Which Hair Clipper You Should Buy this 2017? Best 10 Reviewed

A personal hair clipper is a must-have accessory for any man. Some look for the best hair clippers for men for personal use, while others look for quality clippers for their jobs, as they are professional hairstylists. No matter what your needs are, a roundup of some of the most popular trimmers/clippers in the market is given here to help you make the right decision as per your needs!  

1. Wahl Chrome Pro 24 pc Haircut Kit #79524-2501

best hair clippers for men

The Wahl Chrome Pro 24 is amongst the best hair clippers for men that you can get for a price that is not more than the cost of 2 haircuts. This all-inclusive haircut kit comes with a 24-piece hair cutting set that will fulfill all your body grooming needs. Its blades have the same quality of the professional clippers, made with high carbon-steel. It has a Power Drive cutting system that gives you 35% greater cutting action than normal blades and lets you cut thick hairs with ease. The DuraChrome Finish on the blade makes it highly durable and makes it one of the most effective hair clippers available in the market.

What makes this one of the best hair clippers for men is that it makes you well equipped for any grooming situation. The clippers come with 13-guide combs, ear & eyebrow brim combs, barber combs, styling combs, scissors, 2 hair clips and a lot more. All these attachments and accessories make it suitable for cutting your hair, shaving your head, trimming your beard and a lot more. This kit is not just packaged for home use, but can also be used by professional hairstylists as well.

The trimmer performs admirably with almost no pulling or snagging. It comfortably slides through hair and the powerful blades are sharp enough to ensure that you will not have any problems while using it. If the trimmer seems a bit too noisy at first then this issue can be taken care of by adjusting the screws on its sides. However, the clipper requires a bit of maintenance and you will need to clean and oil it after each use. The handset is actually very easy to clean and thus the whole cleaning process is not much tedious.

The handset cannot be used while on charge, which means that you will have to first fully charge it before using it. A storage case comes with the unit that you can use for keeping all the things stored and organized.

Key Features

  • 13 guide combs
  • Power drive system for thicker hair
  • Durable DuraChrome Finish
  • Self-sharpening high-carbon steel blades
  • Corded power with no need for batteries


  • High-quality blades with a long life
  • Comfortable grip and easy to use
  • No hassle of battery replacement
  • Wide range of accessories for all needs


  • Little bit noisy
  • Gets hot after prolonged use


2. OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510 

best hair clippers for men

It is hard to say which one is the best among all the  Oster Clippers, but the Oster Fast Feed Motor Clipper is surely an eligible contender. It is exactly what you need if you want a neat finish at an affordable cost.  What makes it one of the most popular clippers in the market is that it is extensively used by professional hairstylists and you will find most of the barbers using either this or a similar model. For anyone who cuts hair occasionally, this is a better choice than making a trip to the barber.

It has a 12A motor, as opposed to most clippers that use only an 8A motor, thus giving you a significant boost in power and performance. The motor is Whisper Quiet™, which means that it produces nothing more than a ‘hum’ sound that lets you know that you are backed by nothing else but a decent engine.

Just like the most professional hair clippers, the blades of this clipper are of extremely high quality. The Oster Clipper has adjustable Cryogen-X blade that you can alter as per your requirements with the blade lever. Just select the length you need, as the blades can be adjusted to any size between the range of 000 and 1. You do not have to worry about changing blades frequently with this personal hair trimmer, as its blades can handle all kinds of hair with ease. You can use it either dry or wet for both thick or thin hair, and it will produce the same great results every time you use it.

Along with the unit, you will also get a cleaning brush, blade oil, 4 guide combs of ½”, ¼”, 3/8” and also a blade guard. The unit has a very good grip and is very robust, something that you will feel as you cut your hair using it. It is a very lightweight trimmer, as it weighs less than 1 pound or ½ kg. It has a high-quality 8-ft power cord that you might use for charging the clipper. The clipper works on standard 110V. Thus, this clipper not only looks like a top-notch clipper but also performs like it. Thus, it is sure to deliver a nice and even cut with its sharp blades.

