Top 10 Body Groomers (June 2020): Reviews and Buyers Guide

My most mortifying experience: I was twelve and we took a trip to the beach; my classmate and crush, Anna, was there with some friends. She said hi to me and asked me to hang out with her little gang. We played truth or dare; and they dared me to take off the shirt I was wearing because I was embarrassed about my body hair. I took it off, and they laughed at me, the jerks. I ran away bawling my eyes out. Anna was laughing the loudest.I promised myself that from that day on I would never be mocked by anyone else again for my body hair. That is how I became interested in male body grooming; and I have searched for the best body groomer ever since then. The following list contains information I have gathered so far about the best groomers.

Benefits of Using a Body Groomer:

It is no secret that women prefer a man who smells nice, doesn’t have sweat stains, and keeps his body hair well groomed; be it on his face or other places on his body. Women today have called unkempt body hair “scary” “creepy” and “weird.” Has this ever happened to you?

As a man hoping to compete with other guys for the attention of these ladies, you must do whatever you can to stand out. Well-kept body hair is considered sexy by most women.

Body hair also affects the natural odor emanated by the body, so you are both sweaty and stinky. Women do not like this, they sometimes interpret it as anxiety or nerves, which is not good for your game. Groom your body the right way, and the ladies cannot stay away.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Over the past four years, we have researched several grooming products that are available on the market. Our goal was simply to discover which product was the Best Body Groomer.

We sampled over forty groomers to make the pool more diverse; and tested twenty of groomers which we thought were the best. Finally, we distilled the list down to these 10 which we are to review in this article.

Attached, you will find a report of the list of 20 groomers from which this list of 10 is derived. This list of 10 groomers are the products which we find to be of the best quality, and each one offers its own unique perk.

What exactly a Body Groomer is?

A body groomer, like a trimmer or a shaver, is meant to eliminate hair from the body. The difference between the three lies in the body parts for which they can be used. The trimmer is specifically for the head, the shaver for the face, and the groomer for rest of the body.

The groomer’s main purpose is to eliminate unwanted hair in the chest area, the groin area, the bakc, and the abdominal area. If you will note, these are key areas women survey when deciding whether a man is worthy or not. It is crucial for any man to groom himself in such a way that he experiences no discomfort whether his shirt is on or off.

Who are Body Groomers For?

Body groomers are for any man who wishes to keep a clean and smooth body, and use his personal hygiene as a force in getting ahead in this day and age. As we all know, hairy men, and by extension sweaty and smelly men, do not win anything. Our time is ruled by the smooth skinned, suave man whose cologne women can actually smell, rather than the “B.O.” that emanates from hairy men. Who are groomers for?

  • Anyone who like me, never wants to be ridiculed for wild body hair; anyone wishing to woo a lady.
  • Anyone  who wants to go to the beach without some kids laughing at them or becoming a meme, and anyone who does not want their significant other to leave them for a “smooth skinned younger man.”
  • Groomers are for the self-conscious man who is looking to build confidence, and it is also for the confident man, wishing to stay confident.
  • For those looking for a memorable gift for a teen.

As a variation of something said by the most interesting man in the world, “Stay well groomed my friends.”

What to Keep an Eye on to Get The Best Body Groomer?

If there is one thing that experts agree on, it is that the best groomer excels in the following areas: power, battery life, value, practicality, and advanced Built-in Settings.


The driving force behind each groomer.

The best groomer has higher torque which allows for a more efficient shave.

Higher torque and power mean that each pass removes significant amounts of whiskers so that it takes a shorter time to get the clean and smooth body you want.

This helps with irritation as well, as repeated passes tend to damage the skin. This is a factor that cannot be overlooked if you want clean, clear and healthy-looking skin after a groom rather than the opposite.

Battery Life

The one thing I cannot stand is a shaver or groomer that dies out when I need it most. We are all forgetful and it stinks that some products require insane hours to charge before they can be used.

We researched the battery life of each of these recommended groomers and picked the ones that required less charge time and produced higher results. Battery life is important, and it helps to eliminate what could possibly be a huge time waster” charging or replacing batteries when you’re supposed to be on your way to work, or a date.


Let’s be honest, we are all driven to pay as little as possible for the best possible benefit. We wish to get the best value for our buck. These products fit the description of the “good value for low price” category.


Again, the best body groomer must be easy to use; difficult things discourage people. One thing to keep an eye out for is a groomer that allows for some flexibility in case there are any hard to reach places. Not only must it be good in power, it must also possess some finesse. A combination of the two will produce wonderful results.

