Top 10 Braun Electric Shavers (March 2021): Reviews & Buyers Guide

Hair grows out of our faces (and other areas) and unless we’re going for the hipster beard, it needs to be gotten rid of.
You could hack away at it with cheap disposable razors, polluting the world as well as cutting your chin.
You could go full on straight-razor and spend your time trying desperately not to sneeze and cut your head off.
Or, you could go for an electric razor…
Yes, that’s the way! Maybe your old one has given up the ghost, or you’re getting into the world of male grooming and wondering why you never ventured here before?
An electric razor is an essential for someone who wants a good shave, quickly. Have you been looking around for good brands? Yes?
You’ve heard of Braun shavers, or used them before, or your impeccably clean-shaven buddy uses one and you want to look that good. They seem cool, but you want to know more.
And you find yourself here, on a list of the best Braun shavers for men. Welcome, we have what you need.
This is our Top Ten Braun shaver list. If you can’t find what you need here, you won’t find it anywhere else.

But Why Should You Trust Us?

This is your face we’re dealing with, it’s serious business! You don’t want just any shaver near your stubble, you want the best Braun shaver. So you’re asking what do these guys know?

We’ve been doing this a good while now (four years or so), and we’ve actually gone and tested the products we’re talking about, so you don’t have to.

We like to look good, and darn it, we do. No stubble rash here, no little pieces of paper stuck to cuts, no missed bits. Looking good is something we take seriously, and having the best Braun shaver was the trick.

In the 55 or so hours we’ve spent researching and testing these Braun shavers, we’ve figured out the features that make the biggest difference when it comes to a good shave with a Braun.

We don’t have any special affiliation with Braun, we just think our readers would like to see a fair comparison. We’re not here to promote any particular brand or product, so don’t worry.

Bearing all this in mind, here’s what we found to be the most effective Braun shaver on the market.

What to Look for in a Good Braun Mens Electric Razor?

There’s a lot to choose from, so the question becomes: what to look for? Everybody wants a close shave (not in the dramatic sense, they’re scary), so have a look at how finely the shaver will cut those pesky beard hairs.

Speed is a killer in the morning. Dancing around with your pants round your ankles, trying to get a shave while brushing your teeth? The shaver that does it the fastest will win the day.

Braun shavers can be very technologically advanced, following the contours of your face and doing all sorts of fancy things, but they also provide a range of simpler shavers, so have an idea of what you’d like.

You need a shave before that important job interview or presentation, only to find your shaver has gone dead. Braun shavers are pretty good with their battery life, but the more advanced the shaver, generally the faster it will lose charge.

Hate wet shaving? Sick of disposable razors? There are good dry shave options from Braun.
We like to look for durability. Is it tough and well made? Can we drop it in the sink and it will survive? Brauns are well made, but they can’t withstand everything, so take care of them.

What Not to Buy

So, you’ve got an idea of what you want to buy, but what about what not to buy? Here are some handy tips to guide you along. They might seem obvious but if they reminded you, they did their job!

If you’ve tried it and it made you itch and scratch, don’t buy it! If you’re a traveler and need to travel light, don’t purchase the enormous one with all the gizmos.

Do you forget to put yours on charge? Don’t get the one with the smallest battery. Can’t take dry shaving? Then the Braun dry shavers aren’t for you. Don’t get anything that might cause you to regret it!

Who Are Braun Mens Shavers for?

If you’ve got hair growing on your face, you’ll be able to find a Braun shaver that suits you. Thick stubble? 5 o’clock shadow? Just a teeny-weeny wispy moustache your mom keeps telling you to get rid of? Finally deciding, after years of glorious beard, to go clean shaven?

There’s plenty of choices. If you’re always on the road and need something you can just drop in your pocket and use in a gas station toilet, Braun has a shaver for you.

Or if you spend an hour every morning, carefully cleaning and oiling that beard, and need a shaver that can keep the shape just as it is, you’re in the right place.

Buying a gift for the guy who has everything? The reassuring price and build quality of a Braun might just be the thing he didn’t have.

Your first shaver? Take it slow and easy with a Braun shaver, you’ll get the hang of it!
We’ve looked at so many Brauns for this list and it’s hard to find a group who wouldn’t find what they needed. In fact, we can’t think of any!

Benefits of Using the Best Braun Shaver

  • Yes, they are more expensive than some other shavers, but they last forever and don’t break down
  • Fewer replacement blades: higher quality is longer lasting
  • Quickest shaves around! Instead of 15 minutes hacking at the growth on your cheeks, try 5 minutes of easy shaving with a Braun
  • Very portable, they can go in any travel bag (or even your pocket), so you can shave on the go.
  • Last minute shaves have never been as easy, or as foolproof. Don’t miss that important dinner or interview!
  • Excellent battery life
  • No nicks and cuts, just a fine shave
  • Braun shavers charge incredibly quickly, so even if you go for a shave and it’s out of juice, a couple of minutes later you’ll be shaving away
  • Versatility: wet and dry shaves galore!
  • No more struggling to get those hard to reach hairs, these are precision machines
  • The closest of shaves due to the tilting and pivoting heads that follow the contours of your face

How We Picked and Tested

We’ve been running this guide for 4 years and have tested dozens of shavers, this time we chose Braun to run the gauntlet of our research team. As we mentioned earlier, we put some serious hours into this guide.

To find the best Braun shavers in the land, we started by sending our devoted team of volunteers out into the wilderness (they went shopping) to find all the Braun shavers they could.

They came back to us with tales of shavers with features we could hardly believe, so we tested them to see if their claims were true!

While some escaped the testing process, most were checked and investigated to great lengths. We narrowed 20 down to the list you’ll find below.

Nearly 2 months of testing with our committed community of researchers, testers and others that needed to shave, we had found the factors common to all the Braun shavers that we could compare them with.

We looked closely at, amongst others, appearance; usability; runtime; charging time; dry and wet operation; price and lots more to help us decide which was the best and which would be suitable for different people.

The products on our list were the ones that met these conditions.

After all that, I’m very confident we know what we’re talking about when it comes to Braun shavers. What we’ve selected is the best you can find on the market. That’s a bold claim, but we’ve done the work, so we can back it up.

Our Top Ten Braun Shaver List

We have analyzed 38 (!) of the most important features for each of the Braun shavers we selected. You can imagine the spreadsheet!
You can check out our research, it’s open for you to see and help find you the best shaver. To see it, just like any of our social media pages and you’ll be right there.