Key Features

  • Powered by a 12A Whisper Quiet™ pivot motor
  • Cryogen-X adjustable blade
  • Requires no blade replacement
  • Weighs less than 1 pound


  • Works with minimal noise
  • Sharp blades that give an even cut/trim
  • No need for replacing blades
  • High-quality construction and design


  • Gets hot after long usages
  • Only works with 110V


3. OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010

best hair clippers for men

If you are looking for the best hair clippers for men having the same quality of the professional clippers that your barber/stylist uses, then the closest you can get is the Oster 76 Universal Motor Clipper. This Oster Clipper is one of the most acclaimed clippers available in the market and powered by a heavy-duty motor that will deliver a thorough cut without requiring much effort from you. It also works great with all hair types, right from curly to straight, wet or dry hair. Thus, this clipper goes through them all without causing any trouble for you.

Furthermore, to make it the best Oster Clipper, the manufacturing company has taken unique measures to ensure that the users will get the best results with minimal efforts. The unit has detachable blades that make swapping them quite easy. It is powered through a 9-foot wire, long enough to eliminate the need of an extension cord. The clipper has an ergonomic design to make all-day cutting effortless and effective for you. Its textured housing grip adds to the ease of usage. The advanced cooling system of this machine helps it to be used for a long time without getting overheated or sustaining any damage. The construction of this clipper has been especially done to make it ultra-durable, which means that it will sustain any kind of usage no matter how rough it is without getting damaged.

For those who have never used professional clippers or are beginners in hair trimming/cutting, plastic blades can be used along with this unit, as they are considered to be the most suitable option. While these blades may not be able to cut hair much cleanly and smoothly, they are ideal for the beginners to learn cutting. Along with the unit, the kit also has a blade guard, grease for the clippers, lubricating oil, cleaning brush for the blades, 9-foot power cord and 2 detachable blades with sizes of 000 and 1. These clippers are also available at a lower price as compared to other similar models. Still,  it performs better than the most of them.

Key Features

  • Corded operation, 9-foot cord included
  • Heavy duty motor that delivers a thorough cut
  • Works with all types of hair
  • Detachable blades
  • Strong grip with an ergonomic design


  • Very powerful and works with all hair types
  • Strong grip and durable design
  • Never gets overheated
  • Affordable price tag


  • No cordless operation
  • A bit too heavy for some users


4. Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clipper 

best hair clippers for men

The Philips Norelco Clipper is surely one of the best hair clippers for men currently available in the market. It is a personal hair trimmer that delivers great results every time someone uses it. It comes with a range of features, including the titanium blade and a variety of comb settings among other things, thus making it a highly functional and durable product. The titanium blades used in these cordless hair clippers are of high-quality and self-sharpening, which make them a very durable option. You do not need to go through the hassle of changing blades once in every few uses. As far as the cordless operation goes, its Li-Ion battery gives you a 120-minute usage after a mere 1-hour charge. You can even use it while on charging, which further increases user convenience.

This hair-clipper lets you try a different hairstyle each time, since it offers over 24 different length settings between the 1 and 23 mm range. These settings let you cut hair with a length-precision of 0.5 mm. It also has a DualCut advance technology. It makes the blades very sharp but with minimal friction. This less friction with increased sharpness is what makes the hair-cutting experience not only more efficient but also faster. The blades also wear and tear less due to this reason and thus are likely to last longer than the most standard blades.

If you are looking to increase the cutting speed and make the trimmer go faster then all you need to do is press the power button on the unit and it will do the rest. This power button helps you cut the hair of any thickness with maximum ease in no time at all! The head of these clippers is also detachable, which makes the unit very easy to clean. It is advised that you must remove the head and clean the unit at least once after every use. Other than that, no other maintenance is required for the Philips Norelco Hair Clipper. Just store it in the case provided until you need to use it next time!