Built-in Settings

These are perks each groomer has. Some groomers offer built in combs, and others are water resistant. These are extra things included in a groomer to make it more versatile.

How We Picked and Tested

We spent a considerable amount of time combing through almost every machine on the market; comparing each of them based on our 5 point system (which is detailed above). There were tons of machines to choose from, which we thought was a huge problem when looking for the best groomer.

Through our numerous “pretests” we found that part of the problem is that finding the best body groomer is not the easiest of tasks, and trial and error is not an affordable option for most people. We researched the ratings and reviews, we researched based on prices, and we researched further on the companies that built the machines. Did these companies have a history of creating amazing machines?

We then spent time personally testing several factors to determine for you the best body groomer; for example: how irritated was the skin after use? Is the shave clean and clear? Are there particles left behind? Is this groomer damaging the skin in any way? For months, we dedicated research to finding out whether these groomers would stand the test of time.

We reviewed the construction of the groomer, the types of blades used and the mentality behind its creation. We found that these factors played a great role in whether a groomer was great or just average.

Our Pick:Remington PG525 Head to Toe Lithium Powered Body Groomer Kit, Trimmer

Sharp Yet Sensitive


Remington PG525 Lithium Powered Body Groomer

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Perfectly Protected Preening

Non-slip ergonomic grip, surgical steel self-sharpening blades, and precision control make this Remington grooming kit a steal at about thirty bucks, and safe for all your parts.

Why Is It Our No 1 Pick?

The Remington PG525 Head to Toe Lithium Powered Body Groomer Kit, Trimmer stands above the rest of the other products on this list for several reasons. A few of which are its high ratings, affordability, additional features, and its inbuilt settings.  Our research has helped us determine some of the best features of these products and the following points detail some of these awesome attributes.

  1. We have analyzed 22 features for each product we have selected. From our research report you can see that this product does not contain the maximum number of positive features, but it has the most important ones by which the best body groomers can be measured.

The surgical steel, and blades that self-sharpen are the backbone of this incredible machine. This machine is faucet washable; and includes a vertical trimming attachment which lets you shave and trim in details as well.

This product includes 8 clipper combs and 3 combs for stubbles and beards. It contains a lasting battery and convenient charging stand for charging and storage for all grooming products.

  1. Our best picked product falls in the affordable price range for all similar groomers. If your budget is within $30 this groomer is perfect for you. It is for people who want an affordable and durable machine.
  2. After researching and comparing rating frequency of each of the products using 30 of the most recent ratings, we found this product receives ratings at a much better rate than the rest of the competition. It received its first 10 ratings in 3 days, 2nd 10 ratings in 5 days and 3rd ten ratings in only 1 day, an amazing feat.
  3. The feature which makes it unique from all other products is its textured grips which helps it to fit firmly in your hand for ultimate control at any angle and this feature helps this product to be selected as our pick.

Detailed Review

Remington PG525: best body groomer

This groomer has a ton of solid ratings on Amazon with 2500+ reviews. It is priced slightly higher than some of the others on this list; however, make no mistake: this groomer has enough features to make you forget about the price you will be paying for it. Let’s look at where it ranks on our five-point scale with: Power, Battery Life, Value, Practicality, and Built in settings.


With powerful surgical self sharpening blades, this groomer assures a clean and clear shave without any of the usual cuts and nicks that go with shaving. The motion of the blades tends to caress the skin rather than scratch at it. This allows the groomer to shave more with every pass because the circular motion gathers more hair.

Battery Life

The only detriment to this machine is that it requires a full 24-hour charge before it can be used. Beyond that, it boasts 70 minutes of cordless usage for every 4 hours of charging. That is incredible, as most groomers require a full night’s charge to be usable for the morning.


For less than $30, a user gets clean shaven skin without cuts or scratches. That is the true value of this groomer, it allows for the closest to perfect shave. With a head that pivots and allows you to reach places you’d usually think are impossible to reach, this groomer is worth every cent paid for it.


With the idea of sensitive skin in mind, the makers of this machine opted to make its grip more suitable for the purpose. With such an ergonomic grip, there is no chance your hand might slip and shave something you did not mean to. That is the beauty of this machine, it is literally made to help with a shave as close to perfect as possible.

Built-in Settings

The built-in trimming comb is another feature that adds to the value of this product. Allowing the user to trim the thickest hair while simply gliding over the skin.


  • 70 minutes cordless use for every 1 hour charged
  • Self-sharpening surgical steel blades
  • Easy to clean


  • Requires 24 hours charge for first use.