s considered the best electric razor for men in the battery category.

The product also offers a quick charge option that is great for men in a rush. Convenience was truly valued when making this device.

Cutting Performance

The Remington is considered a rotary shaver that utilizes two great technologies. This includes the HyperFlex neck with PreceisionPlus heads. This allows the razors to cut according the contours of your face. You will get a smooth shave and even better, you will have fun doing so.

We were also impressed with the pop-up detailer. This detailer pops out of the razor and is used to detail your sideburns. Additionally, you can use it to perform precise detail on your facial hair as well.

The attachments were extremely useful as well. They include a cleaning brush with charcoal, a triple head shaver, and more. We loved the scrub because it felt great on the skin. It cleans away dirt and oils that lay dormant on the face.


Cleaning the razor is easy and quick. It contains WETech technology, meaning the razor is 100% waterproof. You can easily clean it in the sink or in the shower.

The product also comes with a travel pouch that easily stores the razor and its attachments. This pouch is organized and great for men who are constantly on the go.


  • Powerful blades
  • Great battery life
  • 100% washable
  • easy for beginners


  • Small in size


No 10: Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 (Model AT830/46) Frustration Review

Battery Life

Wet & Dry Comfort


Philips Norelco 4500 (AT830/46)

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Best All-around Shaver

Dual precision heads with pop-up trimmer makes this Norelco shaver an all-around tool that lets you shave whichever way you want. Perfect for a refreshing wet shave, or quick and easy dry shave.

Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 (Model AT830/46) Frustration comes with a great battery that offers 50 minutes of shaving time. Additionally, it contains a 3-minute quick-charge for a single shave. While it might take 8 hours to charge the razor completely, you will still enjoy the benefits of a 50-minute battery life.

The razor also contains an indicator that alerts you when the battery is low. This feature is great because you no longer have to guess.

Cutting Performance

Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 (Model AT830/46) Frustration contains dual blades that will cut efficiently and smoothly. It boasts of a DualPrecision shaving system that targets all types of hair. Whether it is long, short, thick or thin, its low-friction heads will smoothly cut the hair. The product also contains pivoting heads that are built for speed. We all have experienced tugging at one point or another and this painful feeling is eliminated with the Norelco technology. The heads follow the contour of your face to give you an efficient and comfortable shave. You can follow some tips to make proper use of it.

The razor also contains a pop-up trimmer that will come in handy more often than you think. The pop-up trimmer is great for detailing and shaping your sideburns.


This Norelco shaver is very easy to clean due to its cleaning brush. You are able to run the razor under a faucet for the best cleaning. You can shave with it both in wet and dry conditions, but we recommend you use shaving cream for the best and closest shave.


  • Great battery life
  • Quick-charge feature
  • Powerful and durable blades
  • Easy for beginners


  • More expensive than other razors we tested

List of Other Products We Tested

What to Look Forward To?

We look forward to products that have a greater battery life. A razor with greater battery life means greater convenience. In this modern era, we are sure to see future razors with longer lasting batteries. It’s important that our razors are always available to us and we expect our razors to turn on whenever we need. While lithium-ion batteries are excellent, there is always room for improvement. We at will keep up with the latest razors and consistently update this guide.

Care and Maintenance of Your Best Electric Razor for Men:

Electric razors are products that can last forever if properly cared for. Oil is a lifesaver when it comes to protecting your razor. It will make your blade last for years and even decades. You might ask what exactly oil does here? Well, it cuts down the friction, so you won’t experience any painful hair tugging. Less tugging and pulling means less skin irritation. Many users from all around the world still have razors that have lasted for years without a single drop of oil. This astounding fact pays tribute to how durable these blades are and how they take care of their razors.

Wrapping it Up:

We consider any of the above products to be suitable for your shaving needs. Every one of these products have been labeled the best electric razor for men. These razors will make your life easier and more convenient. Additionally, every product has been tested and repeatedly cross checked. Our experts not only used the products personally, but looked across the internet as well. If you ever need a high-quality shaver, you can choose any product from the list. We hope you enjoyed our review and now have more confidence in purchasing an electric razor. So now is the time to make an informed buying decision.