Key Features

  • Self-sharpening titanium blades
  • 24 different cutting lengths
  • Corded and cordless operation
  • A double-sharpened cutting element for best results
  • Turbo Power Button for greater cutting speed


  • Very efficient and durable blades
  • Multiple settings for different hairstyles
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Charges very quickly


  • Cannot be used for shaving
  • Hair can clog in its comb


5. WAHL PRO SENIOR Premium Hair Trimmer and Clipper – 8500 

best hair clippers for men

The WAHL Pro Senior is a newer and updated model of the WAHL’s best hair clippers series for men. The Pro Senior Clipper has the latest v9000 motor. This motor is responsible for delivering over 50% more power than the v5000 motor used in the earlier models. The trimmer is perfect for heavy usage because of having a strong design. But at the same time, it is also small and light. The design of the clipper is comfortable to hold and comes with an easy grip. The side lever on the unit can be used to change the tapers and fades easily. Thus, it helps in cutting or trimming hair pretty quickly. The Blade used in this unit is the #1005, which is designed for heavy-duty trimming and cutting.

At the first glance, the design of this unit may seem less bulkier than other WAHL professional clippers. However, this model is better than those sleek gray models, but it still manages to look great anyway. It has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable for use by any hand size, thus it is perfect for everyday use. The durable housing that comes with the trimmer makes it easy to store without worrying about damage. Its blades can be removed without any hassle to clean, maintain or replace as desired.

The power motor powering this trimmer makes it useful for almost every kind of user. This can be used in a salon or barber shop too, since the blades used in it are amongst the best in this industry. What makes it one of the best hair clippers for men from a professional-usage point of view is that its powerful motor can work on damp hair just like dry hair, making the task much simpler and easier. It is suitable for all kinds of hair and gives the same results no matter what type of hair you have.

The motor is designed to stay cool even for heavy usage and its cord is resistant to most chemicals used at salons, such as dyes, conditioners and other products. The trimmer comes with one blade guard, three cutting guides from 1/16 inches to 3/16 inches, oil and a cleaning brush.

Key Features

  • 3 cutting guides
  • Powerful motor for easier cutting
  • Can be used on both dry and wet hair
  • Ergonomic design for easier handling


  • Powerful motor
  • Sturdy design
  • Does not overheat even after prolonged use
  • Easy-to-handle grip


  • No extra combs provided
  • Motor is not so good like a rotary motor


6. Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum

Remington HKVA2000A VacuumThe hassle of cleaning up hair is perhaps the reason why some people visit a professional barber despite their eagerness to cut their own hair. Remington vacuum haircut kit makes it possible to cut your hair without worrying about the hassle of cleaning up the trimming floor.

This clipper is an 18 piece kit which gives you the needed tools to create your own haircut style and reduce the mess in every stage of cutting. Its dual motor system powers both the vacuum suction and the precision ground blades to give a clean and even cut while collecting the trimmed hair into the collection chamber. The collection chamber is easily detachable to facilitate cleaning. The precision ground blades guarantees a perfect, clean and even cut each time.

Its high speed fan is powered by the dual motor to create a high velocity of air through the hair chambers to suck the trimmed hair into the chamber. It simply lets you keep a fresh look without the cleaning up hassles after trimming.

Its full set suitable for professional barbers since it comprises of 6 length varying combs, sizeable storage pouch, barber scissors, styling comb, left and right tapers and a cleaning brush. Get a professional haircut and a mess free trimming floor and counter right in your home’s comfort with Remington vacuum haircut kit.

Key Features

  • Powered by dual motors.
  • Equipped with a fast rotating fan for collecting trimmed hair.
  • Collection chamber is removable and large enough.
  • Self-sharpening blades which remain sharp through every haircut.
  • Precision ground blades which offer consistent and accurate performance each time.


  • Trimming floor and counter top remains clean throughout the haircutting session, made possible by the fast rotating fan.
  • It’s compact for easier maneuvers.
  • Collection chamber is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Consistent cut every time, made possible by the precision ground blades.


  • The blades require oil for maintenance.
  • The machine gets heated up if used continuously for longer.

7. Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100 Model QG330

Do you want an all-in-one trimming machine that can trim your hair and facial hair with little or no hassle? Philips Norelco Multigroom 3100 All-in-One Trimmer is the ultimate choice. This hair trimmer comes equipped with accessories that make it convenient to trim hair, beards, sideburns, mustache and most amazingly, nose hairs.

