How to Trim Your Beard Awesomely: 6 Easy Steps to Follow

How to Trim Your Beard

How to Trim Your BeardBefore now, it was easy to grow beards on the face. All you have to do is not to shave the beard anywhere it ended. Although in the past years whether you have it on the chest, the chin or even the neck, it was never a big deal not until now. Right now people tend to trim the beard. A well-kept beard, shows to the world how neat and clean you are inward. But an unkempt beard only shows how wild and unkempt that person is. These days some jobs require you trim and take care of your beard which is necessarily important to as to make you presentable. Regarding your beard, here are 6 easy steps on how to trim your beard for keeping your face well-trimmed.

STEP 1: Cleaning

The first step is to clean the face and the beard. To clean the beard, you have to do that with a beard shampoo. After using a shampoo it is important to condition it. This is to make the beard soft. Beard shampoo are readily cheap. Cost range are from $20 to $25. To make you look perfect

STEP 2: Brush it

After cleaning, and it dries. It is necessary, to take a brush. You use the brush on your beard so as to make the hairs of the beard stand upright. This makes the hairs of the beard to be at the same length with each other. You can get several bristle brush at different prices range of about $20.

STEP 3: Use Clipper or Trimmer

After you have used a bristle brush on the beard, you can now use a clipper to trim the beard at the same length. It is important to note that, with a big guard in order to prevent cutting everything very short. For the mustache part, you have to use a short guard under the nose. So as not let the nose obstruct you when doing this. You can get clippers at a price range of about $69.99.

How to Trim Your BeardSTEP 4: Mustache

It much harder to trim the mustache with the clipper guards. So the best alternative is to groom all the hairs at the upper part of the lip with a comb and also use the bare clippers to trim all the hairs. But you can also use mustache scissors. Mustache scissors are even much easier to use because some people when trimming, do have shaky hands. That means their hands are not diligent and steady when doing it with a clipper. So, it is therefore advisable to use a mustache scissors. A mustache scissors cost about $45.

STEP 5: Neckline

How to Trim Your BeardAfter all these, it is very important to trim the lines of the neck. Trimming the neckline of your beard is the most essential part of all the trimming process. It is necessary not to trim in the wrong way and place too. When trimming do not trim very close to the jaw bone. Let it move down at the neck region and do this very softly so as not injure yourself. The best way is to trim it above the throat. Firstly you just have to put two fingers on top of the throat and. Then try to determine through your imagination a line that sits behind the ear then that line will draw “U” shape. Then you trim all the hairs below that point. You do not to shave everything above that point. That means there will be some traces of some hairs around the jawbone. Some people do like to completely wipe of the beard but to have some part of it. On the jawbone around the neck line region. So if you want to have a fade of beard around this region, all you have to do is to take the clipper and adjust it at half of the length of it. After this, you trim from the neckline. Then also, you the fade using the clipper. If you can do the fading yourself, you can as well go to a barber with your clipper to assist you to get a clean fade. The price range of stainless razors, range from $50 to $220.

STEP 6: Combing

It is important to comb your beard the way you comb the hair on your head. With this, it is important to get a comb for the beard too. Before combing it is important to apply a nice oil that is specifically made for the beard. The importance of this is to soften the beard. It works just like the beard conditioner. The way to apply this beard oil is to run it at the whole beard so as to give it that smooth styling it deserves. If you apply this oil, it helps show those stands of hair that were not trimmed during the previous steps. When it has revealed those strands of hair, you can now take a clean scissors to take them off.

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