Bald Eagle Smart Skull Shaver Review (Updated June 2020)

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Bald Eagle Smart head shaver review

In the last couple of years, the demand for head shavers has increased dramatically. Apart from men who are balding, a lot of men with healthy hairs are also preferring a bald look to add an edge to their personality. However, with this increasing demand, the number of head shavers has also increased in the market, making it difficult to choose a product that is efficient and affordable.

For men who are balding or want to carry a bald head and are looking to keep their heads shaved regularly, the ergonomically designed Bald Eagle Smart Head Shaver can be an excellent choice. With a patented design that is sharp and adjusts as per the contours of your head, it is undoubtedly one of the best head shavers currently available in the market. Continue reading this Bald Eagle Smart Head Shaver review to know more about this nifty shaver.


The Bald Eagle Smart Head Shaver does not come with much accessories, making it an easy process to use this head shaver. There is no charging stand or any other kind of accessories or attachments. Although there are accessories and attachments available in the market for this head shaver, you need to purchase them separately because none of them are included with this shaver. However, it does come with the following ones:

  • A Charger
  • A Small Cleaning Brush
  • A Soft Pouch

Key Features

1. Patented Handle Design

You will generally find a vertically shaped handle in majority of the head shavers. But the Bald Eagle Smart Head Shaver features a patented handle design that is horizontally shaped. This unique design helps you grip it well and allows you to use it with enhanced control.

2. Precision Cutting System

With its precision cutting technology, the head shaver is able to remove the smallest of hair from your head to deliver close and smooth shave every single time. Also, the sharp blades don’t require you to run the shaver over and over again on any particular area of your skin to get the desired shave. Slide it once and you will get a clean shave.

3. Multiple Rotary Blades

The shaver has 5 separate flex action, super thin, rotary blades to provide users with perfect shaving results in least amount of time. These flexible blades are able to automatically adjust as per the contours of your head to offer you comfortable and clean shave. Moreover, though the blades are very sharp, they are completely safe for your skin and you can move the shaver in any direction without worrying about cuts or nicks.

4. Multiple Voltage Support

The Bald Eagle Smart Head Shaver can support multiple voltage levels that range between 110V and 220V. This ensures that you will never blow off the shaver even when you plug it in an outlet with different voltages.

5. Long Battery Life

Once fully charged with the included charger for about two and a half hours, the shaver can last for a mind-blowing 90 minutes. Even the most expensive head shavers are only able to last for about 50-60 minutes. This is because the unit is extremely light and doesn’t feature the auto-clean system found in many shavers. Moreover, there is also an LCD screen on the shaver. It indicates the battery level to provide you with a clear idea of the charge remaining in the battery and avoid the problem of the battery running out of charge in the middle of a shave.

6. Optional Accessories and Attachments

As mentioned above, the head shaver doesn’t come with any additional accessories or attachments. But you can buy many of them on Bald Eagle’s official website and other online stores. You can buy the SS Rinse Stand for automatic cleaning, foil body shaver attachment, hard shell travel case, clipper, ear hair/nose trimmer, and a lot more.

Cleaning & Maintenance

In this part of this Bald Eagle Smart head shaver review, I’ll talk about the cleaning and maintenance of this shaver, which is highly important to keep your head shaver ready for every use. Like many other head shavers that come with an auto-cleaning stand, this Bald Eagle Smart head shaver doesn’t come with one and that is the reason for its reasonable price tag. So, this means that you’ll be required to clean this shaver manually. However, Bald Eagle has done a great job of keeping the cleaning process easy and simple.

You don’t have to open the shaver’s head for cleaning this shaver. Follow the below-mentioned steps and your shaver will be clean and ready for use again in minutes.

  • Get some clean water in a bowl or a glass that can accommodate the head of the shaver. It is recommended that you should use warm water for better results.
  • Now, dip your shaver in the water.
  • Once the head is in water, switch on the shaver for about 5-8 seconds. That’s it! Your shaver will be free from hair and ready for use again.

Also remember that you should only use foam if you want a wet shave, as shaving gels are sticky and can jam the shaver’s head.

Warranty Details

The shaver comes with a standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. I’d also like to mention that the customer service offered by Bald Eagle is pretty impressive and many of the user reviews have also mentioned the same.

Final Thoughts

I hope that my Bald Eagle Smart head shaver review has provided you some great information about this powerful head shaver. If you have questions about this shaver, please use the comments section below and I’ll try to resolve it as soon as possible.


1. Patented handle design is highly comfortable and offers excellent grip while shaving.

2. 5 powerful, rotary blades for impressive shaving results.

3. LCD battery display is very useful.

4. Battery easily lasts for about 90 minutes when fully charged.

5. Cleaning is pretty simple and quick.

6. Reasonably priced.

7. Hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon.


1. Only 1 year warranty.


If you are looking to sport that sexy bald head and are searching for an efficient and reasonably priced head shaver, the Bald Eagle Smart Head Shaver is undoubtedly a great option. It offers precise shaving results and is extremely easy to use and clean. As a matter of fact, even if you are using an electric head shaver for the first time, you should not face any major difficulties in using this shaver.

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