It is equipped with 5 tools for facial styling including the full size trimmer, stubble comb, beard comb, detail trimmer and a nose trimmer. The trimmer’s blades give you very little maintenance hassle since they are self-sharpening. Above all, they are made from chromium steel that’s finely ground to give them the durability that you deserve. The blades are specially designed for convenience and comfort during shaving, in that they tips are rounded and come with comb guard to secure your skin from irritations.

Its 18 in-built length settings give you every detailed aspect needed to create your desired facial style with very little hassle. What’s more about it is that you can use it cordlessly, as this is made possible by its long lasting Lithium ion battery providing you a 35 minute cordless use after 10 hours charge time. The trimmer is also adaptable to the worldwide voltage standards.

Maintenance of the machine has been minimized as much as possible. Keeping it clean takes less effort since it is fully washable. You only need to rinse it under the tap.

The manufacturers of Multigroom 3100 have ample confidence in it and for that they give you a 45 days risk free trial period and an unlimited 2 year warranty period. Included in the package are electric trimmer, detail trimmer, full size trimmer, stubble comb, beard comb, cleaning brush and a power cord.

Key Features

  • Gives you maximum versatility
  • Comes with 5 different tools
  • High performing lithium battery
  • Self-sharpening blades made from chromium steel for maximum durability.
  • Skin–friendly blades with rounded tips


  • Multigroom versatility. Groom your hair, beards, mustache, side burns and nose hair.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning. No sharpening of blades and cleaning is simply under a faucet.
  • Facilitates precision trimming.
  • Up to 18 length settings to achieve desired cut.


  • Cannot be used as corded.
  • Gets heated up if used continuously for long.

8. Remington HC5850 Clippers

Getting a haircut that you desire from your barbershop isn’t easy sometimes and that’s why it’s always good to have your own hair clipper at home. Remington gives you the ability to get the desired haircut with its Super Magnet Motor which powers its accurate blades.

Despite the motor being powerful, the machine produces virtually no sound and the vibration level is very low to give more comfort during use.  It comes with a strong and durable polycarbonate casing together with an industrial standard power cord, and that’s the sole reason why you get a lifetime warranty.

This hair clipper driven by a powerful motor which drives more torque to the precision ground blades to give you a smooth cutting performance within the shortest time. The blades can cut through any hair type. Professional barbers will find this feature quite helpful since they usually work on various types of hair. The blades are sharp enough to cut through the thickest hair without hassle. The resulting haircut is even each time of use.  You also won’t have to sharpen the blades since they are self-sharpening hence reduced maintenance labour.

The clipper is designed to last longer than other clippers. It delivers a cutting performance that doubles that of other top selling clippers in the market.

This haircut kit comes with 8 guide combs, barber scissors, oil bottle, cleaning brush, and storage case. With all these accessories plus the tough casing and the rubber grip, you’ll get many years of reliable and comfortable service from it. Its 8 guide combs gives you the convenience and power to make any haircut style, from the modern trendy styles to the traditional styles. The sizes of the combs vary from barber grade one which is simply 3mm to barber grade eight which is about 24 millimetres.

Key Features

  • Its precision ground blades makes it suitable for cutting all types of hair.
  • The casing is extra tough with a rubber grip.
  • It’s a 15 piece kit, equipped with 8 guide combs
  • Features the POWERCUT blade system


  • The hair clipper is durable and suited for all types of hair.
  • The blades are kept aligned by the Powercut system for a comfortable cutting experience.
  • You get a life time warranty.


  • Weighs 1.8 pounds which is a little downside to easier maneuverability.

9. Philips Norelco CC5059/60 Kids Hair Clipper

Philips Norelco CC5059-60 Kids Hair Clipper

If you are experiencing difficulty with kid while visiting the barbershop for a cut, then Philip Norelco Kids Hair Clipper is certainly the best choice. Its manufacturers designed it specifically for children, but with the parent as the barber in mind. The machine is superbly quiet to give your kids the comfort and ease lacked while at the barbershop, while giving the parent full control.

