6 Essential Parts of Electric Shaver Explained: Updated Apr 2017

electric razor parts

electric razor partsBefore you step out of your house or start surfing the internet with the purpose of buying the best electric razor for men, you need to know a bit about the parts of an electric razor. It is necessary that you have the proper knowledge of electric razor parts so that you can buy the best electric razor. The most important parts of an electric razor includes:


The first and the most important part of an electric razor is foil which is present on the top of the most electric razors. It is very similar to a net in looks. It is very sensitive and is the part that runs across your face.

Razor heads:

The number of razor heads depends upon the type of razor you are using. If you have a rotator razor, it will have three heads and one or two foils. All of these are arranged in a triangular position so that each one is positioned accordingly. Each of the heads has a blade. Latest razors have new technologies that allow the users to have a perfect shave.


There is a cutter below the header and the foil. The task of the cutter is to trim your hairs. It trims the hairs very quickly in foil razors. On the other hand, you need to spin around in order to trim the hairs if you’re using a rotary razor. No matter what razor you are using, you need to replace the cutter after every couple of months in order to get the maximum benefit and comfort.


Trimmer is basically an extra cutting device that is added in most of the modern electric razors. The primary task of the trimmer is to help you in getting a perfect shave. If you miss some hairs while shaving, it will help you in getting rid of these hairs. It is very beneficial if you have a moustache or a goatee.


It is the only electric razor part that is not built in. The primary purpose of the charger is to charge the electric razor. You just need to plug in and switch on, the razor will be charged in no time. However, every type of razor doesn’t need to have a charger as some of them come with a battery.

Docking station:

In most modern razors, there is a docking station that comes with or in place of the charger. It helps to charge and clean your device. The primary purpose of the docking station is to ensure the longevity of your razor so that you can enjoy the best shave for a longer period of time without having any discomfort.

Now I hope that you are well aware of the electric razor parts. You need to ensure that all the electric razor parts are there before buying it. If all the parts are present there, you will be able to understand that the razor is perfect to use.

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