Its contour following comb makes the machine a skin friendly choice so you can cut kid’s hair at a faster rate while maintain kid’s comfort. You get up to 15 length settings which range from 3mm to 42mm so you can clip hair to any desired style with ease. The clipper comes integrated with two guide combs which can be adjusted to cover varying hair lengths to about 1.65’’. When a length has been selected, the comb uses is lock mechanism to give an even and clean haircut. The maintenance of the blades is also easy since neither sharpening nor is oil required.

With its rounded blades and comb tips, you can rest assured that your kid won’t get even a single scratch from the clipper. The quietness of the machine also makes it very convenient when cutting around the ear region.

Concerning the battery life, you don’t have to worry much since the clipper is powered by a lithium ion battery known to have a longer life. The clipper gives you the choice of using it as either corded or cordless. If using the cordless option, then charging it for at least 8 hours is needed to make it last for about 45 minutes which is equal to about three haircuts.

The design is compact and it’s lightweight, only weighing 9.8 ounces for easier maneuvers.

Key Features

  • 15 length settings from about 3mm to 42mm provided by its two adjustable combs.
  • Its design is compact and weighs less, only 9.8 ounces for easier maneuverability.
  • The contour following combs makes the clipper skin-friendly


  • Can be used while charging, that is, corded and cordless use.
  • It’s lightweight and compact for easy handling.
  • Very quiet and with low vibration, making it comfortable for kids.


  • Gets heated up quickly if used when corded.

10. Haircut Kit for Men JPT-PBC100 Jay’s Products

Hair trimming is a necessity for every man to look neat and presentable. However, with so many haircut kit brands on the market, it is good to have one brand that you can trust. Haircut Kit for Men By Jtrim Pro- Barber Hair Clippers Corded Hair Trimmer JPT-PBC100 Jay’s Product is a superb choice that you can trust, being offered at a price of a few haircuts.

This is a machine that you’d want to keep as its performance is good, and gives you a long term service backed by the fact that its fixed and moving blades are made of longer lasting titanium. This machine’s use is very convenient and friendly since it’s very quiet and produces a low vibration which makes it cut hair smoothly. It’s powered by a very powerful copper motor, this coupled with the sharp blades makes the machine slide through the hair while cutting as desired.

It is specially designed to fit both commercial and domestic use. Its durability and reliability gives it a long lasting performance which makes it fit for professional barbers. Regarding users fit for it, the haircut machine is fit for use by adults as well as kids.

The haircutting experience with Haircut Kit for Men JPT-PBC100 Jay’s Products is awesome. It comes with 4 comb attachments, meaning that you can cut any hair style as desired. You the 4 combs are simply the representation of hair length after a cut. The height of the cutting blade is also flexible and can be adjusted to 3.0mm from 0.8mm and this gives you the freedom to cut hair to as low as the scalp’s visibility.

If looking for a haircut machine with a multigrooming functionality, this is the right choice as you can also trim your beards, mustache and sideburns to complement the good look already obtained by your haircut.

Holding the machine during use is very convenient since it is cordless, weighing only 0.81 pounds. This makes it a good choice for professional barbers. It is certainly the best cordless hair clipper for men. Its battery is quite powerful as you can make 2 consecutive haircuts without recharging.

Key Features

  • The fixed and moving blades are made of Titanium for a longer lasting durability.
  • It is powered by a high quality copper motor which is very powerful for smooth cut.
  • Produces virtually no sound and the vibration is very low.
  • Comes with 4 comb attachments, 1/8-7/8.
  • Cutting height of the blade can be adjusted to 3.0mm from 0.8mm.
  • Uses no oil technology
  • The cutting blades are replaceable.


  • Haircutting experience is good since the blades are sharp enough to facilitate smooth movement through the hair.
  • It’s very quiet and has a low vibration making it a good choice for professional barbers.
  • The adjustable cutting blade height makes it convenient for shaving the head, trimming beards, mustache and sideburns.
  • Offers good grip due to low weight and optimal size and shape.


  • Gets heated up after prolonged use.

Although there a number of clippers and trimmers available for men, knowing about the 5 best clippers for men will help you narrow down your choices. With all this knowledge, you should be able to make an informed decision while buying the best hair clippers for men!